denise lones: Real Estate & Gardening - Kindred Spirits! - 04/28/17 09:31 AM

Real Estate & Gardening - Kindred Spirits!
Real Estate and gardening have more in common than you might think. Savvy real estate agents have figured this out.
Think about planting a garden. You make sure the soil is good quality, you decide what you want to plant, you plant your seeds, and then you water the seeds and tend to that garden on a regular basis.
The key word here is REGULAR. You wouldn't even dream of expecting your garden to grow if you failed to tend to it or water it.
I remember a number of years ago … (2 comments)

denise lones: Tax Pressure! - 04/14/17 10:10 AM

Tax Pressure!
April 18 (tax day this year) is coming up quickly and many of us are experiencing the nail-biting tension of getting receipts and forms in order. If there's any time of the year that forces us to face our own shortcomings with a head-on vengeance, it's tax day.
The below lessons are not just relevant right now in the height of tax season (or months from now if you already threw in the towel and filed an extension), but are lessons that will help us every day of the year:
There's nothing like a deadline to light … (2 comments)

denise lones: STEP UP or STEP OUT: Buyers and the Multiple Offer Market - 04/07/17 04:41 PM

STEP UP or STEP OUT: What Buyers Need to Know About a Multiple Offer Market
I have had at least three calls in the past week from frustrated agents who were trying to figure out what they were doing wrong and why their clients lost yet another offer in a multiple offer situation. After long discussions that detailed every step of what these agents did, I was convinced that it wasn't so much about what the agents did it was more about what the buyers didn't do.
In today's highly competitive, fast-paced market, the buyers need to STEP UP … (4 comments)

denise lones: The Changing Climate of Real Estate - 03/31/17 09:39 AM

The Changing Climate of Real Estate
The real estate market has certainly seen its ups and downs over the past 10 years. If you are a real estate agent that has been in the business longer than a decade you have been witness to a dramatically changed real estate climate.
Gone are the days where you can simply hold a real estate license and expect to call yourself a real estate expert. Today's true professional has to be like a warrior, able to fight for your clients in a multiple offer situation and able to fight off the negativity … (0 comments)

denise lones: Keeping Calm: Strategies for Reducing Buyer Stress - 03/24/17 09:01 AM

Keeping Calm: Strategies for Reducing Buyer Stress
In a fast-paced market, emotions can easily run high. In this kind of market, buyers can quickly start feeling defeated - the possibility of winning in a multiple-offer can seem next to impossible. When this happens, it is critical that agents reflect on how they can keep their buyer both objective and calm so that they can make smart and effective decisions on their next offer.
Here are four ideas that will help your buyers keep a level head throughout the home search.
Educate Your Buyer
Showing buyers list prices for homes comparable … (8 comments)

denise lones: The Quiet Mind: Critical Tips for Peak Performance - 03/17/17 06:09 AM

The Quiet Mind: Critical Tips for Peak Performance
A personal practice I have done for over 20 years is called my Hour of Power. It is a time where I sit in my office every workday for one hour of uninterrupted time.
I do this so that I can focus on key tasks that I need to do without ANY interruptions. I don't look at emails, I don't answer any phone calls and I do not surf the net. I get rid of ANY and ALL distractions and I allow my mind to be clear of all the noise … (24 comments)

denise lones: Move Your Boat! - 03/10/17 10:13 AM

Move Your Boat!
...and you may find more fish!
There isn't a day that goes by that I don't hear a real estate agent somewhere complaining about the lack of inventory in our market.  I get it. It is disheartening to be working with a buyer only to have them lose their offer because they are competing against so many other buyers.
There also isn't a day that goes by that I don't hear from some of my clients that are moving their boat to more fertile waters to find success with sellers. I am not saying to put … (2 comments)

denise lones: My Ideal Real Estate Agent - 03/03/17 10:30 AM

My Ideal Real Estate Agent
Direct from the horse's mouth!
I recently received calls from two different friends of mine telling me that they are thinking of either buying or selling. They asked me if I knew of a good real estate agent and I asked them what they defined as "good" and what they wanted and expected in the person I would refer them to. I think this list represents a common theme I heard after two very different conversations. The list also represents some of the most common traits of the top agents that I have the pleasure … (1 comments)

denise lones: Becoming a Market Expert: The 20 Things You Need to Know - 02/24/17 09:32 AM

Becoming a Market Expert: The 20 Things You Need to Know
If you want to be viewed as a market expert, you must completely understand your local market. Most of this information is easily accessible from your MLS. Every agent must be able to analyze for their marketplace:
Go into the MLS and find out the total number of sales in your area/s for each of the past three years. This will show you a number of things, including the pace at which the market has sold. Put this information into your binder along with a chart or … (12 comments)

denise lones: The Connected Agent: The Most Important Agent To Be - 02/16/17 05:42 PM

