luxury homes: Put Wind In Your Sails at Smith Mountain Lake - 07/29/14 02:29 AM
The view of Smith Mountain Lake isn’t complete without the serene scene of white sails on the horizon. Almost year-round, sailing enthusiasts enjoy their favorite type of on-the-water cruise on our beautiful lake. Some are out for the relaxation, but many are into the thrill of competition. Local newspaper Laker Weekly recently highlighted a different kind of competitive sailing approach - a midnight sail under the moonlight. 
The nighttime competition was the third annual event of its kind, sponsored by SML’s two sailing clubs, the Blackwater Yacht Racing Association and Virginia Inland Sailing Association. After a little friendly competition, the hobbyists … (0 comments)

luxury homes: Smith Mountain Lake’s 2013 Charity Home Tour - 09/26/13 01:31 AM
The Smith Mountain Lake Charity Home Tour, one of our most popular annual events, demonstrates how easy it is to create a dream home at Smith Mountain Lake. The homes are always a fitting reflection of their owners, built to the precise preferences of those who reside in them. Many boast vast open areas for congregating, multiple bedrooms decorated for the tastes of children and grandchildren, offices and libraries for the business and academic space and sprawling basements with plenty of recreational activities to offer. Some provide stone fire pits, pools and patios for more outdoor time. Others have built in … (0 comments)

luxury homes: Smith Mountain Lake Wine Festival Turns 25 - 09/17/13 10:20 AM
At the end of the month, one of Smith Mountain Lake’s most anticipated annual events will celebrate one of its proudest milestones. The Smith Mountain Lake Wine Festival turns 25 this fall and what may be more impressive than its longevity is how successful it has become in a place most would consider to be well out of the way where wine events are concerned. 
Twenty-five years ago, the SML wine festival was born out of an everyday conversation between lake locals. It started simple, as a one-day event with ten wineries and 800 in attendance. A quarter of a … (2 comments)

luxury homes: Smith Mountain Lake’s Autumnal Attractions - 08/28/13 12:26 AM
Summer at Smith Mountain Lake is known for peak tourism but locals would tell you our gorgeous fall season is just as popular. Autumn’s mild temperatures and clear skies along with the addition of rich red, brown and gold colored leaves is enough to make anyone fall in love with Smith Mountain Lake. What’s more, some of SML’s best annual events happen in the months of September and October.
The Annual Antique & Classic Boat Show kicks off the fall festivities in a big way. It’s a hit with the community, attracting antique and classic boat-lovers from near and far. … (0 comments)

luxury homes: Smith Mountain Lake Helps Set Water Safety Record - 07/26/13 02:57 AM

Smith Mountain Lake is not without highly successful water safety advocacy, and an event in May helped prove the lake community’s excellence in safety awareness. The National Safe Boating Council held its fourth annual “Ready, Set, Wear It!” world record day on May 18th this year, of which Smith Mountain Lake placed third nationally. Participants around the world were invited to participate in the event which required people to inflate their inflatable life jacket or wear an inherently buoyant life jacket to break the world record for life jacket wear. 
The event promotes proper life jacket wear while boating and … (0 comments)

luxury homes: Learn at Any Age at Smith Mountain Lake - 04/09/13 03:18 AM
Smith Mountain Lake’s W.E. Skelton 4-H Educational Conference Center is an educational retreat for all ages. The center, comprised of 120 acres bordered by SML’s shoreline, features a wide array of group facilities, outdoor recreational amenities, lodging and meeting space. The 4-H Center hosts retreats, corporate gatherings, weddings and reunions and educational programs all year long. One of the best aspects of having this treasured facility at Smith Mountain Lake is the ongoing education programs it offers not only to children but to adults of any age. 
The 4-H center’s Road Scholar program gives adults near and far the opportunity … (0 comments)

