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Delaware Mortgage loans for the purchase or refinance of homes in Delaware. Advice on Delaware mortgage rates and loan programs. Delaware FHA Loans, Delaware USDA loans, Delaware VA loans, and Delaware Reverse Mortgages. John R. Thomas is the author of the book, Your Guide to Buying Your First Home in Delaware.



Okay, got your attention right, well this is B.S.  There is no 100% FHA loan, there is still a 3% required downpayment for FHA loans for purchase.  I have seen lenders advertising new FHA 100% loan, which is bogus.  Countrywide in our area is going to realtor offices and advertising it.What they ...
Many Real Estate professionals feel that open houses are too time.consuming. Frankly,they are time.consuming. But I can provide assistance as a mortgage professional onhand to field many questions for you regarding financing options.Even in a booming market, homes don't sell themselves. I would l...
Everyone has heard the expression, "It's not what you know but who you know." Of course this isn't entirely true, but having a successful referral network can lead to a significant increase in satisfied clients with minimal effort on your part.Have you ever gone into a large home improvement stor...
Have you ever wondered what the Perfect Purchase Transaction would look like? Close your eyes and dream about it for a minute... Few inbound phone calls. Your cell phone never rings. Clients leave so ecstatic with your service that they hand you three names of people they know who are ready to se...
Impac Lending has ceased operations for wholesale and commercial lending.  On September 18th, the company issued a statement explaining it is getting out of the mortgage business except for a couple of retail outlets it currently owns.  Impac Lending was a wholesale Alt-A and sub-prime lender.  I...
Nationstar Mortgage has stopped originating loans and here is an excerpt from an e-mail to wholesale branches;"We have made the decision to stop all wholesale originations effective September 21, 2007.Therefore, Nationstar Mortgage is no longer accepting any new loan submissions through any of it...
The mortgage lender Decision One has stopped originating any new loans and will continue to fund loans that are already in the pipeline that are approved and locked.  If they are not approved then those loans need to find a lender.  Decision One was a sub-prime and Alta-A lender.  They are the la...
INTEREST RATE CUTS: Are there downsides to the Fed's cut in interest rates? Answer: Of course. First, the possibility of higher inflation usually goes along with a drop in rates. Most don't think that's a real issue these days due to the slowdown in the economy and the impact of globalization. Tw...
There will be a free First Time Home Buyer Seminar on Wednesday October 24th at the Jackson Street Boys  & Girls in Wilmington, DE.  The seminar will be from 6:30 PM till 8:00 PM and is open for anybody to attend.  Please pre-register so that you will have a seat available at the seminar.  Each p...
Homeowners' insurance prices can vary significantly. Companies offer several types of discounts, but they don't offer the same discount or the same amount of discount in all states. Ask your insurance agent or company representative about any discounts available to you.Steps to help you save mone...

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