business tips: Is Your Customer Service Really That Good? - 02/02/12 01:03 AM

If we polled 100 real estate agents, I bet over 95% would say they give great customer service. But are we really as good as we think we are?
What prompted this post was a bad experience I had recently as a consumer. It even made me evaluate whether we were really doing everything possible to provide legendary service to our clients.
WHAT WENT WRONG I was never asked questions up front regarding what I wanted in terms of service. 
To make matters worse, when I told the owner I was unhappy, he was shocked and a little defensive.  He … (41 comments)

business tips: Letters Mean Nothing, You Need To SPELL It Out - 10/03/11 02:00 AM
Letters Mean Nothing, You Need To SPELL It Out
Many of us have designations we have earned, as indicated by letters next to our names. They are a great thing to have, but the problem is that besides people in our industry, no one knows what the heck they mean.
Does anyone besides a real estate agent know what an ABR is? How about a CRS, or GRI? That's why we should all go out of our way and spell things out whenever possible. And for those of you who want to learn more about the benefits of … (15 comments)

business tips: One Question That You Absolutely Must Ask Your Clients - 09/15/11 02:21 AM
 One Question That You Absolutely Must Ask Your Clients

We all ask our clients a lot of questions. The more questions we ask, the better we can hone in on what they want and how we can make that happen.  One specific question we ask actually has nothing to do with real estate but is sure to make your life easier and help elevate your levels of service.
Today, I'm going to share it with you in hopes that it will make a difference in your business. Here it is:

business tips: When In Doubt, Do You Refer Out? - 09/08/11 02:19 AM
When In Doubt, Do You Refer Out? - Originally posted at Cleveland Real Estate Blog

Most business professionals, especially those of us in sales, are faced with this dilemma at some point. Do we take on a client that we may not be able to properly service, or refer it to another professional?
Sometimes it's very cut and dry, while other times it can be an agonizing decision. After all, business is tougher than ever, plus people in sales are competitive by nature and don't like to give things up. Given the state of today's economy it … (52 comments)

business tips: It's Ok To Hire Me, But I Won't Let You USE Me - 03/22/11 01:54 AM
Originally posted at Cleveland Real Estate Blog

Hey consumers, it's time for a semi-stern lecture on business etiquette.
I have encountered thousands of consumers over the last 20 years and have a good sense of how most of you operate. While many of you do have decent manners, a few of you could use a refresher course. Today, I wanted to share some things about those of us in sales so that we can all have a better understanding of each other.
Let's start with a typical scenario that I encounter on a regular basis: someone contacting me for … (9 comments)

business tips: Taking Pictures AND Video Of Your Screen Is As Easy As 1-2-Jing® - 02/07/11 01:56 AM

Whenever we pick up a neat new technology tool, we love to share it with our readers. Today, we are going to tell you about a program that not only allows you take a picture of your screen, but will also let you turn it into a video.
For those of you who haven't heard of it, the name of the program is called Jing® and is easy to download and simple to use. There is even a brief tutorial on how to use it on the website as well. 
When I … (21 comments)

business tips: Do You Network? Here's How To Maximize Your Efforts - 01/07/11 08:08 AM
Do You Network? Here's How To Maximize Your Efforts


Yesterday, we wrote about great ways to get new business, and discussed different types of groups that will allow you to network with other like-minded business professionals. We discussed the importance of face-to-face networking and gave specific examples of where to go to join, including formal networking groups like BNI and your local Chamber of Commerce.
Today, I will share some tips on how you can get the most out of your involvement with a group. While we spoke specifically about networking groups, these same principals can be applied … (6 comments)

business tips: Looking For New Ways To Get Business, Check These Out - 01/05/11 05:38 AM
Looking For New Ways To Get Business, Check These Out

Are you looking to increase sales? Who isn't, right. While there are certainly a lot of different ways to get business, joining local groupsis a tried and true method that is proven to generate quality referrals for business people nationwide.
While some may consider these "old school", especially with the rising popularity of social networking, meeting other professionals face-to-face is a great way to cultivate relationships and get business. Most of these don't take a huge commitment of time, and the rewards can be huge.
Today, I'm going to share … (8 comments)

business tips: What Are You, A Sitcom, Drama or Informercial? - 12/21/10 02:25 AM
What Are You, A Sitcom, Drama, or Infomercial?


Everyone is using social media to help grow their business these days and it isn't just real estate agents like us either. Accountants, lawyers, and even doctors have incorporated social media into their plans. But as people become engaged on line, many are simply going through the motions without considering how they are being viewed by others and it may be costing them business.
When we first got started on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and different blogging formats, we attended a seminar and got some great advice.
The speaker ( Bruce Hardie ) compared our … (43 comments)

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