market: Twitter Sales & Lead Generation Strategies: Watch Your Competition - 05/07/09 10:59 AM
Twitter is an amazing tool and one that real estate professionals can use to their advantage. The following is a deansguide article about sales and lead generation using Twitter.The biggest challenge to any Twitter strategy is your ability to provide value and not spam your network with hard sell messages. The second biggest challenge? Understanding the many uses for Twitter. Hopefully this article will provide you a new method to increasing your sales. published this deansguide article 4-28-09
Every great sales professional, business development director, and account executive should be paying attention to the huge opportunities that Twitter represents to … (7 comments)

market: Marketing Campaign Twitter Tips: It's All in the Search - 11/25/08 03:46 AM
"I don’t use Twitter for play. I’ve doubled my business earnings from Twitter. Twitter is the new telephone. 100 years later."   Chris Brogan Social Media expert and marketing superstar
The following case study applies to a jobseeker but it will the tips are applicable to Realtors and Brokers willing to integrate their marketing messages onto Follow the steps and tips that are described below and begin to tap into conversations about your industry, opportunities, networking to relationships, and meet your industry leaders. What are you waiting for? Twitter is FREE so it can't be the money. Stop and ask yourself … (0 comments)

market: Location, Location, Location: Finding An Affordable Spot For Your First Workshop - 07/11/08 03:58 AM
One of the best components you can formulate for your business is to implement a public speaking platform. Here are 6 benefits to adopting this strategy--but there is one catch:
1. Free Information: Give back to the community free valuable information
2. Exposure: You receive exposure demonstrating your expertise, services, and products
3. Networking: You have an opportunity to network with attendees, not try to sell them anything, by creating open lines of collaboration when possible
4. Practice: By speaking publically you begin to hone your skills for any situation
5. Confidence: Public speaking is rated as the #1 or … (6 comments)

market: How To Win New Clients, Build A Contact List, And Become The Expert In A Niche: Employment Networking Groups Your Ticket To Leads And New Partnerships - 06/18/08 07:15 AM
During your search for outside the box networking events, a great place to look after you have found your "society charity" events is in the employment niche. One of the best sources of contacts pertinent to the author I represent has been employment networking groups.
Why Networking Groups for Employment?
Many folks are being forced out of jobs, lay offs being the first step, and need to reevaluate their financial positions. Many decide they want more from life and wish to become entrepreneurs in a field that is a passion for them--following their hearts. Others feel stressed by their expenses including … (0 comments)

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Dean Guadagni is the Business Director for Inner Architect a social media marketing agency. We help businesses, corporations, and entrepreneurs understand how to utilize Web 2.0 and social media tools to deliver their value message. We perform diagnostics, create social media marketing plans, implement strategies, measure analytic information, as well as provide retainer based ongoing maintenance. We utilize direct marketing targeted strategies to measure our clients' message effectiveness and their ongoing engagement with their audience of consumers. This blog is an extension of and my business self help real estate blog I write about business self help, networking, marketing, and branding. Interspersed within this core content are the techniques and tips on how to use social media like Linkedin and Twitter as well as your blog as the hub of your efforts to gain exposure and recognition with your target audience(s).




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