washington: Moving to a View Home in Camas, WA with a bit of land. - 09/19/15 06:47 AM
Part 1.
Well actually, this is more like part 4. You may already know "The Story of Us," but as with most stories, ours is evolving.  First of all, my sister and her husband have joined the group. All 3 couples with be sharing responsibilities ( and life ) on an acre(+) in Camas.  We each have our own space, and each of us has territorial and pastoral views. It's simply serene - and quiet! There is nothing wrong with having neighbors. However, we're tired of having a view of them in our suburban neighborhood. Instead, we are all craving views of nature. 
Mom and dad's little guest house will be built … (23 comments)

washington: Luxury Homes in Clark County WA - Luxurious Sunday Morning Report - 08/30/15 06:28 AM
Sunday Morning Luxuries - And, the Luxury Home Report in Clark County, Washington
Sunday’s are a luxurious day in many households. In summer,  we often sit with a cup of coffee in hand and leisurely wake up nestled in our deck chairs. It's a joy to watch the sun rise. Other days, like this morning, are too wet and stormy. We’ll be waking up indoors today. Perhaps with the elegantly produced CBS Sunday Morning, entertaining us in the background, as we prepare the ingredients for an elaborate Sunday supper. Regardless, the luxury of time and an inviting home is the hallmark of our weekends. 
Luxury comes in many sizes … (17 comments)

washington: Wildfire Woes In Washington - " Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires." - 08/22/15 12:00 PM
Gold Rush Fire in Skamania County 
Photo courtesy of the Camas-Washougal Post Record
It's been a brutal summer for wildfires in Washington State. Smoke hangs in the air today in our Camas neighborhood, a reminder of the Gold Rush fire burning near Dougan Falls. Tough and steep terrain is making it difficult for the fire crews to get it fully contained. Gusty east winds are blowing through the Gorge and our thoughts are for the safety of the firefighters who have been on the lines since last Monday. 
Dougan Falls is a popular spot for recreation in the summer, and our hot weather has increased the number of people looking for cool-water fun. … (25 comments)

washington: 2015/2016 School Supply Lists in Camas, Washington - 08/14/15 06:12 AM
It's almost time to go back to school in Camas!
It seems like yesterday when we offered you some ideas to do with children during the summer months once " School's Out."  Now it's already time to prepare for "Back to School!" 
The school year officially begins on Wednesday, September 2, 2015. No doubt many families will enjoy one last hurrah on the Labor Day weekend, prior to getting back into the school routine. Therefore, many people are getting ready to shop for school supplies. 
Here are links to the various schools in Camas to make your job a little easier. 
School Supply List for Camas Elementary Schools.

washington: Homes with Dual Living in Camas, Washougal, and East Clark County - 08/03/15 11:36 AM
MultiGenerational Housing Solutions in East Clark County, WA
Each week, we try to highlight a neighborhood, or a particular home style in Camas, Washington and the surrounding communities of Brush Prairie, Hockinson, Fisher’s Landing and Washougal. Today, we’re presenting the homes with dual living quarters in all the aforementioned areas. 
We specialize in Multigenerational and Baby Boomer Housing solutions in Clark County, with an emphasis on East County neighborhoods. Many of our baby boomer clients are choosing homes with room for gardening, and visiting family members. Still others want dual quarters for either parents, or their children and grandchildren.
It’s always a great … (16 comments)

washington: Sustainable Garden Tour in Clark County, WA - 07/17/15 09:19 AM
Upcoming Garden Tour Helps Us Learn More About  Sustainable Gardening 
"Let me tell you about the birds and the bees, and the flowers and the trees, and the moon up above, and a thing called love."
Those of us who love to garden often feel a kinship with nature. Sadly though, many green thumbs still rely upon toxic chemicals to keep their flowers and veggies in top shape. There are direct links between many legal gardening elixers and the dwindling numbers of bees, butterflies, and other beneficial creatures. Fortunately, if we adjust our expectations just a bit, we can find organic gardening methods that work in … (18 comments)

