staging: In the Race to Sell, Sometimes a Stager Has to Shift Gears - 08/24/08 11:23 AM
Yesterday morning, I was scheduled to perform consulting duties for one of my favorite RE agents.  The particular client I was scheduled to meet with is notably motivated to sell their home as their new custom home is near completion (it will be move in ready in approximately 2 weeks).  Because of these circumstances, the agent went against the usual stage-list-show schedule by placing the listing on the MLS without photos before I had been there to steer the seller in the right direction as to how to prepare their house for the market.
Generally, I try to arrive 5-10 minutes … (14 comments)

staging: You Could Use a Stager - Even if You're Not a Listing Agent - 10/10/07 08:53 AM
It occurred to me today as I was catching up on my blog reading that a large amount of stagers blogs are focused on educating listing agents about the benefits of staging their listings.  That is a GOOD THING and definitely should be something that we all work on as staging to sell is the core of what we do. However, I started thinking that this focus eliminates a large number of other professionals in the real estate industry from utilizing our services to their own benefit.
Here are a few thoughts:
1 Buyer's Agents.  Every new home owner runs into the same problems - what … (18 comments)

staging: Not Checking Your Vacant Properties? Somebody Should. - 09/15/07 03:22 AM
In the world of vacant staging, there seem to be those stagers who stage and leave, never to see the property again until it is time to retrieve their inventory and then there are the stagers who are running out to their properties every few days to make sure beds are still inflated, etc.  It also seems that it is either/or, with no in between.
It certainly would be understandable to forgo property checks due to distance - I am doing a consult over an hour away on Monday, don't know if property checks are going to be included in the deal … (24 comments)

staging: SOOOO FRUSTRATED!!! - 09/13/07 11:33 AM
I know this stuff happens, but I am so frustrated I could scream! 
I have been talking to a builder about staging one of his listings for about a month now. He has been easy to deal with, but other factors have slowed down the process and we finally worked out a deal.  The contract is signed, the check is deposited (and cleared) and I was scheduled to deliver the inventory this evening. The trailer is packed and I have the skinned knuckles to prove I loaded it myself.
Two hours before I was scheduled to arrive, the builder calls and asks if we … (23 comments)

staging: Yes, Tina, There is Karma in Business! - 07/06/07 03:35 PM
Not too long ago, Tina Parker posted a blog that posed the question is there Karma in business? 
Well, I can answer that undoubtedly YES!!
Last week I received a sad phone call from an investor client of mine who explained to me that some of his investments had gone bad and he needed to cut corners in order to get his business back on track.  So what gets cut first?  The staging of course. 
The two week point of the second month of our rental agreement was coming that weekend - Saturday.  He said he would do his best to pay me … (19 comments)

staging: And IT IS a Success! - 06/15/07 06:29 AM
A while ago I posted two blogs about a vacant house that I would be staging.
Can She Make this a Staging Success? and Did She Pull Off a Staging Success? You Decide.
I was concerned about market time on this particular house as it was FSBO, but 6 weeks after staging, they hired an agent and I thought that would fix that.  It sat for a couple of months and I did not hear from the owner.  I was greatly concerned, but thought all would be well in the end and they paid the rental fees without fail.
Well, it turns out that they had … (12 comments)

staging: Investment Property Complete - 05/19/07 04:20 PM
Finally, investment property #1 is finally completed!  After some labor issues, plumbing glitches and cabinet delays the project is finished (well, at least my part) and the results are fabulous.
I came into the project early, but not early enough to make all of the choices.  I did choose the lighting finishes and paint color, weighed in on the trim and some uncertain structural changes, and made all of the furnishing and decor choices based on the direction of the project.
Here are the before and after shots.
The actual staging was done with the help of Dawn … (16 comments)

staging: Photo Blog: Builders Model #2 - 04/27/07 02:29 AM

staging: Photo Blog: Staging Speaks for Itself - 03/26/07 06:37 AM
I just don't think this requires a lot of words...other than it's a builder's model. And this is only part of it...

staging: 2 Hours + $150 = Sold in 7 Days! - 02/19/07 06:49 AM
The story I am about to tell you occured in October 2005.  It was not my first staging job, but it was the most efficient. 
While attempting to grow my business, I contacted a Realtor friend of mine and asked her if she had any listings that could use some help.  I needed before and after photos and a story to tell, so I offered to stage 2 rooms for one of her clients for free.  She immediately put me in contact with a seller who had been listed with her for over 12 months.
The agent shared with me that the home … (14 comments)

staging: Step by Step: The Complete Staging Process for Realtors - 01/31/07 07:12 AM
This is being posted in response to many requests to have this complete series published as a whole blog - complete and in order. So, here it is.
It seems there is a lack of information available to Realtors about how the process actually works.  It really is very simple, but lacking clarity on the Realtor's responsibilities may be what is holding some agents back from using the service.   Here is a simple outline that may help you navigate your way into adding a stager to your team:
A. Find a Stager.
1. Start right here - Activerain. This is a real estate network, is it not?  … (27 comments)

