denise lones: Interpreting Cues and Clues from Your Clients - 08/20/15 04:31 PM

Interpreting Cues and Clues from Your Clients
One of the biggest challenges facing salespeople is picking up on the cues from your clients. Whether in a conversation or through their actions, clients give us cues all the time. Your challenge is to interpret these cues as clues to your next move.
We do presentation role-playing work with agents in our Mastery coaching program and our ENCORE group. It is not unusual to be working with an agent doing a presentation and have them miss a cue I have given. Sometimes that cue is avoided intentionally because the agent doesn't … (0 comments)

denise lones: Aging in Place: What You Need to Know - 08/14/15 12:31 PM

Aging in Place: What You Need to Know
Every year when I do my annual predictions I make a prediction on home renovation activity. It is no secret to anyone who has read these predictions that I have been predicting record high renovation projects to be started and completed in the next five years. The reason for this is very simple, people are making the decision to "age in place."
What this basically means is that many people, specifically Baby Boomers, are taking a good hard look at renovating versus selling and having to buy again. For some it … (3 comments)

denise lones: Big News for Real Estate and the Entire Pacific Northwest - 07/30/15 05:20 PM

Big News for Real Estate and the Entire Pacific Northwest
I have been talking about the possible alliance of the Port of Seattle and the Port of Tacoma for quite some time. I have watched with eager anticipation of what the two ports would do and ultimately whether or not the alliance would be allowed to happen at all.
I am thrilled and ecstatic to be able to announce that The Federal Maritime Commission has completed its "competitive review and analysis" of the alliance agreement and have voted unanimously to allow the Ports of Tacoma and Seattle to form … (3 comments)

denise lones: The 8 Biggest Communication Mistakes Agents Make with Clients - 07/24/15 02:57 PM

The 8 Biggest Communication Mistakes Agents Make with Clients
One of my favorite things to do in my real estate training is to work with agents one-on-one to help them see how they communicate with their clients. I will even videotape them. I critique their performance and together we identify flaws in their communication style and we make a plan for improvement.
None of us get trained enough in the art of communication. And very few people have ever had anyone critique their communication style. In a role play setting, I watch how agents display body language and voice tone. … (1 comments)

denise lones: Opportunity Knocks: Tips for Marketing Properties with Huge Potential - 07/21/15 04:56 PM

Opportunity Knocks: Tips for Marketing Properties with Huge Potential
I have seen a lot of marketing during my years in real estate. I have seen bad. I have seen good. I have seen exceptional. Recently I came across one of those exceptionally-marketed properties in Whistler, British Columbia. I had the pleasure of talking with the real estate agent and learning exactly what he did to show the incredible potential of this property to potential buyers and he agreed to share this with you.
Every once in a while a property comes along that has extraordinary potential - that diamond … (29 comments)

denise lones: Spring Leads Into a Robust Summer Market - 07/10/15 10:56 AM

Spring Leads Into a Robust Summer Market
Over the past few years we have been used to real estate sales taking a breather in the summer months after the usual spring boost of sales. However, this year is different and the rate of new single family home sales has continued to soar to its fastest pace in seven years. This has caused many to wonder whether or not the market has hit its peak.
With new home inventory remaining steady, both locally and nationwide, the national month’s supply of inventory number dropped to 4.5 months (this is the number … (1 comments)

denise lones: The Accidental Business Building Event - 06/30/15 02:43 PM

The Accidental Business Building Event
When I was actively selling real estate I stumbled upon one of the MOST amazing business building events. I didn't plan on it. I didn't expect it. It just occurred from a single action I took for my sellers on their moving day which then became my signature act of kindness.
It was fairly early one Saturday morning and I had just finished grocery shopping. I was driving home when I remembered that one of my clients was moving that weekend and their new home was not far from the grocery store. I decided … (4 comments)

denise lones: Six Areas to Address When Getting Your Business Organized - 06/12/15 10:21 AM

Six Areas to Address When Getting Your Business Organized
One of the best ways to give your business a boost is to make a conscious effort to get your business organized. Last week I addressed computer file management.  Here is a list of some additional areas in your business that could use some organizing.
Email management is not just about responding to emails in a timely manner. It is about being able to keep important transactional communication easily accessible for when you need it. Losing just one email could be very costly to your business, not to mention … (1 comments)

denise lones: Organizing Your Business - 06/05/15 09:40 AM

Organizing Your Business
Recently I had a discussion with Heather, our project coordinator, regarding the importance of agents keeping things organized in their business.  Whether that is organizing your files, systems, or even your time, each is critical to an agent's success.
As Heather puts it, "good organization is key to a successful transaction and being organized saves you time, money and potential transaction mishaps." I couldn't agree with her more. Here are some of the great ideas that came from our discussion.
The first step is to create a system to manage all of your paperwork and all of … (2 comments)

denise lones: New Homes Sales to Surge By 30% - 05/29/15 11:01 AM

New Homes Sales to Surge By 30%
I have been reporting on new home sales for years and track this facet of the market with a great deal of interest as a Master in Residential Marketing through the NAHB. I find the new home market to be a strong barometer of what is happening with the market as a whole.
A stat released by the Census Bureau caught my eye this week - new home sales rose 26% from one year ago during the same time in April to 517,000 sales - the third highest month of activity in … (4 comments)