washington: Lakeview Estates Ranch Home Now Pending - Vancouver WA - 07/11/15 08:29 AM
One Level Lakeview Estates Home - Pending
We specialize in real estate sales for baby boomer, seniors, and multi-generational family estates. Therefore, when learning about the needs of new referral clients ( thank you, Active Rain's Carla Muss-Jacobs, Principal Broker/Owner , it was quickly apparent that we were a good match. 
Carla has an extraordinary website and it generates great buyer leads. However, we all know it's how you handle those leads that determines if you're going to inspire confidence and trust. She obviously does it well and set up the introductions between the buyers and me.
We have tried to work together before, and … (17 comments)

washington: The Wildlife Botanical Gardens in Brush Prairie, WA - 06/18/15 07:49 AM
Southwest Washington's Wildlife Botanical Gardens 
Those of us committed to providing natural landscapes for the birds, bees, butterflies and other critters have a great resource in The Wildlife Botanical Gardens in Brush Prairie. The grounds are cohesive blend of specialty themed gardens spread over three acres.
Naturescaping of Southwest Washington is an all volunteer non-profit organization committed to educating and encouraging homeowners to make their yards more attractive and beneficial for winged creatures and other wildlife. They hope their gardens serve as a model of what you can do at home. 
Nine Diverse Gardens Provide Blueprints for Local Gardeners
More than 200 native plant species are planted in the Entrance Garden at the … (24 comments)

washington: The Bottom Line -  All about Septic Systems In Clark County, WA - 06/10/15 12:53 PM
Septic Systems in Clark County, WA  - What you need to know. 
Many of our multi-generational families find the best property matches for their housing needs in rural locations. Therefore, a septic system is usually the norm. We always tell our clients to learn more about septic systems in general. Specific to a property, it’s important to understand the design and capacity, servicing and maintenance requirements, and the costs.
At the top of the list is capacity. When we find properties suitable for our buyers, we check the county records to ensure the septic system is large enough for their needs. An … (17 comments)

washington: The Ups and Downs of Real Estate in Clark County, WA - 06/09/15 02:03 PM
Riding the Ups and Downs of Real Estate - A Week In Our World 
REALTORS® in our area, and in many spots around the country, are riding a roller coaster of late. Limited inventory and buyer demand has created an extreme sellers market. When listings pop on the market, you've got to jump on them - quickly. Naturally, if it's a good fit, buyers need to submit their best offer and ensure they have pre-approval and proof of funds letters. Getting an offer accepted is exhilarating - for all of us.
However, that's just the first step and we work hard to manage … (24 comments)

washington: Columbia River View Condo in Historic Hudson Bay Neighborhood - 04/23/15 04:48 PM

Sophisticated Columbia River View Condo


Take a quick video tour of the neighborhood and lifestyle.

washington: 37100 SE 20th Street, Washougal, WA - Now Pending - 04/18/15 08:02 AM
Stunning Luxury View Home in Washougal is Under Contract
My latest group of  buyers wanted to find the perfect family retreat. A home large enough to house two couples - including the wife's mom and dad. Plus, with college age children, they hoped to locate a spot with amenities to make it a destination vacation for all who want to visit - including grandchildren and other family members. 
Acreage, a view, lots of square footage, and a feeling of peaceful serenity topped their list of wants and needs. Plus, the husband will need to make trips to Portland periodically for business purposes, as well as, … (17 comments)

washington: Homes For Sale on Livingston Mountain - Camas Neighborhood of the week - 04/13/15 09:26 AM
Livingston Mountain Neighborhood - North of Camas
Each week, we feature one of the many great neighborhoods nestled in the hills and meadows around Camas, Washington. We think Camas offers a great lifestyle with the charm of small-town living, and access to the big city amenities of nearby Portland, Oregon. You could say we have the perfect mix of great schools, community and nature.
Washington has no state income tax and that makes it popular with both young families, and retirees. However, be forewarned, Camas does have some of the highest local taxes in Clark County. Those of us who live here don't mind. Those … (9 comments)

