washington: View Homes in Clark County, WA - Specializing in Elbow Room for the Soul - 05/24/16 07:25 AM
Craving "Nature As Neighbors" with ViewHomes™ of Clark County
We know it's a growing trend in our area. More and more people are craving a connection to Nature. While we know there are still many who enjoy the bright lights, big city lifestyle, our clients have one thing in common - they want to have Nature as their neighbor. To say we "get it," is an understatement, we not only "get it," we live it too.
Our home sits on an acre plus and we enjoy the sights and sounds of nature on a daily basis. This the first year we've had room enough for a large … (18 comments)

washington: Waterfront Homes for Sale in Clark County, WA - 05/07/16 08:11 AM
Waterfront ViewHomes™ of Clark County
The weather is warming up and waterfront homes are becoming more and more popular with buyers. I guess the heat reminds us of the cooling aspects of life lived on the water. If you're interested in finding a ViewHome™ in Clark County with access to a lake, river, or creek, we can help. 
For example, here's a vibrant one-level home on the Washougal River with its own Waterfall.  We think it's one of the most magical properties we've ever had the pleasure to list. Buyers who are seeking a true get-away retreat need to call today for a tour - before … (16 comments)

washington: Alpaca Adoration and Dreaming in Clark County, WA - 04/04/16 11:05 AM

Alpaca Adoration and Dreaming
Alpacas make me feel all warm and fuzzy - I just love them! Don't ask me when this adoration began, it's tough to pinpoint. Perhaps the moment I laid eyes on my first one. There's something kind and friendly about them - and whimsical. If they were smaller, I'd ensure we had a dozen! My mom, who lives with us, recently informed me that she loves them too.
However, regardless of our admiration for them and our acre-plus property in Camas, we will not be getting any alpacas in the near future. They love company, and as herd animals, it's not fair to have … (18 comments)

washington: Multi-Generational ViewHomes of Clark County - Elbow Room for the Soul - 03/10/16 07:33 AM
ViewHomes™ with Room for the Entire Family
ViewHomes of Clark County™ grew out of our love for nature, beautiful surroundings, and a peaceful environment. We recently moved our multi-generational household to an area located in the rolling hills north of Camas-Washougal. Our property sits on an acre-plus with towering trees, stunning sunrises and sunsets, and we get seasonal views of the Little Washougal River. Our family loves having Nature As Neighbors.
If you're looking for a family estate with enough room for visiting, or live-in family, and friends, and land to garden or enjoy privacy, you're similar to the majority of our clients.. Since we also specialize in Multi-generational living,  we have helped many … (14 comments)

washington: ViewHomes of Clark County, WA™ - Woodland - March 2016 Market Report - 03/08/16 06:39 AM
ViewHomes of Clark County - Woodland Washington
Woodland, Washington is about 20 miles north of Vancouver. It is also one of the oldest communities in the state of Washington. It's location gives area residents easy access to recreational spots along the Lewis River and to Mount St. Helens. The city is technically in both Clark and Cowlitz counties, but most residents live in Cowlitz County where the majority of the city lies.
Many people visit Woodland to see the Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens. Klager was a prolific breeder of lilacs. Her former home and gardens were saved in 1964 from being torn down to make room … (14 comments)

washington: Hummingbird Hopeful in Camas WA - Rufous or Anna's? - 02/25/16 07:36 AM
Rufous or Anna's at Our Camas Feeder? 
(By Mfield, Matthew Field, http://www.photography.mattfield.com – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0)
We recently wrote about Rufous Hummingbirds our region. We’ve always known the Anna Hummingbirds winter over in the Pacific Northwest, but we were a bit surprised to learn some Rufous do too. My husband thinks a female Rufous may have visited our feeder this week, I suspect it’s a female Anna’s hummingbird.  Both are more drab in color than the males, but Anna’s have a sheen of green feathers along their sides, while the Rufous have a subtle red shading. Anna’s are a bit larger than the Rufous too. They … (14 comments)

washington: Well, Well, Wells to Consider for ViewHomes of Clark County, WA - 02/19/16 07:27 AM
Well Water and Private Wells in Clark County - Things to Think About
Individual wells provide water to 24% of Clark County's residents. If you live in a ViewHome in our area, chances are you have a well.  We have a well on our rural property located north of Camas. It's 320 feet deep and provides plenty of water for all of us. Prior to buying, we carefully did our research to determine the gallons per minute produced, and had the water tested.  We also encourage our sellers, and buyers, to get tests and confirmation that any well is properly maintained and that the … (16 comments)

