This is my father, Tom, Myself and my daughter Jaiden. This photo was taken 10+ years ago. My father lived out of state alot and was not around too much. He is back in Utah now and spends alot of time with the love of his life Joyce. He went into surgery yesterday. He had a brain tumor. The doct...
 I am reading this GREAT book. Influencer.Reading last night I came across am unfamililar word. Propinquity. This is the definition of it in Wikapedia."The propinquity effect is the tendency for people to form friendships or romantic relationships with those whom they encounter often. In other wo...
NEW FHA LIMITS (eff today)   Davis County    $397,500 Weber County    $397,500 Salt Lake County     $729,750        Utah County    $323,750 Morgan County    $397,500     Did you see Salt Lake!!!! Unbelievable!!! This should help with our market. We have been having some difficulties with financin...
The Spaghetti Factory's Wanna be Recipe. This is as close as I could find for the GREATEST tasting pasta Ever!!Very Easy...your kids can make it for you. Ingredients:1 cup butter1 cup Mizithra cheesepasta of choiceDirections:There is a terrific dish served by The Old Spaghetti Factory chain, call...
I read an article that talked about the increase of foreclosures and bankruptcys in regards to homes. The article made the follow suggestion. "Why would a homeowner want to pay for a mortgage on a home that is not worth that mortgage?" When people buy real estate there is NO Risk!!! None! Guarant...
We have AMAZING Sunsets along the Wasatch Front. I was all excited about capturing one on camera the other night. I have discover that my camera will not take a proper sunset photo. But it did create something beautiful that I wanted to share. There was a car that drove by at the same time that c...
I'd like to introduce you to the latest me. This is the new character of myself. It looks like I'm showing a house, Huh. This is about what it is like in person. Come and try it out in real life. If there is a home that you like, call me and we can go see it. My number is 801-205-7588. I will be ...

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