homes for sale austin tx: Why Don't Agents Listen to What I Want and Show Me Only These Houses? - 09/16/13 02:01 AM
Why don't real estate agents show buyers only the houses they have asked to see? I was reading a real estate forum this weekend, and someone posed this question. He was very upset that the agent he is working with won't send him listings he wants to see, but instead is only sending him listings she thinks he wants to see. He went on to say what he was looking for, and throughout his statements he would put things in parathesise like (but I didn't tell her that) or (she doesn't know this).
My response was "... If you are talking … (10 comments)

homes for sale austin tx: I said, I Have Never Had a Buyer or Seller Walk at the Closing Table - 03/14/13 10:37 AM
I had a showing appointment today where I was interviewed throughout the entire appointment. Usually, people interview agents prior to working with them, so this was a little unusual for me.  I obliged as we went along. One of her questions caught me, but I think her reaction caught me even more...
She asked what the most common reasons were of why one of my buyers or sellers had walked away at the closing table.  My response was that I had never had a buyer or seller walk away at the closing table. Her response was one of shock and was … (79 comments)

homes for sale austin tx: Don't Use that Old Paint for Touch Ups! - 10/26/12 03:03 AM
STOP!! Don't use that paint!!
When you're getting your house ready to go on the market, and any time you need to do touch ups, don't use the paint you currently have sitting in your garage.  That paint is not going to match your walls anymore, and you're going to end up making your walls spotted, and it will be very noticable. 
See, the builder gives some extra paint when you buy a brand new house. What most people don't realize is that the paint in that can is really only good for about 3-4 months.  It's meant for you to … (10 comments)

homes for sale austin tx: Sellers - Are You Prepared to Respond When You Receive a Real Estate Offer? - 04/12/12 04:47 AM
As a Realtor, when I go on a Listing Appointment with a potential home seller, I go over the entire selling process.  I discuss the current market, how long properties have been staying on the market, how properties are priced, how properties are selling as a percentage to their asking price, how to show the house, what companies are relocating to the Austin TX area that would effect an influx of buyers to the market, etc... I try to cover everything I can possibly cover so my sellers are not blind-sided during the process.That also means that we talk about what … (20 comments)

homes for sale austin tx: Lake Pointe Gated and Custom Sections - Bee Cave Austin TX - Market Report 2010 vs 2011 - 01/13/12 07:41 AM
Did you know that Lake Pointe in Bee Cave has a Gated section as well as a Custom Home Section?  It does, I have just never included those areas in my market reports in the past!  If you drive down Resaca, the main street in Lake Pointe, it dead-ends right into the Gated Section called The Pointe.  Right immediately before the gates, on the left, is a Custom section where there are actually still lots available to build whatever house you want to build. Those houses are a different breed of house in a different price point, so I did not … (2 comments)

homes for sale austin tx: PT50 Finalist Donna Harris Releases the Austin Rocks Video - Texas Surpasses All other States with Job and Economic Growth - 01/12/12 01:01 PM
The "Austin Rocks" video is now available for viewing. This is also a "Texas Rocks" video as it starts off by showing all the great things about Texas and how Texas has surpassed the rest of the Country with job and economic growth.
If you're a fan of Texas, please reblog or "share" this video with all your social media outlets to get the word out.
**Are You Packed Yet?**

Donna Harris, REALTOR®RE/MAX Austin
Austin TX Real Estate and the surrounding areas of Lakeway, Bee Cave, West Lake Hills, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Spicewood, Circle-C, Steiner Ranch, and everywhere in … (6 comments)

homes for sale austin tx: Lake Pointe - Bee Cave Austin TX - Market Report 2010 vs 2011 - 01/06/12 08:47 AM
Lake Pointe in Bee Cave Austin TX has some great year-end sales for 2011.  People always ask if the real estate market is getting "better".  What does "better" mean? It's very subjective... I decided to pull up sales data in Lake Pointe for all of 2010 to compare it to all the sales data for 2011.  For full disclosure, the charts and data below do NOT include the custom section in the back nor the gated section of Lake Pointe. Here is the data for the Days on the Market: 
The big blue sections in both charts show … (4 comments)

