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I am the Mad Mortgage Machine. I have an opinion and I am going to share it. I no longer do mortgages, but I am still very much involved in the Real Estate and Mortgage world as a speaker, trainer, consultant, teaching how to get more listings and how to sell them quicker



I was watching WNIT this morning it is the local public television channel, and they were highlighting Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki.  He made an interesting statement that floored me.  He said people spend their Health gaining Wealth, and then spend their Wealth gaining back their He...
I cannot think of a better loan for a single person be it man or woman with the low downpayment, exceptional rates, and low upfront mortgage insurance premium.  Many people can buy a home for just as much as they are renting for now and with the tax savings many times it is cheaper on a yearly ba...
I am sure that we all have seen Rocky.  You know the movies with Stallone.  Where the main character is a flawed but very human guy that boxes.  In the movies, he gives a beating, takes a beating then comes back to win.  Well, welcome to the mortgage backed bond market this week, but this story d...
If you have not been paying attention the mortgage backed bonds.  You are going to be in for a rude awakening this is no time to have clients on the fence.  We have fallen beneath the floor of support of the 200 day moving average.  Bonds have failed to rally and stocks are slumping as well. The ...
"I only want people around me who can do the impossible."Elizabeth Arden (1878-1966)Canadian businesswoman, style mogul I do not have time for people who spend all their time in the Comfort Zone, if all we ever did was be in our Zone.  We would still be living in our parents basement.  I am out o...
"Don't find fault, find a remedy."Henry Ford (1863-1947) Founder of the Ford Motor Company I once knew a guy that boastfully claimed that he could find fault in anything.  Notice, that I said "once".  I could not be friends with him anymore.  Nothing was ever good enough.   I have had employees i...
I had been sitting on this type of blog for sometime, but here recently this subject has been weighing on me.  I have always taken steps to protect my clients privacy.  Several years ago, we hired a private company from Valparaiso (that was recently featured on ABC 7 in Chicago) to come in and sh...
According to the WSJonline.com Podcast here are the words that are powerful marketing words.  I have written several blogs on the power of my iPod and the education that I get from it.  I hardly ever mindlessly listen to my radio anymore unless I just want to unplug and not think while I drive. I...
The 5.5% FNMA bond gained 16bp to close at $100.34.  The stock market continue to struggle that higher oil prices may continue as demand may be out growing supplies and production. Oil closed higher at the end of the day over $132 per barrel, and gas here in Northwest Indiana has hit $4.09 a gal...
I do a weekly Mortgage Market Recap and What's Ahed for the Week, and I email it to roughly 600 Agents and Brokers across Northwest Indiana Real Estatelandscape.  I blind copy everyone on the list.  So, no one knows who else is getting it.  I think it is courtesy to everyone on your list to broad...

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