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WHY GET PREQUALIFIED FOR A HOME LOAN?Why get prequalified for a home loan? And what is a prequalification anyway? We often hear the terms qualified and approved tossed about in our industry. In reality you can't get approved unless you HAVE a property identified and all your documentation has bee...
USDA CHANGES COMING IN OCTOBER 2016 USDA has announced some positive changes coming in October 2016. USDA or Rural Housing is a great product offering 100% financing on properties in certain census tracts. There are income limits and the property cannot be lavish. All household income is counted ...
TRID WAITING PERIOD TRID WAITING PERIOD - how is that working for us? It has been over six months since the new TRID guidelines surfaced. Lenders, title companies, brokers, buyers, sellers, real estate agents are all getting used to the difference between the good old days when we had a one or tw...
THOUGHTS ABOUT A SELLER'S MARKET Talk to any real estate agent, loan office or a home buyer in our Northern Kentucky market and you'll hear the same phrase "there is no inventory". As experts we also know when there is no inventory the market turns to a "seller's market". Since there is so little...
ASK YOUR AGENT ABOUT A REAL ESTATE PROCESSING FEE before you engage the agent to act as your representative in a sale. From time to time I run into a real estate agent who asks for the buyer to pay a real estate processing fee at closing. This creates a couple of problems. One problem is that I f...
WHAT PAPERWORK DO I NEED TO KEEP AFTER MY HOME CLOSING  What paperwork do I need to keep? I had an email yesterday from a long time repeat customer who asked this question. Over the last decade or more I have helped them with a purchase, a refinance and another purchase. Like a lot of folks when ...
WHAT COMES FIRST, THE CAR OR A HOUSE?                            I, like a lot of loan originators and real estate agents, see this question asked and answered often too late to change the outcome. It can happen to anyone in the home buying market, a new buyer or a move up buyer.  What comes firs...
Buying a Flipped Property, Be Prepared  In the first few days of May a prequalified buyer, firmly grounded in what he was looking for and what works for him wrote a contract to purchase a home. Since he is working with a seasoned mortgage broker and a seasoned real estate agent we discussed what ...
TRID DELAY? After many months of saying the implementation of TRID - the cfpb's Know Before You Owe rule, would NOT be delayed, the cfpb is issuing a proposal to delay implementation until October 01, 2015. Here is the statement that was issued by Richard Cordray late yesterday.  "We made this de...
DOES YOUR STATE HAVE A SALES TAX HOLIDAY?Some states have a sales tax  holiday. As near as I can discern Kentucky is not one of them. From my research it appears at least a dozen states have a sales tax holiday, including our neighboring state of Ohio.The sales tax holiday is a weekend where purc...

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