homes for sale austin tx: Seven Oaks - Austin TX - Homes for Sale Increase 40% - 10/27/11 04:15 AM
Seven Oaks is a great little, tucked-away neighborhood just went of Austin. If you're looking for a million plus, this is a great community to consider! At the end of 2009, I wrote a Market Report about Seven Oaks and how people were going after the resale properties, and not the new construction homes. This same trend continued for 2010 with 5 homes that sold in Seven Oaks... but in 2011, things changed. In 2011, thus far year to date, there have been 7 homes that have sold in Seven Oaks. That's 2 more than last year (a 40% increase), and … (3 comments)

homes for sale austin tx: Are You Still On the Fence About Buying a House - You Might Get Pushed - 10/24/11 11:31 AM
How do Austin Texas Fence-Sitting buyers get off the fence? I push them!!Just kidding... or am I...??There are many times when buyers sit on the fence for no good reasons, whatsoever. Those buyers need to be pushed off the fence, abruptly, not gently. It's like when you're going to go swimming and you think the water is too cold, so you try to get in slowly, but when someone pushes you in the water, you realize that was the best thing for you, and that the water isn't as cold as you thought it was.Great analogy, huh?I had a buyer a … (37 comments)

homes for sale austin tx: The City of Austin Will Pay to Get Lead Based Paint Out of Your Home - 09/23/11 05:54 AM
The City of Austin is getting rid of Lead Based Paint for some lucky home owners.  In every real estate transaction for every house built before 1978, we have to attach a "Lead Based Paint Addendum" which basically states that the sellers have given any information they know about lead based paint in their home to the buyers, and that the buyers acknowledge the house likely has lead based paint and would like a period of 10 days to inspect the lead based paint in the property if they want. Buyers also have to acknowledge that they've received the pamphlet about … (5 comments)

homes for sale austin tx: Closing on a House, Fire Alarms, 9 Months Pregnant, Oh My... - 08/30/11 11:54 AM
Today is not unlike most days at the end of the month. I've had to coordinate four closings, which one isn't happening because the lender decided to ask for more stuff at the 11th hour... but that leaves me with three.  The first one at 11:30am went off without a hitch, eazy peazy. My next closing was right afterwards at the same title company so I just sat tight and waited for my buyers.  Mrs. Buyer is due any day, so I met them at the door to the building and walked with them to the closing room. They have two … (33 comments)

homes for sale austin tx: Real Estate Recovery - Austin TX Ranks #7 for Biggest Boomer Towns- Forbes - 08/15/11 08:26 AM
Forbes' Biggest Boomer Towns?  Austin TX ranks as #7 for the Baby Boomers to move and retire to. This Boomer population is around 36 million people across the country. They "will continue to influence communities and real estate markets across the country..."  Why is this interesting? Because some of the top cities for the Boomers are also the same top cities for, what Forbes' calls, the "young and restless". I chuckled when reading the article because it talks about how developers were anticipating Boomers to move back into the main cities upon becoming Empty Nesters, but that's not what the people … (4 comments)

homes for sale austin tx: New Construction Homes - Is Your First Meal, the First Meal in the House? - 08/08/11 09:34 AM
What happens during the new home construction process that you're not aware of? You move into your brand new Austin TX home, and you get unpacked.  You decide to make your first meal in the house, but was it the first meal in the house... I walked the house across the street from me yesterday as it's coming along nicely and the buyers stop by every so often to check on it.  I was in the master bathroom and noticed the shower was a little odd. They are doing a walk around shower that is sheetrocked up. This caught my attention … (3 comments)

