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I am the Mad Mortgage Machine. I have an opinion and I am going to share it. I no longer do mortgages, but I am still very much involved in the Real Estate and Mortgage world as a speaker, trainer, consultant, teaching how to get more listings and how to sell them quicker



And, now to conclude the Top Ten Reason to be an Indiana First Time Home Buyer. Part 2 5) Seller’s all across Indiana are more willing than ever to give incentives for First-Time Home Buyer up to 6% in many cases 4) The Interest, Mortgage Insurance, & Property Taxes can all be written off on your...
There are 10  Great Reasons to Buy a Home as a First Time Home Buyer Here are the first 5 10.  This is a double whammy, you get to tell your Landlord and the noisy neighbor upstairs to get lost 9.  There are tons of great financing options for The Indiana First-Time Home Buyer 8.  As an Indiana F...
I want to thank Chris Hedges for bringing this to my attention.  This is a great video that we all need watch.  It really explains the Credit Issue in a fashion that we all can understand.  I would suggest that we all take a moment and watch it.  I posted this on my facebook and have already reci...
First Time Indiana Home Buyers, As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the IRS has officially released Form 5405 — better known as the…First-Time Homebuyer Credit Form. True to tax code standards, the 10-field form is accompanied by 3 pages of instructions, but don’t worry...
As feared, last week mortgage markets slid last week, and it took interest rates with them. There is still good news, Indiana Home Buyers,  Rates are still historically low. With, a steady drip of bad economic news and with concerns that the banking system out-muscled Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s ...

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