washington: ViewHomes of Ridgefield - A Market Report - 02/18/16 07:03 AM

Ridgefield - A Great Spot for ViewHomes of Clark County
If you are looking for a home with some acreage, and a view, you should consider homes in Ridgefield, in Clark County, WA. Ridgefield has an inviting small town atmosphere. An easy stroll with give you access to historic landmarks, charming shops, restaurants, a community library and beautiful parks.  The city is finishing a recreational loop system of pathways to connect downtown with neighborhoods, parks, schools, and the waterfront.
Recreation is plentiful in Ridgefield. You can tour via kayak or canoe along a 21 mile water trail in the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge. It … (14 comments)

washington: News and Views of Clark County - Room to Crow - 12/01/15 06:40 AM
ViewHomes of Clark County - The Sounds of Nature and More
When you move into a more rural area in Clark County, get ready to hear ( and see ) more critters. Some wild, some domestic. For example, our home is frequently visited by deer, raccoons, rabbits, and plenty of different birds. The chickadees have been busy at the feeders this fall, and the hummingbirds worked the season's last blooms until a recent cold spell. Red-talled hawks soar from above and beyond, their screeching whistles give small animals fair warning. 
Coyotes hunt in the wood and fields surrounding our new home. We hear their eerie yips and howls at varying times … (16 comments)

washington: View Homes of Clark County, WA - Wood-Stove Wherewithal - 10/29/15 05:49 AM
ViewHomes of Clark County - Wood-stove wherewithal can save you money and heartache. Most of our real estate clients, buyers and sellers, live in homes on acreage. Specifically, they prefer homes with views of nature and a bit of privacy. While there are some choices in close-in neighborhoods, many of the properties are located in more rural locations in Clark County. This lifestyle brings with it some different considerations such as wells and septic systems. In addition, rural area properties often have a wood stove as a secondary heating source - handy during a winter-storm power outage. However, wood stoves should be properly maintained to … (19 comments)

washington: News and Views of Clark County - Love the SuperFreak, warts and all. - 10/18/15 07:34 AM
Wart-covered pumpkins and gourds covered in warts are popping up in Clark County, WA this fall. 
Many of our area pumpkin patches and farmers stands have a fun alternative this year. Pumpkins that appear to have a disfiguring disease. Turns out, it's not a problem, but a thoughtful process of genetics. Apparently, it takes at least 10 generations of cross-breeding to produce a gourd that's got enough warts to be sold under the "SuperFreak" label. These pumpkins have actually been around since 2010, but this marks the first year for one on our porch. 
The SuperFreak is a separate strain of so-called knucklehead pumpkins. They are … (18 comments)

washington: Burning the Home Fires (Legally) in Clark County,WA - 10/13/15 08:01 AM
Your Guide to Recreational Fires in Clark County, Washington
We specialize in Viewhomes of Clark County. Most are located on larger parcels of land with views of nature, not neighbors. Many of the homes are in areas of Clark County where burning is permitted for recreational enjoyment. However, it’s important to understand the parameters of a legal burn, before lighting the match. 
First of all, as of October 1, 2015,  burning has been permanently banned in Southern Clark County, and the cities surrounding urban growth areas areas of Vancouver/Camas/Washougal, Battleground, Ridgefield, La Center, and Yacolt. 
Burning is limited to natural vegetation only in the rest of Clark … (17 comments)

washington: Views of Clark County WA - Autumn at Lacamas Shores - 10/10/15 07:44 AM
Lacamas Shores Neighborhood in Camas
This photo of Lacamas Shores neighborhood was taken a few years ago, but the  view remains the same in Fall of 2015.  You'll find large, luxury homes here, and many with views of nature, not neighbors. We know of several that match the criteria, and they are currently for sale. If you'd like to enjoy this view year-round, call us today. We specialize in ViewHomes of Clark County. 

