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Master Chorus Eastside presents Celebrate America at the historic Pickering Barn in Issaquah. A program of patriotic music in anticipation of Independence Day. Start your 4th Celebration early and come down for some great music celebrating our country.  My beautiful wife Elsie joined this group l...
Summer is finally here and anyone with kids in the house knows this means a transition from a schedule based around the school calendar shifting into something different.  School calendars are the great regulator of family life through most of the year.  We know when people have to be up, out, wh...
How to Fail in a Seller’s Market, The Brief Version. Markets are cyclical and driven by internal and external forces.  External forces like the economy are beyond the control of the hopeful home seller but many others are not.  If we focus on what we control and follow the right steps, our chance...
My Three Sons!Fred McMurry had nothing on me. I'm so fortunate to be the father of these 3 great boys/men, both then and now.  We've all gotten older, hopefully wiser but I'm as rich as a man can ever hope to be with these guys in my life.  This picture was created in 2013, so it's almost time fo...
Dad turns 85 this year but one thing hasn’t changed, I still can’t keep up with him.  He’s the hardest working man I’ve ever met.  He’s the product of a long line of hard working men.Here’s dad a few years back, with his father and his grandfather.  I knew all these men and carry with me today le...
I wrote Keys to Home Buying Happiness and listed 5 points that I thought would help a buyer navigate the market.  In this expansion I’m going to talk about understanding Market Trends.Which direction is the Real Estate Market going now that you’re involved?  Is it a buyer’s, seller’s or balanced ...
This picture goes back to my childhood, processed in May of 1969.  My family gathered for every holiday.  We’d eat, laugh, joke and play cards.  We had multiple generations gather, my great grandfather at times, Great Aunts, Uncles first, second & third cousins. We didn’t always know how we were ...
It was 2001 and like many newly licensed agents, I was going to teach this industry how it was done. I had years of previous sales careers and had for the most part, been successful.  I jumped in with both feet and was off to a pretty fast start with buyers when I had an opportunity for my first ...
We’re in a very competitive market in the Northwest. In the past 3 years we’ve received multiple offers on the vast majority of our listings and had to compete for my buyers to be successful.  One day recently, while showing a buyer a home she loved, I commented about the seller's staging.  It wa...
I wrote Keys to Home Buying Happiness and listed 5 points that I thought would help a buyer navigate the market.  The first key is Setting Realistic Expectations.We are all guilty of wanting a little bit more than what we can comfortably afford. It’s human nature to think we might be able to get ...

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