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 Handy Southern Colorado  numbers to keep for the animals in your life. Pueblo Animal Services 1595 Stockyard Rd, Pueblo, CO  (719) 544-3005 Animal Welfare 3420 W 8th St, Pueblo, CO(719) 543-6464 Humane Society Shelter House 110 Rhodes Ave, Canon City, CO(719) 275-0663                            ...
 Something to keep handy, the next time you are cleaning up around the house, the garage or in the yard.                                                                                                       Recycle centersWaste Management Inc 1 Environmental pl, Pueblo, CO (719) 545-9232 Wise Rec...
 What if anything are your represent ivies doing for you and your community? In Colorado ours are backing things like wind farms, protecting water rights and watching the utility companies. Wind energy is clean power. Today is the day, now is the time to ask your represent ivies what they are doi...
Water is Everything in the West. Water rights are often battled over in courts and by neighbors. Even with recent legislation voted in by citzens every drop of water that can be saved is being saved. Long time Colorado residents have been in ‘drought' mode for years. Turn the facet off and water ...
I've always relied on the Kindness of Strangers. I'm sitting here on a lovely Sunday morning watching "Gone with the Wind" on television. And I'm reminded how kind the title companies are to us poor Realtors. While I'm sure we have all had our fair share of difficult sales, it's always been the t...
 Tonight, 11-25-06 was the Parade of Lights in Pueblo, Colorado. A tradition that has been going on longer than anyone can remember. It starts on Colorado Blvd and Abriendo and traveled down to H.A.R.P. other wise known as the Historic Arkansas River Project. There were very few bands but lots an...
Becky and Bob Buyer are transferring jobs and are looking for a new home in Dry Flats Colorado. Bob is a bottom line kind of guy and Becky is looking for a home that won't trigger her migrans or allergies. They have two children Brenda is all about Pandas and Bobbie enjoys being out on his bicycl...
 Built Green, Built Better in Colorado http://www.builtgreen.org The check list for the Built Green program in Colorado is extensive. The builder decides what part(s) of the program and how to work with it, points are given after the house is either tested or documents are presented. Things consi...
 What would you do if a client asked you for an environmentally friendly house? The first thing to do is qualify the question. 1)Are they looking for something energy efficient?2)Do they need a house that wouldn't trigger their allergies, heart condition or other health concerns? 3)Something that...
I'd like to thank Mary McKnight for awarding my story 2nd place in the Funniest Real Estate Story. For anyone who missed it, the story isn't mine. ReMax of Pueblo gives out "The Golden Frying Pan" every year to the Realtor with the oddest story of the year. Forgive me for not remembering the exac...

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