washington: Our ViewHome™ in Camas, WA with Nature As Neighbors - 09/19/15 06:47 AM
The Saga continues:
 You may already know "The Story of Us,"
As with most stories, ours is evolving.  First of all, my sister and her husband have joined the group. All 3 couples with be sharing responsibilities ( and life ) on an acre(+) in Camas. We each have our own space, and each of us has territorial and pastoral views. It's simply serene - and quiet! We were all craving views of Nature As Neighbors and Elbow Room for the Soul. 
Mom and dad's little guest house will be built on a private spot in back of the main house. We can't wait to see the site prepped for building. … (23 comments)

washington: Luxury Homes in Clark County WA - Luxurious Sunday Morning Report - 08/30/15 06:28 AM
Sunday Morning Luxuries - And, the Luxury Home Report in Clark County, Washington
Sunday’s are a luxurious day in many households. In summer,  we often sit with a cup of coffee in hand and leisurely wake up nestled in our deck chairs. It's a joy to watch the sun rise. Other days, like this morning, are too wet and stormy. We’ll be waking up indoors today. Perhaps with the elegantly produced CBS Sunday Morning, entertaining us in the background, as we prepare the ingredients for an elaborate Sunday supper. Regardless, the luxury of time and an inviting home is the hallmark of our weekends. 
Luxury comes in many sizes … (17 comments)

washington: Wildfire Woes In Washington - " Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires." - 08/22/15 12:00 PM
Gold Rush Fire in Skamania County 
Photo courtesy of the Camas-Washougal Post Record
It's been a brutal summer for wildfires in Washington State. Smoke hangs in the air today in our Camas neighborhood, a reminder of the Gold Rush fire burning near Dougan Falls. Tough and steep terrain is making it difficult for the fire crews to get it fully contained. Gusty east winds are blowing through the Gorge and our thoughts are for the safety of the firefighters who have been on the lines since last Monday. 
Dougan Falls is a popular spot for recreation in the summer, and our hot weather has increased the number of people looking for cool-water fun. … (25 comments)

washington: 2015/2016 School Supply Lists in Camas, Washington - 08/14/15 06:12 AM
It's almost time to go back to school in Camas!
It seems like yesterday when we offered you some ideas to do with children during the summer months once " School's Out."  Now it's already time to prepare for "Back to School!" 
The school year officially begins on Wednesday, September 2, 2015. No doubt many families will enjoy one last hurrah on the Labor Day weekend, prior to getting back into the school routine. Therefore, many people are getting ready to shop for school supplies. 
Here are links to the various schools in Camas to make your job a little easier. 
School Supply List for Camas Elementary Schools.

washington: Homes with Dual Living in Camas, Washougal, and East Clark County - 08/03/15 11:36 AM
MultiGenerational Housing Solutions in East Clark County, WA
Each week, we try to highlight a neighborhood, or a particular home style in Camas, Washington and the surrounding communities of Brush Prairie, Hockinson, Fisher’s Landing and Washougal. Today, we’re presenting the homes with dual living quarters in all the aforementioned areas. 
We specialize in Multigenerational and Baby Boomer Housing solutions in Clark County, with an emphasis on East County neighborhoods. Many of our baby boomer clients are choosing homes with room for gardening, and visiting family members. Still others want dual quarters for either parents, or their children and grandchildren.
It’s always a great … (16 comments)

washington: Sustainable Garden Tour in Clark County, WA - 07/17/15 09:19 AM
Upcoming Garden Tour Helps Us Learn More About  Sustainable Gardening 
"Let me tell you about the birds and the bees, and the flowers and the trees, and the moon up above, and a thing called love."
Those of us who love to garden often feel a kinship with nature. Sadly though, many green thumbs still rely upon toxic chemicals to keep their flowers and veggies in top shape. There are direct links between many legal gardening elixers and the dwindling numbers of bees, butterflies, and other beneficial creatures. Fortunately, if we adjust our expectations just a bit, we can find organic gardening methods that work in … (18 comments)

washington: Lakeview Estates Ranch Home Now Pending - Vancouver WA - 07/11/15 08:29 AM
One Level Lakeview Estates Home - Pending
We specialize in real estate sales for baby boomer, seniors, and multi-generational family estates. Therefore, when learning about the needs of new referral clients ( thank you, Active Rain's Carla Muss-Jacobs, Principal Broker/Owner , it was quickly apparent that we were a good match. 
Carla has an extraordinary website and it generates great buyer leads. However, we all know it's how you handle those leads that determines if you're going to inspire confidence and trust. She obviously does it well and set up the introductions between the buyers and me.
We have tried to work together before, and … (17 comments)

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