contest: Making 2018 the Best Year Yet- An ActiveRain Challenge - 12/30/17 08:55 PM
Dreams, Visions, Goals, Planning Challenge

We are now entering into 2018 and many are wondering where did 2017 go? Before we get deep into the new year let's take a look at where we are going.
There is so much opportunity ahead of each of us and it is up to each of us to reach out and get it. Whether it be in our personal lives, health, spirituality, business,  personal or professional development or with family and friends, it takes a goal and making an investment to reap the best returns.

Defining the goal is not the hard part. Laying out the plan … (69 comments)

contest: Throwback Thursdays- Memories of Christmases Past - 12/27/17 09:21 PM
Christmas Memories of my Childhood
There are so many vivid memories and moments of Christmas and Christmas traditions that have shaped and formed how I wanted to instil the traditions of Christmas in my children. My mom made each holiday special and though there were many of us living on a very limited income, she did certain things that were special, very special.
There were many little things that made Christmas special. Christmas, of course, was centered around Jesus birth. Mom worked for the church and we went to services, plays and learned the Christmas story. The rest she added to teach us about giving and gracefully receiving.
Christmas … (13 comments)

contest: Client Appreciation- Saying Thank You is the Biggest Part - 11/30/17 06:10 PM
How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count the Ways

The buyers and sellers I work with become my clients. That is the way I choose to run my business. The agent/client relationship allows me to advocate, advise, give my skill and care, loyalty and trust to them. 
As we journey down the path of selling or buying a home, there are many opportunities for me to tell my clients how much I appreciate them. These happy times along the way are also great times to ask for referral business. 
The closing is anti-climatic as compared to all the work that was done before getting there. … (39 comments)

contest: 12 Days of Thanks Giving 2017- ActiveRain Challenge - 11/10/17 07:55 PM
2017 Thanks Giving Posts
With just a few days to go before Thanksgiving Day, it's time to bring back our Thanks Giving posts. For sharing what is a blessing to you, there will be some bonus points from ActiveRain to say thank you.
This time of year means different things to different people but I think we can all agree that we are a truly blessed nation and people. Taking time to think about our blessings and to share what they mean to us makes them bigger and more special. 
All we have to do is look around and we will be blessed. Even after several days of rain, … (227 comments)

contest: Time Management is about Getting Focused - 10/31/17 07:43 PM
Where does the Time go?
When you love what you are doing, time seems to pass very quickly. I have been loving my career in real estate for 37 years and it has been very good to me. I had to learn to master my days or my days would be mastering me.
There have been times I have wished for more hours in the day. Jokingly I have said with just 2 more hours each day, I could do everything I want or need to do. Since that hasn't happened, I have figured out how to focus and get control of my … (13 comments)

contest: Enter Stones Manor, Enter Luxury - 10/31/17 06:06 PM
Stones Manor Clarksville, TN 
I have been promoting this neighborhood for several years now. Part of my job was to take photos for the website and write copy to intrigue buyers.
The neighborhood has become very hot and homes are selling fast, very fast. More new construction and new homes are coming soon and the prospective buyers are watching and waiting. There is one custom home, under construction and one new home.
This entrance photo is used on the website and most of my posts about the neighborhood. I even use this on the Stones Manor note cards I send out.
For more information on … (7 comments)

contest: Throwback Thursdays- Peeking Through the Trees - 10/19/17 05:30 PM
Throwback Thursdays - Skyscrapers

Fall is here and the leaves are giving way to prepare us for winter. Three years ago we traveled to New York City between Thanksgiving and Christmas to enjoy the holiday season in the Big Apple. The trees in the city are few so when I saw some leaves still hanging on I had to get a shot with the skyscrapers in the background.
It was windy and cold but a great trip. I love to walk the sidewalks in New York and spend lots of time looking up at the architecture that surrounds me. I remember my first trip … (17 comments)

contest: Work - Life Balance- The Continuing Saga - 05/31/17 09:07 AM
The Balancing Act
Jeff Dowler is hosting a challenge for us to share how we cope between work and living life to the fullest. Work Life Balance for a real estate agent is much different than for other professions. I have been working on it for years and have mastered some aspects and others I have not.

The challenge is I never seem to have enough time to just sit, rest and reflect.  Planning for creative thinking time is so important and it never seems to make it into my work plan. My husband calls doing nothing, reflection time "veg time" meaning you let the … (22 comments)

contest: Before and After Photos- Thinking Creatively - 05/30/17 07:36 PM
This month Dick Greenberg has issued a challenge for us to show our photo editing skills with Before and After Photos. I wish I took perfect photos from the very start but that is not the case. Occasionally I am able to capture a good shot meaning the content or perspective was what I was after but the color or exposure may be slightly off. That is when editing can bring the photo to its full potential.
I use several photo editing programs depending on my mood and level of enhancement. The one I am sharing with you in this post is Smart Photo … (28 comments)

contest: In the Beginning There Was Home, A Special Home - 03/24/17 06:51 PM
This post is in answer to the challenge from Paul S. Henderson, REALTOR®, Broker, Tacoma Washington about a special home in my past. I have had several homes and special memories are attached to each one. This one has the most vivid memories and firsts.
The first home I remember and one I lived in until I was 6 years old I call the Pink House and it was indeed pink. It looked right in place in Miami, Florida along with the other pastel colored houses on the street. 
What made the Pink House so special? This is where I remember preparing for the big storm of … (13 comments)

contest: The "We" in Weltanschauung - 01/21/17 09:46 AM
ActiveRain's Weltenschauung is for Us; It's What We Believe

