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U. S. Markets were doing the happy dance this week when unexpected strong corporate earnings from Ford (from European sales), American Express (from overseas business), and Goodyear Tires (overseas purchases) steadied the Stock Market. According to the unemployment claims more people are working ...
The U. S. stock market jived to a different beat than the rest of the world all week. Friday was a banner day for Wall Street even though Citigroup, Chase, and Merrill Lynch posted gut wrenching losses with amounts that are unprintable. What the stock market heard is “the losses were not as sever...
Like Cousin Eddie from the “Vacation” movies, recession has made an unwelcomed stop at the U.S. economy. Since 1854 the U.S. has experienced 32 cycles of economic growth and pull backs. Since 1980 we have had 4 recessionary periods. A recession is defined as a decline in economic activity measure...
The U. S. Senate agreed to move forward on a housing relief package yesterday to cure the housing market. Some got off their medication long enough to propose to raise the down payment for FHA to 3.5 percent of the sales price when just a few months ago they were going to lower the down payment t...

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