The Connected Agent: The Most Important Agent To Be
Real estate is a business where clients hire you because they have faith that you can help them buy or sell real estate in an easy streamlined manner. Before you can find those clients you have to make connections. A connection can either be in person, on the phone, by mail, by email or simply by an online post that you have written. Connecting is about making an impression with people and becoming top of mind.
Here are 6 ways to connect with your clients.
Past Clients
First and foremost, if … (5 comments)

denise lones: Turn Off the News and Get Back to Work - 02/09/17 04:33 PM

Turn Off the News and Get Back to Work
I have been overwhelmed with concern from many of my clients about the state of our country now that the election is over and we have a new a new President. I work hard NOT to discuss politics and I will adhere to that rule in this week's Zebra Report. However, I do need to address how some real estate agents are being affected by the constant barrage of media and news stories about the new President.
Whether you are a Republican or Democrat, whether you are thrilled or deeply … (2 comments)

denise lones: How to Make the Best of Your Time When you are a Site Agent - 02/03/17 12:11 PM

How to Make the Best of Your Time When You are a Site Agent
With builders back in the market, they are calling upon agents to sit at model homes waiting to tour prospective buyers. This article isn't going to tout the benefits or the cautions about making this commitment (as I certainly do not recommend this for everyone), but instead I am addressing how to make the best of this time and how to make this a very lucrative lead generation system.
Understand the rules around what you are and are not allowed to do. Depending on the … (0 comments)

denise lones: What To Do In a Low or No Inventory Market - 01/30/17 10:06 AM

What To Do In a Low or No Inventory Market
Throughout the Puget Sound and other markets in the US are currently suffering from record low inventory with no signs of relief in sight. If this sounds like a challenge in your market, you might have to change your business strategy.
Many real estate agents from across the country are expressing great frustration over the low inventory numbers in their market places. This coupled with strong buyer demand coming from a robust employment market, demand for urban living, and demand from out of area buyers is exacerbating the issue.

denise lones: 5 Tips for Organizing Your Real Estate Office - 01/23/17 03:15 PM

5 Tips for Organizing Your Real Estate Office
It seems like getting one's office organized has been on most of my clients' minds this January. However, like many busy people, it can be difficult to know where to start. If this sounds like you, here is a list of areas you may want to tackle in the coming weeks:
#1: Filing
If you have piles on your desks and every flat surface, you could be feeling overwhelmed just entering your office. Although we are moving to a more paperless world, there is still physical paperwork that needs to be managed. … (15 comments)

denise lones: Power of Niche Marketing - 01/13/17 11:00 AM

Power of Niche Marketing
Have you ever gone to your family doctor only to be referred to a specialist who treated only patients with our exact ailment? Were you then surprised when you showed up at the specialist's office to find a packed waiting room?
This happened to me a couple of years ago when I went to the dentist and I discovered I needed a root canal. I naturally assumed my dentist would just book an appointment to take care of it, but my dentist informed me that she doesn't do root canals. She wanted to send me … (0 comments)

denise lones: Counting Blessings: My Dad - 12/16/16 09:14 AM

Counting Blessings: My Dad
As the year draws to a close... COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!
Many of my clients know that 2016 was a very difficult year for me because I lost my father. I have never experienced the level of emotional pain I felt when I lost the man who brought me into this world. I have never spoken of this in print because it has been too painful for me to discuss.
This has been a very tough year; the emotional roller coaster I have been on is something I have never experienced before and never want to … (3 comments)

denise lones: Choosing Your "Theme Word" for 2017 - 12/08/16 03:10 PM

Choosing Your "Theme Word" for 2017
As we edge closer to the New Year it is important to reflect on the year you just had. Were you happy with your production and the client care you were able to give your clients or were you spinning your wheels only to find yourself coming up short in the income generation category?
Often real estate agents feel like a whole year has just passed by so quickly with hardly a moment to stop and assess what is affecting their business.
One great way to keep yourself on target is to come … (15 comments)

denise lones: Overcoming Unpredictable Income - 12/02/16 08:49 AM

Overcoming Unpredictable Income  
What's the Number One thing real estate agents don't like about the business? Time and again I hear the same answer: The unpredictability of income.
It doesn't have to be this way! There is a rampant delusion out there that real estate is a "feast or famine" business. Every day agents say, "I don't know if I'll be making any money in March because of the fluctuations in the market."  If you've ever said anything even remotely similar, I have a question for you.
If this is true, then how is it that I know many … (5 comments)

denise lones: Following Your Passion - 11/18/16 05:33 AM

Following Your Passion This is a story about an amazing client of ours, Linda Arvanitis, and her dog, Buck.
Many of you who are selling real estate today are doing so because it is your calling. You might have had a former career in retail, in sales, in management, or maybe you are even like several of my clients who used to tend sheep (yes, really) or you might have been selling real estate as soon as you left school. But something or someone told you that you should be selling real estate.
I actually talked to an agent client … (0 comments)

denise lones: Drive Business and Client Care with an Annual Client Review - 11/15/16 04:32 AM

Connect with Your Clients with an Annual Client Review
The holiday season is a great time for people to connect and reconnect with each other. Every year at this time agents ask me what they can do to connect with their clients in a big way during the holidays.
While I do agree that it is nice to get a holiday greeting of some sort, I feel it is much more productive for your business to focus your energies on making a strong impression that pertains to your client's real estate investment - their home. Therefore, I encourage agents … (0 comments)

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