luxury homes: Vigilance Against Consumer Fraud - 04/03/13 02:45 AM
Deb Beran Lakefront Realty is as concerned about the wellbeing of Smith Mountain Lake and other local residents as we are interested in matching customers with the best possible home or property. We like to pass along helpful information useful to anyone. One of the rising issues of our society is consumer fraud. Along with identity theft, consumer fraud primarily targets a victim’s finances. While the government is working to protect citizens from fraud, each person would be wise to stay vigilant when it comes to their own accounts. Here are a few tips on protecting against fraud: 
- Use … (1 comments)

luxury homes: The Expert Take on Smith Mountain Lake - 03/15/13 04:01 AM
One of the first priorities a new resident faces is how to find a reputable industry specialist within their community. Property ownership means a need for builders, lawn care, security systems, appliance updates or maintenance, cleaning service, communications installers or other services. In addition to the needs that come with owning a home are ongoing personal services such as financial consultants, childcare, pet care, religious services, insurance representatives, health and wellness services and much more. As most seasoned homeowners know, finding the right expert makes all the difference in the long run.  
At Smith Mountain Lake there are several … (0 comments)

luxury homes: Staying Strong at Smith Mountain Lake - 03/07/13 03:30 AM
As Smith Mountain Lake enters the warmer months of the year, residents and soon-to-be vacationers start thinking of all their favorite fun-in-the-sun activities. At our beautiful recreational lake, of course, this usually means getting out on the water - which leaves a lot of people working harder than usual to look great in a bathing suit. 
Fortunately, SML residents have no shortage of gyms, aerobic studios and personal trainers at their convenience to get fit, stay fit and support healthy living year-round. There are more than ten fitness locations within just a couple of miles of each sector of the … (0 comments)

luxury homes: Smith Mountain Lake’s Best Bets - 02/19/13 11:40 PM
If you’re planning a vacation to Smith Mountain Lake this summer, there are countless resources to help plan your stay. One of our favorites is the Laker Magazine’s Best Of listing found in their January/February issue. While you’re at SML, you’ll want to get out on the water as much as you can, spend quiet moments with a book, friend and lake view and no doubt experience a few waterfront restaurants, shopping outlets, pampering hot spots and entertainment attractions - plus several more distinctive lake businesses. The magazine’s Best Of guide can help you narrow down what is available with the … (0 comments)

luxury homes: Winning Wineries - 02/14/13 12:16 AM
February’s holiday of love is a great time to take a look at the indulgent perks Smith Mountain Lake offers residents and guests. Good wine is just one alluring benefit. Those who live and travel here find their stay enhanced by several area wineries. Whether it’s fruit wines, special blends or year-round events, each winery is making a name for itself at home and by winning fans and awards up and down the east coast. 
The Smith Mountain Lake Chamber Visitor Guide contains a comprehensive list of area wineries. Here are a few closest to SML. 
Brooks Mill Winery, … (1 comments)

luxury homes: Lake Level Is Normal Again - 01/18/13 12:49 AM
After a week of rain and snow, Smith Mountain Lake’s water level is back to normal pond and rising. shows a three foot rise in just four days, a relieving turn after several weeks 
of hovering at the very low sub 792-foot level. Water levels can make a big difference in on-the-water activity. Low levels can make it difficult for boaters to get watercraft in and out of the water, and may even prove dangerous when rough terrain is exposed in unexpected places. 
High water levels are optimal, but not so high that flooding is an issue. When the … (0 comments)

luxury homes: It’s a New Year at Smith Mountain Lake - 01/04/13 01:57 AM
With the turn of time from 2012 to 2013, spirits are high and the community expectant at Smith Mountain Lake, Deb Beran Realty included. Housing market reports from the National Association of Realtors, KCM Blog Real Estate site and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development all point to a positive outlook for the real estate sector in the coming year. In addition to promising housing sales and construction reports, Smith Mountain Lake and its Roanoke Valley and central Virginia neighbors are experiencing exciting progress in business, education, tourism and community development. 
In 2013, we predict Smith Mountain Lake will … (0 comments)