homes for sale austin tx: Remove Your Pets for Showings - Friendly Turns Mean! - 06/09/11 03:45 AM
If your house is for sale, just like you and your family should leave, you should do something with your pet family members as well.  Just because you think they're the friendliest dog you've ever known, doesn't mean she'll be friendly to strangers in your house. I made an appointment the other day to view a house. The seller said she had a very friendly dog and asked if she could leave it in the house as it would be difficult to run home and remove her. I asked what kind it was. She said it was a Shih-Tzu. I love … (10 comments)

homes for sale austin tx: Mr and Mrs Seller - Buyers Don't Care that you Don't Want to Bring Money to the Table!! - 05/18/11 04:31 AM
"Mr. and Mrs. Seller, I understand you bought the house just a few months ago, and I understand that you don't want to bring money to closing to sell the house you just built because you've decided you can't live together anymore, but why do you think a buyer cares about you breaking even?  You have your house priced $23,000 above where you just paid for it!!  What educated agent is going to "allow" their educated buyer to pay so much for your house when you didn't? Yes, your house is nice, beyond your little dog barking at my clients through … (11 comments)

homes for sale austin tx: Sellers Net Less to Sell for Higher Price - 01/21/11 06:00 AM
When selling a home, is the sales price the most important thing, or is it the net in your pocket?
There is a listing I have been watching because I wanted to see how the end strategy would turn out.
I had buyers interested in this listing and we submitted an offer. The asking price was originally $158k and did consistant price drops every 2 weeks.  When we submitted our offer, it was listed at $142k. We submitted an offer at $134k knowing they were about to have another price drop since it was the end of the next two week … (10 comments)

homes for sale austin tx: Austin TX - Ranked 1 for Best Places to Buy a Home in 2011 - - 01/03/11 03:16 AM
According to, Austin TX ranks number one for the 10 Best Places to Buy a Home in 2011.  However, and I love this part, they say "this mostly unscientific and partially-biased list is based on a grab-bag of lifestyle priorities and, yes, thorough reporting."  And that is followed by posting the list "in no particular order."  Love it!!
Being biased myself, I have to agree that listing Austin TX in the number one spot was a great way to go! We have a great job market with new companies relocating here all the time!  Facebook is one of them, offering … (11 comments)

homes for sale austin tx: Austin TX Makes Another Forbes Magazine Llist - 10 Markets Most Likely to Appreciate - 09/24/10 03:10 AM
Austin TX makes another Forbes magazine list for 10 Markets Most Likely to Appreciate. Though we didn't top the list, Austin TX real estate came in third! A real estate research firm, Local Market Monitor, looked at a mix of jobs and growth industries, in addition to markets that were seeing a large influx of population growth prior to the down turn, in which Austin TX saw a 16% population growth in the prior five years. The article was quick to point out that they aren't trying to predict what markets will have a massive jump in home prices. They're just … (3 comments)

homes for sale austin tx: Austin TX Sellers - Your Pricing Strategy Can Make or Break Your Net - 09/20/10 01:22 PM
Austin TX Real Estate Pricing Strategy can make or break your selling experience.  You can end up staying on the market longer than you should, and also making you net less than you probably would have if you don't think about your strategy in advance.  I have two examples...One Austin TX Seller got an unofficial appraisal of his home for $750k. But you don't have the report? No, says Mr. Seller. The appraiser came over and looked around and such and told me a number.  Oh great...  It comes time to list it. He thinks his house is worth $750k because … (4 comments)

homes for sale austin tx: Austin TX Real Estate - Foreclosures and Short Sales in the Market Part 2 - 09/16/10 05:32 AM
Yesterday, I posted information about Austin TX Foreclosure and Short Sale Listings being a small part of the Austin TX overall real estate market. Today, I wanted to put more of those numbers into perspective for you.You can read the Austin TX MLS numbers in this post, but it basically boiled down to a mere 7.56% of 6335 listings currently on the market are either in the Foreclosure status or trying to be sold as a Short Sale prior to going into a foreclosure.  Some people still think it's realistic to focus on only these 479 listings, but here's some more … (7 comments)

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