denise lones: Renovating Tips for Your Clients - 05/21/15 05:25 PM

Renovating Tips for Your Clients
In today's market, where inventory is a challenge and buyers are having a hard time finding what they want, renovating may be a good alternative to buying something turnkey.  If buyers are willing to take on a renovation, they may be able to get exactly what they want by buying a home that needs some work and then customizing to fit their needs.
There are many reasons why renovation and remodeling is more popular today than it has been in decades including:
Personal Taste: Remodeling and making the home “theirs” is one the most popular … (0 comments)

denise lones: "To Do" Overload - 05/08/15 11:20 AM

"To Do" Overload
If you made a list of "to do" items right now in your business, how would you feel? Confident that you had a handle on most of them? Completely overwhelmed by the deficiencies in your business? Or completely indifferent because you weren't planning on tackling them anyway?
The agents I begin to work with are often in that second category - completely overwhelmed by their "to do" list which consists of not only the things they have to get done for their clients, but also all the systems and tools they want to develop to streamline … (1 comments)

denise lones: Getting Your Brand to Work For You... - 05/01/15 03:52 PM

Getting Your Brand to Work For You...
... Even When You Are Not There.
In my classes, when I am reviewing the importance of having a strong brand, I often have agents ask me what I think about their brand and request a critique. This is one of my favorite things to do because it not only allows me to see a lot of different types of brands, but I also get to help agents by providing an honest and unbiased opinion.
A brand is a visual expression of who you are, what you offer, and what your clients … (0 comments)

denise lones: The Elephant in the Room - 04/24/15 11:53 AM

The Elephant in the Room
Have you ever been sitting with a client and your gut told you to ask something, but you just couldn't quite get the words out?
This often the case when you are afraid a question will make someone uncomfortable. However, those uncomfortable questions are critical to get at the heart of the matter. You can't start to solve a problem if you don't actually know the full scope of the situation. If you know something isn't right and you are afraid to address it, then it is the quintessential elephant in the room.
For … (14 comments)

denise lones: Credit is Tight! - 04/17/15 12:51 PM

Credit is Tight!
Credit is tight, even for Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke!
Low interest rates should mean that opportunity is in abundance for the real estate industry. However, if you can't qualify for a mortgage, even the lowest rates don't help you if you want to finance or refinance your home.
This point became significant when the news was announced that even the former Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, was turned down when he went to refinance his home. Mr. Bernanke was at a conference and shared with moderator Mark Zandi of Moody's Analytics that he, "recently … (0 comments)

denise lones: Bucket List Day: The Best & Worst Day of My Life - 04/14/15 02:42 PM

Bucket List Day: The Best & Worst Day of My Life
I have always loved zebras! Ever since I was a little girl I can remember my fascination with and love of zebras. Their unusual stripes and aloof demeanor always intrigued me. I loved that they looked like horses, but were a little stockier and incredibly more exotic. Over the years I have had the pleasure of being able to get my equine fix because my daughter is a competitive horseback rider, but I have never had enough of my zebra fix.
Years ago my husband took me to … (1 comments)

denise lones: Task Management: The Key to Getting It All Done - 04/03/15 10:06 AM

Task Management: The Key to Getting It All Done
A real estate agent that I coach recently presented me with a beautiful weekly calendar with lead generation, client follow-up, and potential client follow-up neatly organized according to time blocks and color-coded. I complimented him on his diligence and use of color in a calendar format and then informed him that with his personality type and business, this type of planning was not in his best interest. Why?
It's not in the agent's best interest because this type of planning is time management. However, the best way … (2 comments)

denise lones: Community Service Client Appreciation Events - 03/27/15 09:29 AM

Community Service Client Appreciation Events
I am often asked what kind of client appreciation events are the most successful. I am a big fan of client appreciation events because they give you an opportunity to reconnect with your past clients. It is a time to celebrate your clients and to thank them for their business and loyalty.
I have helped agents plan and hold dozens of different types of events and I enjoy helping an agent find the right type of event for their personality and clientele. While most events include a nice venue, good food … (0 comments)

denise lones: Low Inventory & What You Can Do About It - 03/20/15 01:18 PM

Low Inventory & What You Can Do About It
It is no surprise to anyone that has been following the real estate industry over the past five years that we have arrived at a time of historically low inventory levels. When you take out all the short sales and foreclosures that used to make up a big part of the inventory and you sprinkle in a whole lot of eager buyers and you factor in the lack of new construction, you have the perfect storm for a low inventory market.
Real estate agents are experiencing multiple … (4 comments)

denise lones: What Have You Mastered Lately? - 03/13/15 10:15 AM

What Have You Mastered Lately?
Have you ever wondered why some agents seem to do so well in real estate while others seem to struggle continuously? What I have learned over the years of coaching and training agents is that real estate is a profession that allows for individuality and uniqueness. It also is a profession that attracts independent souls who want freedom and flexibility in their work life. The real estate agents that seem to do the best are the ones that have mastered an area in their business.
The key to success in anything … (0 comments)

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