When a member joins the ActiveRain community, that member agrees to follow the community guidelines and is in agreement with the Weltanschauung, the guiding principles and world view of the community.  If the member is not willing to play by the rules and these principles, then this is not the place for him.
To be honest most people don't read and understand these rules, guidelines or principles until much later in their membership journey. Lynn B. Friedman with her January Jumpstart Blogging Challenge has challenged us to write a post about what is meaningful about these principles and guidelines. 
The thing … (17 comments)

contest: Kaptivating Kitchen Kaught My Attention - 11/30/16 05:48 PM
Kitchens Are the Gathering Place in the Home
I love showing pretty homes. Every so often I show one that I fall in love with and so want my buyer to buy. This is one of those. Everything about the kitchen said this was home and please come in and make yourself comfortable. I liked how the great room had a pretty arch opening and it was just steps away where the cook could be part of the party.
My buyer made an offer and then got cold feet and didn't move forward. There was a hidden agenda. This was taken with my iPhone … (12 comments)

contest: 10 Day Thanksgiving Post Challenge - 11/15/16 04:58 AM

Only 10 days to go and we will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day. This day is different for everyone depending where your family is located and your traditions. I know it is one of my favorite holidays of the year. 

One thing we all have in common is that we are incredibly blessed. I am issuing a challenge to all. Starting today and each day until Thanksgiving Day write a post about something you are thankful for. It can be big or it can be small. Oftentimes the smallest blessings give the biggest joys.
Voicing our blessings makes them come to life and gets … (395 comments)

contest: The Feel of the Community- Clarksville TN - 09/30/16 12:51 PM
Why Living in Clarksville TN Feeds the Soul
There are many reasons that Clarksville is a wonderful place to live. You feel it when you arrive in town and take a drive down by the river. The water of the Cumberland River is so peaceful and it beckos newcomers to sit and watch the barges and riverboats go by. Clarksvillians have found that the water and marina offers many opportunities for play and having fun with friends like boating, jet skiing, fishing and swimming.

The downtown is full of historic buildings. Many have unique characteristics and are one of kinds designs. The feel of the downtown area … (15 comments)

contest: An Olympian Falls But Gets Back Up - 08/17/16 02:18 AM
Pressing Forward to the Goal and Not Looking Back

In reflecting about my real estate journey I so easily identify with the athletes in the Olympic Games. Winners have people rooting for them, cheering them on and offering encouraging words in times of trials. Winners practice and train and visualize their goals. Winners go through pain and anguish but don't stay down long. They press forward and know they can do it.
Have your cheering section: My husband is my biggest cheerleader and supporter. He has always seen the potential in me and expected the best. In those moments of devastation and discouragement, he helps clear the clouds and … (32 comments)

contest: An ActiveRain June Contest- A Lesson Learned - 05/31/16 12:57 PM
A Lesson I Wish I'd Learned Earlier in My Career

Hi Rainers...It's time for a contest that is loaded with points. This is one where we can share and learn from one another. It isn't going to be difficult unless you consider it hard to pick just one big lesson from all the lessons you have learned during your career.
The challenge is to write a post and share a lesson that you learned along the way. It may have cost you a lot of money to learn it or cost you a client or friend or you invested lots of hard … (188 comments)

contest: Ringing and Singing in the Rain January Challenge - 12/30/15 10:05 AM
Ringing and Singing in the Rain January Challenge

The New Year is time to meet new people and reconnect with others. The January Challenge is about making some phones calls and writing a post about what you learned. The best part is it will be fun and you will be glad you participated. 

Here are the rules and they are not that complicated. You may write 1, 2 or 3 posts. Each qualifying post will earn 750 points. If you write all 3 posts one of the posts is to be about a Newbie you called. A Newbie is described as someone that … (216 comments)

contest: Second Annual Christmas Decoration Contest, Stones Manor, Clarksville - 11/27/15 12:18 AM
Second Annual Christmas Decoration Contest, Stones Manor, Clarksville
The fall decor is being put away and the holiday lights are beginning to twinkle. Stones Manor is one of the prettiest neighborhoods in Clarksville at Christmastime and it will put you in the Christmas spirit.

The Second Annual Christmas Decoration Contest is in full swing. One home in the neighborhood will be chosen as the winner. A chocked full Christmas themed gift basket will go the lucky homeowner.
If you live in Clarksville you will want to drive out to see all the beautiful homes in Stones Manor Subdivision. The Christmas Decor and the gorgeous homes in … (18 comments)

contest: The Story of the Sensei and the Grasshopper - 05/29/15 08:03 AM
The Story of the Sensei and the Grasshopper. We Were All New Once Upon a Time.
I try to check the first post list on the blog roll and leave comments for the Newbies to encourage them and offer my help. I noticed one new member was also a new agent to the business and was asking questions in her blog posts and on the Q&A.
So I decided to email KRISTIE DESAUTELS to see if she had any questions about ActiveRain and how it could improve her business. She emailed me back with a list of questions and I could tell from that … (26 comments)

contest: The Final Bell for Ringing and Singing in the Rain- An ActiveRain Challenge - 01/30/15 08:53 AM
The Final Bell for Ringing and Singing in the Rain- An ActiveRain Challenge
Time is running out. Only one day left. You can still get those calls made and posts written. Come on, join in the fun.
Review the rules below and jump in and enjoy getting to know each other or meet somebody new. Once you are finished making your calls and writing your posts, copy the posts link (URL) onto the lines of the entry form. These links must be submitted through the entry form below. Putting the link in a comment will not give you credit for your posts and awarded the bonus … (29 comments)

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