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Professional advice on hardwood flooring, refinishing, carpet and tile. Blog Stylist and Coach. So whether it's a simple hardwood floor refinishing, or installing a new exotic hardwood, replacing the carpets, adding in a porcelain or natural stone floor, or backsplash with glass or metallic inlays, we've got you covered. We provide excellent customer service, design tips, high quality installation. And, best of all, we "bring the store to your door." We are a shop at home flooring service for Westchester NY and Stamford CT.
I know that sounds like a random title.  And, I suppose it is. For those of you who know I've been in the process of monetizing my blog, it may make a bit more sense.  Yes, I'm an Amazon Associate (affiliate link) and I earn a small commission when people click my links and then buy something fro...
While I may have been a bit absent in the Rain lately, I can assure you that I've been a busy bee on my own blog and on Pinterest. Here are some of the recent articles I've written:2018 Hardwood Flooring Trends - I just published this yesterday and it has historically been my #1 article for the l...
Hi all.  This is just a quick note (not a formal post) to help people in the aftermath of a hurricane or flood.  It could be for the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey or Irma, or any hurricane for that matter...or it could apply to someone that just had a flood or water damage for other reasons (e.g....
As I've been venturing more and more into monetizing my blog, I've been experimenting with a few things. One of the things I've noticed over the years (and it's no surprise) is that my traffic dips down during holidays (as people have some other things on their mind obviously).  The worst dip sta...
If you haven't heard me say this before, Pinterest can be a huge traffic generator to your site.  I'm currently getting over 15,000 clicks/month to my blog and I'm hoping to drive that number much higher. If you want to read more about how to be successful on pinterest, check out this article tha...
Yes, it's time for my monthly recap...and it's a record month again.  Now, it's starting to turn into something substantial.  Original report can be found here. I'm so happy because I exceeded my goal for the month a hit a record high...over $2,400 for passive income from my blog. My goal for Aug...
In case you missed this great article from Kyle Hiscock on Pinterest.  Pinterest has been wonderful for me.  I'm currently getting over 15,000 clicks/month to my website from Pinterest.  I have an article on my site with Pinterest tips, so feel free to check it out. All I can say is, I WISH I HAD...
Oy vey.  Around 3 or 4 weeks ago, I got way behind.  I had 7 painting appointments which were sooooo time consuming and multiple options per customer with a ton of driving.  And, that was the week my phone broke down...and we all know how time consuming that can be.  I was there for hours and I h...
I've been doing some work for one of my clients, and a key target for him is people that have recently inherited homes.  So, I've been writing some in depth content for him, so we can be helpful to his potential clients.  Here are some of the articles I've recently written: How to sell an inherit...
 I'm so excited because I came so close to reaching $2,000 mark for passive income from my blog. It's my best month ever.  I really wish that I made an extra $4, but c'est la vie. Several of the Amazon items ordered towards the end of the month didn't ship until Aug 1st. Oh well.  My goal for Aug...

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