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AFFORDABILITY IS HIGHThe Housing Affordability Index measures the ability of a typical American family to qualify for a mortgage based on the median price for an existing single-family home. A score of 100 indicates that a typical family would have the exact amount required based on a 20 percent ...
It occurred to me that since so many more Realtors are adding a blog to their mix of marketing endeavors, perhaps it would be helpful for me to share my top 3 articles I’ve read most recently on the subject. I read a lot of content regarding to search engine optimization and internet marketing be...
That huge 4000+ square-foot listing you just took may be the biggest home in the subdivision, but that evidently does not guarantee hits or showing these days. Actually, the trend seems to be the opposite. Smaller is better. Bigger means higher maintenance costs, higher utilities and more.   It’...
Changes to the Lending Industry, Changes to Our Economy Mortgage companies have been working to help homeowners by “easing terms” on tens of thousands of home loans…reportedly about 79,000 of them in the past couple months. To quote Reuters News, “Total workouts in August, which include new payme...
 1. Realize you can't buy happiness: Wealth is like health. Its utter absence breeds misery, but having it doesn't guarantee happiness.  2. Manage your time: Happy people feel in control of their lives, often aided by mastering their use of time. Set goals and break them into manageable tasks.  3...
Real estate transactions can and will be tricky these days. All parties are stressed, and that includes banks. The widespread myth that the services of a competent Realtor can easily be replaced by a few pre-printed forms downloaded off the internet and a sign stuck in the yard has lured many hom...
Every so often, publishes this list with the help of It's the top selling books on Amazon in the real estate category. It's always good to know what your peers are reading. This is an time to concentrate on the essentials of our business. Surely education is on our list of...
Today I've included some safety tips I picked up from my reading this week. Source: Maryland REALTOR. Safety is a significant concern today. Don't neglect common sense, but sometimes it's more than common sense that's necessary. Be smart and educated. That means occasionally taking a few extra st...
Highest Crime there a Correlation to Real Estate? The Congressional Quarterly Press just put out its "most dangerous cities" list for the past year. New Orleans is in the number one spot. In 2007, Detroit had the lead, but now we've noticed some competition from New Orleans Misfortune...
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