business building tips: IF YOU CAN'T SELL THE HOME, WHY TAKE THE LISTING? - 01/10/10 03:22 PM
Saturday Morning, January 9th, 2010. 
One of the shortest meetings with a prospective Listing Client in my Real Estate Career!
The owner of a now-vacant home in the Chicago Suburb of Niles IL asked me to provide my pricing strategy and proposals last Fall.  She apparently did not like what I told her back then - and did not put the home on the market with any Real Estate Practitioner at the time.
Now, in the New Year, she surprises me with a return call.  She wants our Team to list her house now.  Under the same pricing structure as I … (6 comments)

business building tips: LATEST HIGH TECHNOLOGY - Becoming a Commodity, with Little Added Value? - 01/05/10 09:53 AM
Good Evening, folks!
Our Chicago Real Estate Team, you know, was one of the first here on the North Side of Chicago to have an individual-agent website. 
Ahhhh! I remember it well.  Ten Pages.  Templated.  Loads of stuff about US.  A little about our listings.  Nothing about other agents' listings. Links and pages to Chicago Points of Interests on other sites, without regard that these pages were actually sending people AWAY - to other places.
Terms like Pay Per Click.  Search Engine Optimization.  Proper Keyword Usage.  Years away!  And, for the moment - irrelevant!
After all, we had our "E Billboard" extolling … (4 comments)

business building tips: WHEN YOUR CLIENT SAYS "JUMP," DO YOU SAY "HOW HIGH?" Your Reaction to Unrealistic Expectations? - 12/27/09 06:35 AM
Here in Chicago, we're enjoying - or, perhaps, enduring - a White (Weekend After) Christmas!  Anyone know a teen aged kid with a shovel?  Send 'em here!
This post keeps Real Estate Practitioners looking for Listing Inventory in mind . . . but I would imagine the same principals would apply to virtually anyone in a sales, consulting, or advisory business.
Here are the questions for this chilly Sunday -
When your client makes unreasonable demands about their work relationship with you, do you comply?  Do you compromise?  Or, do you simply walk away, and not do business with them?
This time of … (7 comments)

business building tips: HOME SELLERS, LISTING AGENTS: Wanna Sell Your Home, or Your Listings? HERE'S HOW - GUARANTEED! - 12/07/09 03:22 PM
Snow on the way for Chicago, folks! 
Heeyyy . . . what are you complaining about?
As the Virtual Roller Coaster that constitutes today's Real Estate Market rolls on, and on, it seems hard to remember those days of relative, predictable calm of just a couple of years ago.
This time of year - a few weeks before Christmas - many Real Estate Practitioners did not yet have sales and closings booked for the following January, and beyond.  
But you knew they were coming.  You just knew it.  And, always, like tomorrow morning's sunrise - business came, if you worked it.
Prices … (0 comments)

business building tips: THOSE "UPS & DOWNS"! You Get Them? How Do You Prevent Them! - 12/03/09 03:07 PM
Hey, folks, from windy, chilly Chicago!
Thanksgiving has come and gone - on to Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, etc.  Where has 2009 gone?  It seems, as we get older, time moves faster.
Or, is it just me?
Have you Affirmations?  Those little two or three sentence positive statements you say to your self each day to get you "up?"
Most folks don't!  They let life happen to them, and, marvel when things go well, despair when things go a bit rough, or worse.
No even keel.  No steadiness.  Just riding the ups and downs of an-often stressful world of business.
Our Team … (1 comments)

business building tips: AN EXIT PLAN FOR INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS! Do You Have One? - 11/08/09 12:24 PM
Hey from Chicago - home of those Hapless Chicago Bears!   You see the game?  Painful!  Very painful!
Less than an hour before the Season Finale of Mad Men . . . so, time to blog!
If you are self-employed for a living - an independent contractor, perhaps in a Real Estate Related Field - perhaps you have asked yourself this question, at one time or another -
"What's my exit plan?   And, what will my source of income be after I opt for this plan?"
Now, this is a question that those employed in a full-time job may not have to … (1 comments)

business building tips: TURN UP THE VOLUME - Does Increased Lead Generating Activity Work For Sales Consultants? - 11/01/09 05:15 PM
Hey, folks!
It's the middle of the night, I'm on the Second Floor of a Bungalow on the Northwest Side of Chicago, and I'm composing a blog post!
Am I a die hard . . . or what?
Do you sell for a living?  Real Estate?  Something else?
Well, if you're in any kind of relationship-based selling or consulting business, where most of your income is derived from what you sell, rather than how many hours you work, you've heard the following words -
LEAD GENERATION!  Or, as some prefer . . . PROSPECTING!
Every day, we each go into our … (1 comments)

