charlotte economics: Charlotte's Rich History Continues to Drive The City's Economic Diversity in 2011 - 09/18/11 08:45 PM
Charlotte’s Rich History and Economic Diversity Make Charlotte One of the Most Desirable Places to Live in America. Charlotte was originally settled by the Scotch-Irish in the 1740′s, as well as by a strong influence of German colonists who migrated south at about the same time.  The Queen City‘s namesake was the German born Queen Charlotte, wife of England’s King George III, and Mecklenburg County was also named for her German birthplace.  The Bank of America tower actually has a crown architecturally incorporated in its design in honor of the Queen!

From its modest beginnings as a small village, Charlotte abruptly attained ‘city’ status … (3 comments)

charlotte economics: Time Warner Cable Announces 225 More Jobs Coming to Charlotte - 07/17/11 05:34 PM

225 More Jobs Coming to Charlotte via Time Warner Cable
Time Warner Cable (TWC), a national cable television provider which operates in 28 states with 47,000 employees across the nation, plans to expand their corporate campus to more efficiently enhance the customer experience.  Time Warner Cable is building their national data center in Charlotte, adding 225 jobs and investing $101 million.  The plans to build a national data center and new corporate office building in Charlotte were announced this week by Governor Beverly Purdue.  TWC will be adding nearly 10% more new corporate positions to the company’s Charlotte employment of 2,500.  The average annual salary for the new jobs in Charlotte … (14 comments)

charlotte economics: More Gems in Queen Charlotte's Crown - 04/22/11 12:25 AM
Another Gem Added To Queen Charlotte's Crown
According to CNN Money Magazine and the latest census data release, population growth during the last decade made the South the fastest-growing region in the US.  Eight of the 11 metropolitan areas noted as highest in population growth including Austin, Charlotte, Raleigh and Orlando, were in the South.  The top three metropolitan areas were:
Raleigh, NC Total Population: 1,130,490 Change From 2000: 41.8% Austin, TX Total Population: 1,716,289 Change From 2000: 37.3% Charlotte, NC Total Population: 1,758,038 Change From 2000: 32.1%
As the largest of the three and North Carolina's largest metropolitan area, Charlotte … (14 comments)

charlotte economics: More Jobs Coming to Charlotte - Combi USA, Inc. Announces Move - 02/08/11 04:25 PM
More Jobs Coming to Charlotte - Combi USA, Inc. Announces Move Combi USA, Inc. headquarters and distrubution center is moving to Charlotte!  The company will reside in a 52,748-sq.-ft. building at 3520 Westinghouse Blvd., Suite B in southwest Charlotte.  Another 23 jobs for Mecklenburg County and possibly add another 10 jobs in 3 years, will be created. Combi® strollers, car seats and other childcare products are designed and created to be lightweight and compact, then marketed and distributed to parents.  Combi, short for combination, referring to the combination of mother and child, was established in 1989 and is a subsidiary of … (10 comments)

charlotte economics: The Queen City Becoming "The Energy Capital of the World" - 11/30/10 10:39 PM
The Queen City Becoming "The Energy Capital of the World"
CHARLOTTE NC:  The Queen City is becoming "The Energy Capital of the World."  Charlotte has been known, in past decades as an industrial center, moving in more recent decades into the banking sector, now considered the 2nd largest banking center in the United States.  With 240 companies employing about 25,000 people in Charlotte's energy sector, Charlotte is quickly becoming known as one of the world's largest energy employment hubs.  
Jeff Merrifield of The Shaw Group feels that, "A lot of companies are coming from around the country and around the … (13 comments)

charlotte economics: Are YOU on the Fence? - 10/01/08 03:17 PM
Are You On the FENCE? Are You On the FENCE? Are you a potential investor, renter or homeowner who would like to buy a property but, just don't know whether to jump off the fence and into the pool of homebuyers right now?  Well, if so, let me give you my take on this 'crisis' that we're in...
The news is updated hourly (at least) regarding our current financial 'crisis' which truly does affect everyone!  Don't be fooled into thinking that you are immune from this crisis--you don't work for a financial institution, … (22 comments)

charlotte economics: Charlotte NC Economic Status, July 17, 2008 - 07/16/08 11:05 PM
Charlotte NC Economic Status July 16, 2008 Charlotte NC Economic Status July 17, 2008

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I'm happy to share that second quarter numbers are out and indicate that Charlotte continues holding strong during this trying economic time!  Charlotte NC economic status July 17, 2008 IS positive!  Charlotte continues to add new firms, new jobs, new investments and more buildings despite the state of the national residential real estate market, the recent instability of the finance industry and soaring gas prices. The ability to grow in spite of the … (3 comments)

charlotte economics: Charlotte, NC--Major Financial Center - 03/23/08 05:38 PM
Charlotte, a financial powerhouse, is renowned for its vibrant banking sector.  With more than $2 trillion in assets, it is the second largest financial center in the nation, behind only New York.  By comparison, Atlanta has assets of only $183 billion and Miami $0.8 billion. Two of the nation’s largest banks, Bank of America and Wachovia, are headquartered here. In total, 20 banks with more than 229 local branches, as well as a Federal Reserve Branch, are located in Charlotte. Charlotte banks provide a wealth of services to commercial and individual customers and are leaders in the financial services industry.  Businesses … (4 comments)

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