staging: The Paint Debate - 01/31/07 03:23 AM
Paint is always a bone of contention in the preparing a house for sale.  Sellers are hard to sell on the conceot of painting before they place their homes on the market.  The reasons are many, but few are valid.  Every stager (and Realtor) has to learn how to counter these arguments for the good of the sale.  I have listed some of these situations below and all were taken from real life experiences.  To back it up, I have used before and after photos.
"I love the color."  'I'm very glad you love the color, Mrs. Seller.  You should always love … (9 comments)

staging: Step by Step: Marketing the House - 01/25/07 01:08 AM
The final step in the Staging process for Realtors is marketing the house.  At this point, you have introduced staging to your clients, had your stager meet with them, gone through the consultation/bid process and the work is completed.
Why is this the last step in the process?  Because now the house is READY TO SELL, or as close to it as you are going to get.  If you complete the staging process before placing a house on the market, you are able to take full advantage of the first 30 days of marketing by placing photos online of the house looking … (6 comments)

staging: Step by Step: Getting the Work Done - 01/22/07 01:23 AM
Step #6 in the Staging Process is getting the work done.  This of course , follows the sellers introduction to staging and the meeting with your stager and is based upon the consultation/bid that was presented to them.
What work is to be done?  Well, that is entirely up to the seller.  After walking through the report recommendations with them, the seller and the stager can formulate a plan to make the larget impact upon the property, while keeping with in the seller's resources.
What resources?  (These without a doubt vary with every property, therefore all of these things should be discussed for … (8 comments)

staging: The Most Effective Use of Your Marketing Budget - 01/05/07 07:43 AM
Okay, I know you are all waiting with baited breath on the next installment of the Step By Step Series, but I could not hold this in any longer...
 A large amount of discussion goes on here about effective marketing.  Print vs. Internet, open house or no open house, yada yada yada. I am here to tell you that not one of things are as effective if you have not AT THE VERY LEAST, provided your clients with a staging consultation.  Staging is a MARKETING TOOL and the most effective use of our marketing dollars.  It is not a gimmick, it is not just … (16 comments)

staging: Step by Step: Find a Stager - 01/02/07 07:26 AM
This is a continuation of my blog Step by Step: The Staging Process for Realtors.  In this installation, I will show you the best ways to FIND a stager.
1. Start right here - Activerain. This is a real estate network, is it not?  Post a request for a stager referral, search the site for someone near you, or contact an active stager on the site and ask if they can put you in touch with some one.
2.  Ask your receptionist.  If there is a stager in the area, chances are he/she has stopped by the office to drop off business cards and/or brochures.  Chances are, … (15 comments)

staging: Step by Step: The Staging Process for Realtors - 12/30/06 06:21 AM
It seems there is a lack of information available to Realtors about how the process actually works.  It really is very simple, but lacking clarity on the Realtor's responsibilities may be what is holding some agents back from using the service.   Here is a simple outline that may help you navigate your way into adding a stager to your team:
1. Find a Stager.
2. Introduce the concept of Staging to your clients.
3. Set up a meeting with your client and the Stager.  They will determine what needs to happen next.
4. The Staging Consultation/Bid. 
5. Staging work is completed in a timely manner … (9 comments)

staging: My Activerain Induced Epiphany - 12/19/06 12:15 PM
First, let me thank Phyllis Pafumi and Sheron Cardin - without them this blog would not be possible!
Since I began staging, the subject of price has always been an issue for me, as I'm sure it has been for others.  I have become very comfortable with my fees when it comes to staging an occupied home, but the vacants have always been a struggle.  I am a hard core bargain shopper and always pick up some great deals and because of that have been able to keep my rental fees very low.  The only problem this presents if that I would … (16 comments)

staging: So, How Did YOU Get Started? - 12/11/06 08:00 AM
As I've meandered through the postings here on AR, I've been struck by the passion and committment of the stagers who participate here.  It led me to wonder, how did all of us end up in this wonderful, crazy profession? I'd REALLY like to know.  What led YOU to this point in your professional life?
I'll start:
4 years ago, after the completion of a relatively unnecessary renovation, my husband and I started kicking around the idea of purchasing a larger house.  The only hitch was that we wanted to stay in the same neighborhood and larger homes here do not come onto the … (23 comments)

staging: The First Effort - 12/08/06 09:00 AM
Well, Everyone this is my first swing at writing a blog.  It may hit or miss, but I'd thought I'd start out with a list of firsts - a reflection on 2006.  This is a list of things I experienced for the first time this year as a Stager in Porter County, Indiana.
1. A realtor that didn't hesitate to get on board with Staging (Thanks, Debbie)
2. A realtor to proclaim me "Her" Stager (Thanks, Linda)
3. A house that didn't really need to be staged (It's true)
4. My first feature article in the newspaper (it didn't bring any leads, but I did get … (12 comments)

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