business building tips: DO YOU SELL FOR A LIVING? Be PROUD, Not Embarrassed! EVERYONE SELLS! EVERYONE! - 10/25/09 04:33 PM
Hope you had an enjoyable, relaxing weekend, folks.  It's been cold in Chicago - but at least we got to see a bit of sunlight.  Truth be told, however - Tom Skilling, the famous WGN TV Chicago Weatherman, says the clouds will be back soon, and for the rest of the week!  Booooo!
It seems a bit curious to me when my wife and I go to parties, and folks start talking about what line of work they are in.   The engineers, the lawyers, the doctors and accountants around the table seem a little proud of what they do.
Many Professional … (2 comments)

business building tips: DEALING WITH DISRESPECT IN BUSINESS! Have You Seen It? How Does It Make You Feel? And, How Did You Respond? - 10/18/09 04:24 PM
Chicago Bears Lose to the Atlanta Falcons down in Atlanta tonight!  Booooo!  (But, Jim Crawford, as well as my other friends from the South - please, stop gloating!)
In your workplace, in your business - have you ever been disrespected?  Not just for making a mistake at some job-related task.
But have you been disrespected by someone painting a negative brush against your whole profession?
Many Lawyers know this - divorce attorneys, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy - all sharks, in many a layman's opinion!
Municipal Employees!  Never work very hard, because, in many cases, they can not be fired (this is changing … (113 comments)

business building tips: SALES CONSULTANTS - Want To Build Your Book of Business? The Answer is Simple - Reach Out to Ten! - 10/11/09 04:16 PM
Bored here in Chicago today - no Chicago Bears Football!  Bye Week!
But never a shortage of things to post!
You work in sales?   Many reading here are in the Real Estate Business.  Perhaps, over the last year, a bit longer, maybe, there's been a bit of frustration among many of us.
I see it in our Real Estate Office.  I see it on our Team.
If Real Estate, and other Selling Professions, are indeed a Contact Sport, as I have read on several posts on Active Rain and elsewhere over the weekend, the question remains, "How to Find More Prospects?"

business building tips: REAL ESTATE! Does Everybody Know Everything About Everything? - 10/01/09 04:51 PM
Hey, fellow night owls! 
Here in Chicago, it's cold, wet, and dark.  Yet, here I sit, pondering on the comments sent in an email by a potential listing client for our Team.
"I know about Real Estate," she intoned.  I read all the Internet sites on what will make a house sell.  I went to school!  I watch HGTV!  Heck, I even have a father, a mother, an old uncle, and a dozen or so girlfriends to advise me.
And, you, a Real Estate Practitioner - you're nothing more than overpaid egomaniac who is simply out for a fast buck by persuading … (5 comments)

business building tips: INTERNET VOLUME LENDERS - Are They Beginning to Bug You? - 09/15/09 02:06 PM
I am mad tonight!  Hopping Mad!  Really!
Even today, Lenders working only on the Internet promise to save homebuyers fistfuls of money!  And easy approval!  Timely closings!
Likely, Homebuyers and Real Estate Practitioners - if you see claims like that - RUN FAST!  VERY FAST!
Several this year have come from a VA-Specialized Lender based in MO.  A volume company.  Fast, easy, they say!
But they don't deliver!
I closed a loan through them on referral this year.  They must have liked my Real Estate Broker Services, and the firm referred me half-a-dozen referrals since.  And, for these referrals, I am … (1 comments)

business building tips: THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING - Perhaps A Fatal Blow To Your Business? - 09/13/09 06:10 PM
Hey, gang, from Chicago!
Running a bit behind tonight - crying in my beer over our beloved Chicago Bears took it on the chin from the dreaded, rival Green Bay Packers tonight.
Ahh, well - there's a lot of football to go, I guess!
I wanted to pay a bit of homage to my Active Rain buddy Jim Crawford from way down in Georgia, and his recent AR Post, "Where Did Positive Thinking Go Wrong." 
Jim talks about how The Power of Thinking Positively, although often times admirable, may not be in complete sync with today's real estate reality.   He feels that … (3 comments)

business building tips: TODAY, Progress and RUDENESS Often Go Hand In Hand! - 09/06/09 05:03 PM
The Internet!   Cell Phones!  Instant Messaging! 
Weren't they all supposed to make life a bit easier?  Give everyone more information, whenever they needed it?  More leisure time, perhaps? And help us become more . . . well, civil?
For some, the wealth of information, all in an instant, has had an opposite effect.  People now take instant gratification for granted.  No immediate call back to a web inquiry, to an email, to an instant message, to a text - it's already too late!
All cell phones have Caller ID now.  When you call someone, they immediately have your most private, personal number.  … (2 comments)

