About the New River Valley SW Virginia's New River Valley is made up of some of the most beautiful places on earth and so much history; there is not enough time nor space to mention it all!  The counties of Floyd, Giles, Montgomery, Pulaski and the City of Radford are all part of the NRV. It...
I wanted to share with everyone my Nephews paintings. He is currently enrolled at Radford University working on his masters in the art program.  He also teaches the undergrads art appreciation. He has had no formal training and started drawing when he was a toddler. Here are some of his paintings...
We woke up this morning to the 1st snow of the season in anticipation of 3-4" and it delivered!! This photo was taken around 8:30am.  The flakes were so large, they looked like feathers falling from the sky. It fell until around 4:00pm and then stopped. Of course the ground and road is so warm, n...
I have heard alot of how Christmas plantings are toxic to pets. Poinsettias are not a friend, but does anyone know about a Rosemary tree? My Husband brought home a rosemary tree (smells great) and the dog could care less but my cat is extremely curious. Will this cause her distress? It is actual...
There are so many social networks out there, it's hard to keep track.  Several that our company encourages us to utilize are: Facebook Twitter Linkedin Handshake Gladhandle Active rain These coupled with our email, personal websites, cell phones (with email and camera capabilities of course), lan...
The New River Valley (NRV) economic development has created a video and posted it on you tube. It outlines many highlights of the NRV and surrounding towns and cities like Blacksburg (home of Virginia Tech), Christiansburg, Radford (home of the Radford Highlanders), Giles & Pulaski counties to na...
My Husband and I recently went to Baltimore (me pleasure, him business) and we stopped by Aunt Irenes in Harpers Ferry, WV. Such a quaint place with alot of history. All of you with a sweet tooth that want some yummy confections, should stop by if passing through!
I am planning a fall get together and want to serve warm apple cider (spiked or not, I haven't decided) but need a good recipe. Does anyone have a good cider recipe and suggestions on how to keep it hot while serving? I thought about using the crock pot?? Thanks
I've hit a cross roads in my life where I must decide where & how to care for my elderly parents. I have never really thought about the what, where, when, why & how my parents would be taken care of once they reached a certain age. My Mom has COPD and her lungs are shot. When it was cool to smoke...
Economist say the worst of the housing bust is over. According to Reuters, "U.S. home prices are nearing the end of a three-year slump and should rise in 2010:. The same report, however, stated though the overall economy can rebound even if the housing market does not as a housing rebound is not ...

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