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This is the blog of Darren Copeland, Senior Mortgage consultant and mortgage banker in the Kansas City area. We specialize in Home Mortgage loans specifically FHA Mortgage loans, VA mortgage Loans, Conventional Mortgage loans and even reverse mortgages for seniors! Check out our blog for information about Home Loan and Mortgage tips and news for Home Buyers & Real Estate Agents! Call us today to get started! (816) 268-4025
You might actually already know what the answer to our question in this blog: What's the biggest challenge of the mortgage process?  It's really not that difficult to figure out.  One of our real estate friends asked us this question about the home loan process and we told her that we'd love to m...
We're used to it, we get asked questions all the time. So we created a forum to answer those on our youtube channel and today we'd like to answer How Much Money Do I Need for Closing? Just watch the embedded video below where we discuss with a local Kansas City, Missouri realtor all the steps and...
and that's why you should always be nice to people who know your social media passwords!  Although we're joking of course, (not about the being nice,) but it's just great to have fun every once and a while when you're slaving away scheduling tweets, and FB posts and hoping to get a featured artic...
 If you've experienced bankruptcy you might be asking How Long Do I Have to Wait After a Bankruptcy to purchase a home?  The truth is thatwe know that this doesn't make you a bad person, it happens to good people, sometimes bad things happen and we can't control it. So you might need to know how...
When you're going through the mortgage process there's a few things you need to do, but we get asked a lot: When Can I Buy a New Truck?  We understand that you really want that new truck to help you move the stuff from your old house or apartment into your new place, but there's a something you n...
What is the 3.5% in an FHA home loan?  We get asked this a lot and so we sat down with a realtor that we work with regularly and had a quick discussion that can help you understand what that 3.5% really means.  The FHA home loan is a great mortgage and really can make it possible for first time h...
We've been digging infographics lately and thought you should see this one called, What You Need to Know about First Time Home Buyers.  It's a great graphic that tells you how your first time home buyers act and react and there's nothing better than knowing your client inside and out!
There are just a few things that you shouldn't do when you're buying a home and this infographic pretty much sums up what we think about those things.  So sit back, scroll down and enjoy the 10 Commandments of Home Loans - we say home loans because well, that's the hard part of buying a home!Orig...
There's a lot of reading on Active Rain, so instead of using a lot of words, we're going to let you look at this amazing Loan Difference Infographics. Which will show you the differences between the 4 major home loans out there which can help you purchase a home.  So without further hesitating......
Not many people know about USDA home loans, but here are 3 facts you need to know about USDA Loans, which could be the right home loan for you! The USDA home loan program was developed to spur growth in the rural areas of the United States.  It's a government backed mortgage, which means the gove...

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