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5-person, full-time, Keller Williams team, 600+ transactions last 12 years. Heavy training in negotiation and mediation. Masters degrees in finance/marketing/business, psychology & computers. Serving Northern Virginia counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Faquier, Loudoun, Prince William, Stafford.



2 Happy Sellers, 1 Happy Buyer, A New Short Sale, A Happy Tenant Copyright (c) 2011, Deanna & Jim's GOLD Team The GOLD Team is pleased to announce the on-time, without a hitch successful closing of 14358 Gringsby Ct, Centreville, VA on 4/27. Our seller is on her way to her new house and the happy...
Corner Lot May Need Street Name on Sign Rider Copyright (c) 2011, Deanna & Jim's GOLD Team   Corner lot properties sometimes carry addresses on the "other street," that is the street to which the front door and driveway do NOT open. Interested buyers may try to look up the house on street A and f...
Meaning of MRIS/MLS Lockbox Checkboxes Copyright (c) 2011, Deanna and Jim's GOLD Team   In Virginia, MD, DC, WV and parts of other states we use the MRIS/MLS. Proper use of the Lockbox checkboxes in a listing saves everyone time. "Lockbox Front Door" and "Lockbox Other" are used to indicate WHERE...
Second Termite Inspection Worthwhile if First is Positive Copyright (c) 2011, Deanna and Jim's GOLD Team      Buyers who borrow money to purchase a home have lenders. Lenders require inspection of their potential collateral to determine if it is infested with wood destroying insects.      Many te...
General Principles of Mold  Copyright (c) 2011 Mold spores are very small and are nearly everywhere.  They may be airborne or carried on people, pets, firewood, anything.  Keeping mold spores out of a home is virtually impossible. The growth of an active mold colony requieres 4 things: (1) spores...
For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son that whomever believed in him would not perish but have life everlasting! Happy Easter from Deanna & Jim's GOLD Team!
Hub and Spokes View of Northern VA DC Metro Area Copyright (c) 2011, Deanna & Jim's GOLD Team    Those moving into the northern Virginia suburbs and exurbs of Washington DC may find this model helpful.    You can think of the US Capital as the center of a wheel (not a target please!).  The Capita...
First Time Buyers Surprise at Resales vs Rentals Copyright (c) 2011, Deanna and Jim's GOLD Team        Many first time buyers experience a sense of disappointment the first time they go looking at resale homes.        Up till this point they have usually lived in rentals which they saw vacant, fr...
A legal bedroom has 1. an opaque door for privacy 2. a closet for storage 3. a fire exit through which a fireman can climb in or a child can climb out 4. at least 70 sq ft
Coming Soon: New Kitchens by Ana(sm) Luxury Remodel TH in Manassas Copyright (c) 2011, Deanna & Jim's GOLD Team      Buyers Alert!  Deanna and Jim's GOLD Team will be placing the latest luxury remodel project from "Heart of the Home: Kitchens by Ana(sm)" on the market, in the MRIS/MLS within the ...

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