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NOW, it is the time to bring exceptionalism into the world of Real Estate advertising. Far better than the virtual tour, my Real Estate Showcase Slideshows, produced by Memories DVDs, will showcase your property listings in a way a virtual tour simply cannot do! Both sellers and buyers will be thoroughly impressed when they see their home, or the home of their dreams, showcased on your website in such a professional and sophisticated way. I am an avid nature and wildlife photograper, and my blog will feature many of these photos and slideshows.



                 Converting Color to Black and White - Photography - NX2 I love black and white photography. Especially the work of Ansel Adams. Ansel Adams was a photographer and an environmentalist, and is most famous for his photographs of the American West. In 1941, he contracted with the US ...
          Our Nation's Symbol Was Almost The Turkey...            After the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, a committee was formed to come up with an idea for the new country's seal. The committee members were Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams. The idea they ...
          Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep - Georgetown, Colorado I spent the weekend with four girl friends at a townhouse in Breckenridge, (more on that later ;), and on the way home, we went over Loveland Pass and dropped down into Georgetown, Colorado. Georgetown, "The Silver Queen of Colorado", ...
  Horses Hamming for the Camera - Tarryall Valley, Colorado On my Tarryall drive a couple weeks ago, I stopped to photograph an old homestead and saw there were two beautiful horses in the pasture.  I pulled over, got out got my camera, and went over to take my photos. As I was shooting, I notice...
                         Some Jobs Are Just Better Than Others...   These days, folks are happy to have a job. Any job. The economy has put so many people out of work, that those of us with the means to support ourselves and our families are grateful to have that ability. And some jobs are just ...
  The Cliffs at Point Loma, San Diego, California When I was in San Diego in August, I went to Point Loma, one of my favorite places in the city. It is the home of the old Point Loma Lighthouse, first used in November, 1855. It was quickly realized however, they had made a bad choice in location ...
Lost Creek Wilderness Area - Colorado Designated as wilderness in 1980, the Lost Creek Wilderness Area includes almost 120,000 acres of forest, river, and incredible rock formations amid the Tarryall, Platte River and Kenosha mountain ranges in the heart of Colorado. Running through the middle of...
                                                            Tarryall Historic Home Tour - I need Your Advice!   Hey everyone, Sunday I went on an historical home tour - and I found a fantastic home! I want to share all the fabulous features of this property with you, and see what you think before...
Light, Shadow, and Texture - Rampart Range, Colorado   Rampart Range is one of my favorite places to go when I want to get out and take photos, and don't want to travel far. It takes me about 10 minutes to drive to this 60 mile long dirt road that runs along the ridge of the Rampart Range from Ga...
Bokeh, What is it?   The word 'bokeh' derives  from the Japanese word boke, (bo-keh), which means blur, or fuzzy. In photography, it refers to a blurred, or out of focus background in a photograph. To acheive bokeh in an image, you need an open aperture,  f2.8 or wider with the widest aperture b...

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