luxury homes: Where to Start at Smith Mountain Lake - 09/04/12 10:23 AM
Most students of Smith Mountain Lake returned to the classroom last Monday or within the past few days. As they enter into a new year of education, there are many areas and topics relevant to Smith Mountain Lake we would love to help you learn more about. The best way to begin a learning tour of SML is at the place it all began, and the impressive engineering that holds it together - the Smith Mountain Dam and Visitor’s Center. The Joseph H. VippermanVisitor’s Center was recently renovated and is a fascinating place for all ages. You and your family will … (0 comments)

luxury homes: Join The Club at Smith Mountain Lake - 07/16/12 04:05 AM
Did you know the Smith Mountain Lake community contains well over 50 extracurricular clubs and organizations? And that only includes “official” groups. It’s easy for residents here to find a group related to their interests and hobbies to get involved in. Some of the most on-the-water oriented groups include the SML Powerboating Association, the SML Boating Association, two Yacht clubs which we recently blogged about here, a local chapter of the Antique & Classic Boat Society, SML Waterski Club, The Crusty Boarders and many more.  
In addition to clubs for boating, water sports, fishing, competitions and sailing, there are plenty … (0 comments)

luxury homes: High or Dry? What’s Up With the Water Levels at Smith Mountain Lake - 05/18/12 01:40 AM
April showers are supposed to bring May flowers, and each year, Smith Mountain Lake locals hope they bring the lake water levels up as well. Though the area has had its share of springtime rain, the noticeably low water levels here are raising some concern. Several regional news outlets are providing explanations for the levels, starting with news on the fishing front. 
According to WDBJ7 news outlet,  a nearby hatchery requires water from Smith Mountain Lake to help hatch striped bass each year. American Electric Power lets water flow through the SML dam to provide for this need. By doing so, … (1 comments)

luxury homes: Athletes Welcome at Smith Mountain Lake - 05/04/12 04:12 AM
This weekend, Smith Mountain Lake will welcome triathletes from around Virginia and several states beyond for the annual Appalachian Power Smith Mountain Lake sprint-distance triathlon. The event takes place in one of the state’s top parks, the Smith Mountain Lake State Park in Huddleston. It takes advantage of SML’s spacious recreational amenities with miles of private roadway for 20K bike route and 5K run, and a calm beach area for the 750-meter swim.  
In addition to the spring sprint event, the Big Lick international-distance triathlon is held at the same location each September. Smith Mountain Lake is a hub for … (1 comments)

luxury homes: Freshen Up Your Furniture...Arrangement - 04/06/12 02:21 AM
At Smith Mountain Lake, moving in, moving up or helping neighbors and friends move is a common activity. The community is attracting more new residents each year and those that have been here a while are completing dream homes or finding the perfect property to retire at. If you’re preparing for a move, it’s always helpful to plan ahead for large items. Most notably, furniture. offers many articles about moving and one in particular for thinking through interior arrangement and placing furniture well. We thought it would make a difference for Smith Mountain Lake home buyers to have a little … (0 comments)

luxury homes: Smith Mountain Lake’s Fishing Scene - 03/28/12 01:41 AM
Fishing is a favorite pastime of Smith Mountain Lake locals and visitors year-round, but spring is the beginning of serious angling season. Avid SML fishermen are drawn to the lake’s challenging waters to catch perch, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, carp and one fish species in particular - the striper bass. Smith Mountain Lake is known for its plentiful striper bass population, a fish breed difficult to support and sustain in many freshwater lakes. In fact, fishing enthusiasts considering a guided fishing expedition will notice most of the fishing experts here emphasize finding and catching stripers. 
In addition to being an excellent … (0 comments)

luxury homes: Lake Recreation and Water Quality - 03/08/12 09:30 PM
When you live on a recreational lake such as Smith Mountain Lake, a common concern is water pollution. Residents want to be sure they, their children, grandchildren, friends and pets are safe when swimming and sporting around the lake. This month, local publication Laker Magazine includes an article on SML water safety that is both thorough and helpful for understanding water health and how the lake itself rates in cleanliness. You may appreciate knowing the article states Smith Mountain Lake’s water quality is excellent.
While the article is a one-time summary of the science and results behind lake health, there are … (0 comments)

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