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Today the Federal Reserve announced it will extend purchase of mortgage backed securities until Mar 2010. However, they will be gradually slowing the pace of those purchases in order to promote a smooth transition in the markets.  Then they reiterated they would keep their options open. The bond ...
Two very good articles are in Jeffrey Gitomer's most recent ezine, 1.   Think "Why" not "How." 2.   Top Ten Tie Breakers  ... and the "Sales Rant" video outlines a discipline that few if any of us ever utilize - how we lost the deal.  There is usually huge growth realized when you take a little t...
On September 22-23, the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) will meet to discuss the government's MBS purchase program (Mortgage Backed Securities).  What Does This Mean In English?At this meeting, it is expected the Fed will make comments about the government's desire to continue buying mortgag...
>$8,000 Tax Credit: Deadline NOV 30! If you are planning on taking advantage of the $8,000 tax credit for 1st time home buyers, you have to close on the purchase of the home by November 30th to receive the credit.  That means, if you have not found the home you wish to buy, you might consider tur...

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