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I got that phone call AGAIN today.  This time it was a builder rather an agent, but the context of the phone call was the same.You know that phone call- the one where the person on the other end who has never met you, seen your portfolio, visited your website, or read your blog, but wants to help...
This week at SIF was  great one to moderate.  It was a week of stellar posts - really, I saw a distinct increase in the number of quality posts and it has been very difficult to decide who and what to feature.One thing I did notice is that we saw a lot of repeat topics.  Many of you wrote a blog,...
There has been a whole lot of discussion on AR about wide angle cameras and/or lenses and the advantage they give you when shooting real estate photos.  After looking at all of the wide angle camera shots, I was convinced that I was not giving my agents the best photos I could....well, I was with...
For many years now, the general concensus of color when selling a house was that one should employ the 'neutral' shades known as Real Estate Beige and Builder white.  However, it is obvious (to me, at least) that such a sweeping generalization causes more harm that good. Should one spend even the...
There are many lurkers out there, hesitating to jump into blogging themselves, because they think they cannot blog about anything new.  Well, take heart because you don't have to. I can give you two reasons why that is true: 1. Your perspective and experiences will be different - no one approache...
Yesterday afternoon, I got one of those phone calls you never want to get.  As I was preparing to pick up broken foot girl from play rehearsal, my cell phone rang.  I naturally assumed it was her letting me know she was ready.  I was wrong.On the other line was one of my newest clients.  I was ac...
This is our first attempt to create an official week in review for the SIF group.  It is something that many of the other larger groups do and that Craig has wanted to start for a long time, so we thought we would give it a shot.  Because we are only 10 days into the month, I thought I would cove...
This post was actually written for and posted on my other blog, but I thought all of you would like to add your 2 cents in the comments.  I only posted 5 reasons, though there are many, many more I'm sure.  This is a subject that has been coming up a lot lately and will probably be discussed more...
Okay, it didn't take FOREVER, but it did take 8 days to complete.  Only 6 days over my original schedule (rolling eyes).Here are some sample photos.  I think it was worth the wait!  The office.  The living room.  The Master. 
Many of you read in my last blog that part of my hectic week was interviewing for a newspaper article for the one of our local papers - The Times.The article ran Saturday February 2 in the Biz News section.  Here is the link:

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