Craving "Nature As Neighbors" with ViewHomes™ of Clark CountyWe know it's a growing trend in our area. More and more people are craving a connection to Nature. While we know there are still many who enjoy the bright lights, big city lifestyle, our clients have one thing in common - they want to h...
If you're like me, digging in the dirt can calm, ground, and refresh your mood, all at once.  It's truly an enjoyable endeavor that also pays off in beautiful blooms and tasty vegetables and fruits. Studies have shown that gardening can have a meditative, healing effect on people - one study coin...
With Memorial Day right around the corner, thoughts of summer and spending time on the East Fork of the Lewis River come to mind.  This pristine waterway has been designated as a wild steelhead gene bank, ending years of stocking with hatchery fish.  This will give the wild fish a chance to repro...
Resort Living along the Washougal River This is the time of the year when buyers seem to long for a home along a river. An idyllic lifestyle comes to mind for us too. Lemonade on the deck after a dip in the swimming hole on a hot summer day. Blanket wrapped fall mornings with a mug of hot coffee....
While we love living with Nature as Neighbors, and the quiet solitude it provides, some days we just want to go downtown for an urban experience of shopping and strolling. Uptown Village is a wonderful shopping district located on Main Street in Vancouver, WA. Comprising approximately 11 blocks b...
Dogs and Miracle-Gro Organic Choice Soil Don’t Mix(Poor, sick Mac on his way to the Animal Hospital - the cone is to keep him from pulling out the IV catheter.)Here’s a warning to all pet owners - there’s something in Miracle-Gro’s Organic Choice Potting Mix that attracts dogs ( and maybe cats). ...
Forget-Me-Not, Dear FatherThe story of us has evolved - from the four of us, to the six of us - my husband and me, my sister and her husband, and our parents. My sister and I had a good life while growing up, thanks to our parents. We both feel it's now our turn to ensure they spend their latter ...
 Voice Mail Greetings and Too Much Information Patricia Kennedy's recent post about the tone of our voicemail greetings reminded me of a recent experience that made my head swim. A realtor in our market has a voicemail greeting that seems over the top. In my opinion, it contains too much informat...
Branding Opportunity - YouTube VideosAdmittedly, I love Vimeo, it's clean ad-free platform for videos is tough to beat - aesthetically. However, for SEO, YouTube still has the upper hand - after all, Google owns the site. Therefore, I'm using both hosting platforms for my videos.Recently, I was c...
  Hanging Baskets Add Color To Spring Mornings - These petunias are called  "Pretty Much Picaso" and we have 4 huge baskets of them hanging on the front porch.  Thanks to Arai Nursery for their great local nursery and fair prices. 

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