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Five bedroom homes give the owners a lot of possibilities. The rooms can be used for more than sleeping. They make great home offices, hobby rooms and can also be used for storage. There aren't a lot of five bedroom homes on the market in the Cedaredge area at this time. This report will cover Ce...
If you are thinking of selling your West Ador home, or any home in the Cedaredge area, there are some things you need to take into consideration. Of course market conditions are a factor, but even if the market is great for sellers...are you ready to sell your home?Ask yourself what you will do w...
When is the best time to sell your Pheasant Run Eckert, CO home? Certainly market conditions come in play, but there are also other things that need to be considered. Even though we are experiencing a good seller's market, is now the right time for you to get your home on the market?Ask yourself ...
Overall the Delta County real estate market continues to do very well. Sales have seen growth in both volume and overall sales numbers during 2016 compared to 2015. Some neighborhoods and segments of the market have seen some amazing price increases over the last two years as well. The total numb...
Selling your Del Ray Eckert, CO home is a very personal choice. You need to consider why you are moving and what type of home you will be purchasing to replace your current home. Does the timing of getting your home on the market now work for you? Or would it be better for you to wait a while? Do...
This report will cover Cedaredge and the surrounding small towns of Austin, Eckert and Cory. This information comes from the local MLS and doesn't include for sale by owner information. There aren't a lot of condominium and townhomes in this area. It's not a popular style of housing that has caug...
Cedaredge Estates is one of those neighborhoods that people love to call home. This area doesn't have much traffic. One side of the subdivision is bordered by pasture land and another side has Surface Creek running along side of it. Most of the homes are single story with three bedrooms and two b...
The weather is warming up and we are starting to see more listings come on the market. Buyer activity has stayed high over the winter months. I expect we will continue to see that increase. There has been some activity in the two bedroom segment of the market to report. We have seen quite a few t...
I'm actually surprised that I'm not seeing more posts related to the Super Bowl. I am a football fan, and even though my team didn't make it to the Super Bowl, I'm still looking forward to watching some good football action and creative commercials. I know I'm going to be surrounded by good food,...
The answer to that question is...when you are ready.If you are thinking of selling your Stone Mountain Village home (or any home in the area) there are certain things you need to consider to make sure that selling your home now is right for you. The market timing is there to get your home sold. A...

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