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Remember the saying, "What if they had a war and nobody came?" Well, what if you had a video that got a lot of traffic but nobody stayed? Would that be intrinsically valuable to your business or perhaps something less? Well, it's certainly no reason to throw up your hands and quit but you want to...
Just a few days ago seven fortunate or skilled (or both) business owners enjoyed a position on page one in Google here in the Orange County area for the search "SEO Anaheim" That was a few days ago. Google, overnight, wiped out 57% of those people (well 4/7 to be exact- they're not cutting people...
A lot of people give lip service to content marketing but Corinne Guest gets it done in a big way in a great niche, delivering profitability to, and energizing her business in the Barrington equestrian property niche. ActiveRain Member Corinne Guest - The Proof that the Right Keywords Get Listing...
White Hat SEO | Black Hat SEO | Green Beret SEO Perhaps one of the biggest difficulties in dealing with the self-identification by SEOs as SEO is that eventually, if one is honest, there has to be the admission that's something they are doing is against Google's terms of service.   The very use o...
Real Estate SEO Expert Hat Secrets Revealed SEOs take off your hats when you come in here. That's in essence what Google is saying to everyone. Real estate SEO is no exception. I've seen websites where the claim is made, "We're totally white hat SEO." and such nonsense. I say that virtually any r...
I wrote about this very topic on my real estate SEO website just yesterday morning:  Google seems determined to hand local businesses over to big brands on an increasing scale. I am determined to he...
 On Wednesday, May 22, 2013, someone at Google pressed a figurative red button and launched the second major release of the Penguin algorithm. Code named Penguin 2 but also called Penguin 4 (no clear reason why except to confuse people), Google rolled out another much publicized algorithm update ...
'Nuff said. I'm just throwing in the perfunctory 25 words of intro here. Katerina Gassett has it pretty much down on this latest shift of Google to push brands to the top whether they are what consumers really want or not. At $900 a share, it would seem that Google has nowhere to go but down, but...
About that ActiveRain acquisition by Trulia★★★☆☆ Old news here. ActiveRain is being acquired by the Trulia brand. An SEO take on well... the SEO impact of this transaction.  A while back, 2008 to be specific, Eric Schmidt, the man from Google, said "The internet is fast becoming a "cesspool" wher...
Once again the eyes of the nation have turned here to this tiny village in western Pennsylvania. Blah Blah Blah Blah! ~Phil Connors: Groundhog Day This aptly describes the locales of many who dissent with social media as a viable part of success in a real estate business. Now before you get your ...

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