washington: Finding Mother-in-Law Homes in Clark County, WA - 03/18/15 09:52 AM
The Art of Finding a Perfect Mother-in-Law Housing Solution in Clark County, WA
We've helped another couple find the perfect home for their mother/mother-in-law. The boomer-aged couple are currently happy and satisfied with their own home in Camas, WA. It is not set up for an accessory dwelling, nor does it have the interior configuration to create a separate living space. In addition, none of the three parties is ready to give up their independence and commit to shared living. 
Therefore, our task was to find an affordable home in Clark County for the relocating family member. Some of our considerations included the condition of the property, … (28 comments)

washington: Calendar Girls - Magenta Theatre in Vancouver, WA - 02/05/15 08:03 AM
The Calendar Girls - Tickets are on Sale Now! 
One of my long-time pals is going to be in the upcoming production of the "Calendar Girls" at the Magenta Theater in downtown Vancouver. Francine Raften is a former broadcaster and often appears on our local Public Broadcasting TV channel during their annual fundraisers. She is also is a stand-up comic, a good one too. And, as an actress, she has appeared on theater stages in Portland, OR for a number of years. 
A recent gathering of former Portland radio folks, we had a chance to catch up.  It was delightful to learn that she is a big fan … (33 comments)

washington: Sold in Clear Meadows Fisher's Landing, Vancouver WA - 01/07/15 08:15 AM
Home in Clear Meadows Sold in 6 Weeks!

This one-level home went Pending two weeks after it was listed. and closed four weeks later, in-spite of the holiday season and the buyer's trip to Japan. Some of the paperwork had to be handled through the American Embassy and a POA (power of attorney) was given to a family member for closing documents. 
It was an uneventful transaction thanks to a great team of professionals. Sure, it was a bit more complicated than most because of the aforementioned reasons. However, when complications are handled in a solution oriented manner, they become less problematic. Drama has no place in … (28 comments)

washington: A New Year - New Energy Savings in Clark County, WA - 01/02/15 10:20 AM
Baby steps to big energy savings in Clark County. 
Clark Public Utilities has some great advice for its customers. A team of energy counselors compiled a list of the changes you can make that add up to real savings.
Baby Step # 1. Thermostat Settings
Set your thermostat to 68 when you're home or awake - and drop it even lower when you're asleep or away. You can save between one and two percent on your heating bill for every degree you lower your thermostat. An easy way to manage this is with a programmable thermostat. It can automatically adjust temperature settings and can save even … (20 comments)

washington: Sold in Fisher's Landing Neighborhood, Vancouver WA - 12/09/14 09:14 AM
My buyers will be "home for Christmas!" 

Congratulations to the smart buyers of this cute home in Springbrook Ridge.This is a competitive market with homes flying off the shelves when they are priced right and in good condition. Who says this is the slow season? Motivated buyers and sellers are taking advantage of low interest rates - they’re not going to let the holidays get in the way of their plans. We knew this home was a good match and moved quickly to get it under contract. In less than 30 days, we got the job done working as a team. … (20 comments)

washington: Recycle your tree in Clark County, WA - Oh Christmas Tree! - 12/02/14 07:15 AM
Live Trees are a great choice in the Pacific Northwest!
It's the time of the year when live Christmas trees fill our homes with the scent of fresh evergreen. In the Pacific Northwest, real trees are often the preference, and a favorite choice of many environmentalists. That's because live Christmas trees are a renewable resource - and a recyclable resource. Artificial trees contain non-biodegradable plastics and possible metal toxins such as lead. 
 If you're wondering what to do with your Christmas Tree after the holidays.  Remember, in Clark County it's easy to recycle it. 
Recyling Trees is the best choice.

Consider this,  if 10,000 trees were recycled we would … (18 comments)

washington: Just listed - Affordable Fisher's Landing Ranch - Vancouver, WA - 11/20/14 04:30 PM
Great Single-Level in Clear Meadows


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