business building tips: IT'S LABOR DAY - Where Will YOUR Business Be By Christmas Day? - 09/06/09 03:14 PM
Labor Day, 2009! 
Here in Chicago, it's Summer's Last Hurrah!  But, you know, the unusually-temperate weather here these last few months seemed Autumn-like for so long, I'm guessing few will notice the difference, right away!
So business people - we're just a few short weeks away from the Fourth Quarter, 2009.  How's your business shaping up?
Have you taken advantage of the changes in the housing market across the U.S.?  Become involved with distressed properties, or, if you're in Real Estate, helped your clients do the same?  Or, perhaps, the down real estate market has impacted you on a more personal … (2 comments)

business building tips: READY, FIRE, AIM! Any Downside to the "From the Gut" Business Decisions We Made A Few Years Ago? - 08/16/09 01:48 PM
Winding down, Sunday night in Chicago. 
Will soon be watching one of my Fave TV Series - Mad Men on AMC.  Season Three Premiere Tonight!  Anyone else a fan?
Real Estate Sales, or, any selling, for that matter, involves a bit of swagger.  Confidence.  Bravado, sometimes.
We are all independent business people . . . yes?  And we try to make the right business decisions.
But, often times, we "Shoot from the Gut."  Or, at least I did, just a few short years ago, during the height of the Real Estate Boom here in Chicago.
When the market was strong in Real … (0 comments)

business building tips: THE CONCEPT OF THE MASTERMIND - For Sharing Ideas, For Growing Your Business, and Sometimes . . . For Survival! - 07/26/09 03:14 PM

Hey, gang!  Hope you had a great weekend!
It was beautiful here in Chicago - dry, not too hot!  But the weekend was made even more enjoyable by a visit from two of my closest friends and Real Estate Colleagues.
Beginning roughly 4 1/2 years ago, at the suggestion of Michael Pallin from The Floyd Wickman Team, I built on an already-established bond I had with a couple of other strong-producing Real Estate People - and good Business People - from other parts of the U.S., to form what Mike referred to as an R Group.
My own "Responsibility Group,"  consists … (2 comments)

business building tips: HOME SELLERS, REALTORS! Want To Help Turn the Real Estate Market Around? Price It Right . . . Or Quit Wasting Your Time! - 07/19/09 05:26 PM
Hey, ho kids!  Hope you're enjoying your waning hours of the weekend.
Unusually temperate here in Chicago for this time of year.  And we like "temperate," - we get so little of it!
Are you a Realtor long lamenting those "Good Old Days" when homes generated Offers to Purchase at practically any price - often with Multiple Bids?
Perhaps you are a consumer, trying to sell your home, waxing nostalgic over how your down-the-street neighbor sold his home in hours three years ago.  And now blaming your current Realtor for not doing the same, with your home, today?
Well, folks, are … (65 comments)

business building tips: SHORT SALE PROPERTIES! BUYERS: Stay Away? - 06/28/09 03:31 PM
Good Evening, folks!
Time for my usual Sunday night Blog-a-Thon, from the Northwest Side of Chicago.  Hope you're well!
Short Sale Properties!  Should you consider buying them?  If you are a Real Estate Practitioner, should you counsel your clients to buy one?
Often times, here in Chicago and the suburbs - the answer is clearly NO!  Despite their often-attractive price.
Why not?
For most motivated buyers, who need to be in a house or condo time-definite, short sales are just too risky, and involve the loss of control in the transaction.
This Loss of Control comes in several forms -
1.  … (2 comments)

business building tips: BLACKBERRY? TREO? I-PHONE? PRE? Quick . . . Name Your Smartphone! And, How Do You Use It? - 06/24/09 03:56 PM
It's been a while, folks - sorry!  Been doing this thing they call here in Chicago . . . Real Estate!
Perhaps you might have heard of the concept.  It's simple:  You buy homes.  You sell homes.  You make investments.  These days, fewer people around here seem to be doing these simple things!
Hey - What's Your Smartphone?  The Blackberry Storm or Curve?  The Treo 700-something?  The I-Phone?  The LG Instinct or the HTC Touch?  The new Palm Pre?
Does it really matter?  These days, I dunno!
Used to be, a long time ago - say . . . 2001 or … (4 comments)

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