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R & D Art is a web development and marketing/advertising print company for the way the world communicates today. On the web development side we offer web design, hosting, and support services including social media outlets. We specialize in the WordPess platform using it to build a Blog site, an eCommerce site, a static website, or any combination of the three to meet your needs. Each of our builds comes with a custom theme built from the ground up with your input. On the marketing/advertising print side of our business, we manufacture products unique to you and your company. We are knowledgeable professionals with the capability of designing and developing dynamic tools to keep you connected in the fast paced and constantly changing world. When you need a fresh look and responsive team, R & D Art will fulfill that need.



Over the years, I have received many holiday cards with friends or family member's pictures on them. I have always thought that it was always a great idea. It was refreshing to see something different than the typical cards that you get during the holiday season. It definitely adds a very unique ...
Earlier today, I wrote a post on PREP concerning Buying investment properties in today's economy. It is really easier for you to read it than me to sit here and explain what it is all about. Looking to Invest in Real Estate is just what it says it is. There are a ton of investors out there that ...
Yesterday, I was talking to James Downing through the IM chat on facebook. I had noticed that he was getting ready to go on vacation again. I had told him that I think that he actually travels more than I use to. It got me to thinking about what would happen if I were traveling and got sick in an...
  For those of you that have not met Brande, she is one of the most awesome people that I have met since joining ActiveRain. I have told the story of how we met so many times, thatI am sure it is getting old. Brande has started a new phase in her life and career. She is spreading all her goodness...
Just the other day, I got to take part in a sport that I have never been able to in the past. It is Paint Ball. This might be one of the fastest growing recreational and sporting events that I have seen in many years. To be able to get out and participate in Paint Ball was exhilarating to say the...
Lately, this is about all I ever hear. From the Realtors, it is "I really wish they would lower rates so my clients will get off the fence". For lenders and loan officers, it is "I really wish they would lower home prices so my clients would get off the fence". For consumers it is "I really wish ...
A lot of the people that I surround myself with are avid golfers. The problem with being an avid golfer is, it really is not cheap. A ton of my friends normally take in a few rounds at the Las Vegas golf courses each and every year. With the economic issues and the cost of flights these days, the...
  Fred makes some great points in the post featured below. What I would like to recommend to customers that are seeking loans in today's world, make sure that when quoted a rate, find out how long that rate quote is good for. For most lenders, they have no idea when the rates are going to change ...
I have a friend that is currently in the market to buy a home in Austin, Texas. Prior to telling me that they were in the market, they went scouring the internet to see if they could find some austin tx mls listings. Well, it seems that they actually came across a pretty good page that can show t...

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