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I decided to post another blog on PMI since it is largely misunderstood and is seldom spoken about but it plays a MAJOR role in foreclosures and short sales. To further explain PMI -  PMI does not cover the full exposure of the lender. They are covering the top portion (maybe 20% in most cases) p...
I have read a lot of mis-information lately about PMI and its role in the current foreclosure environment. When you purchase a property and obtain a loan for that property and that loan exceeds 80 percent of the value of the purchase, the lender will require you to pay for private mortgage insur...
When I am first contacted by the owner of distressed real estate, I ask them THEIR goals. It is important to establish what they would like to do (i.e. keep the home, walk away intelligently, etc).   The next step is that I advise them that there are three issues... 1). Cash flow issues - meaning...
There is little discussion about HOAs and their financial state of affairs (in the same manner that the State of the Union failed to address current issues)! There are huge problems looming for them that will affect owners and tenants.  Many HOAs are functionally insolvent. Despite the fact that ...
Another primary reason that lenders will not modify loans is that lenders have to recognize modifications immediately as losses on their balance sheets. Unfortunately, balance sheets are not an area of great flexibility for lenders at this time. If a lender does not modify a loan, they have some...
There is a disturbing trend in (lack of) loan modifications. Lenders are now maintaining that they cannot modify because the "Investor" does not participate in HAMP, etc.  REALLY...the lender received TARP funds and a requirement was that THEY help distressed home owners in exchange. So now they ...
Buyers, sellers, real estate professionals and others are all wondering why short sale negotiations are taking so long!!  It is especially annoying because in most instances the lender already has a number that they are willing to accept for a particular property.  One reason that short sale nego...
Today the final totals for foreclosures were released and there were over ONE MILLION foreclosures filed in 2010. What is even more alarming is that it is anticipated that there will be a higher number in 2011. It is also frightening to realize that I have noticed a trend in the banking industry ...
The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court handed down a landmark decision that may affect millions of homes in foreclosure.  The case involved US Bank and Wells Fargo but it will affect lenders and homeowners in other states and banks.  The essence of the case (and many like it) are that the lende...

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