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APPRAISER SHORTAGE If there was any doubt about an appraiser shortage it was dispelled with an email from Coester appraisal management company last week. The email states there has been a 23% reduction in active appraisers since 2007. I've written about a potential shortage in the past. It is sim...
APPRAISAL MANAGEMENT COMPANIES - Dumbing down of customer serviceAnyone who is in the real estate business as an agent or as a loan officer is familiar with appraisal management companies. AMC's as they are known came about when Andrew Cuomo of New York fame cut a deal to not prosecute for known ...
 LARGE DEPOSITS WHEN BUYING A HOMEOne of the most common "issues" when buying a home is properly documenting large deposits. The first question is "what is considered a large deposit"?. Lenders have guidelines that determine when they will ask about a large deposit.Before we get to the large depo...
"AS IS" HOME FOR SALEMy daughter has been looking for a home and she saw one she loved. It is a really tight market in our neck of the woods, homes are selling within hours of coming on the market. The home she found as it turns out is listed "as is". When we went to view the home it was about 89...
SHOULD I DO A WHOLE HOUSE INSPECTION?  I often get asked by a potential buyer if they should do a whole house inspection. My daughter is currently looking for a home and one she was interested in was listed "as is". Her question was whether she would get a whole house inspection if she were to wr...
LOW AND NO DOWN PAYMENT HOME LOANS Again low and no down payment home loans are becoming more plentiful. After the housing collapse some of the home loan options went away. In some cases that is a good thing. When someone purchased a home using a no or low down payment option and they had no clea...
BECAUSE I'M A MORTGAGE BROKER I received a call today from a potential client who called because I'm a Kentucky mortgage broker. I get these calls on a fairly regular basis because some folks in the market to buy or refinance a home have had very good experiences with mortgage brokers and they sp...
VA HOME LOANS, A GREAT ZERO DOWN OPTIONVA home loans are a great option for veterans or surviving spouses when it comes to down payment needs. VA home loans are available with no money down to eligible veterans. One of the biggest problems folks have is saving the down payment money when it comes...
WHY GET PREQUALIFIED FOR A HOME LOAN?Why get prequalified for a home loan? And what is a prequalification anyway? We often hear the terms qualified and approved tossed about in our industry. In reality you can't get approved unless you HAVE a property identified and all your documentation has bee...
USDA CHANGES COMING IN OCTOBER 2016 USDA has announced some positive changes coming in October 2016. USDA or Rural Housing is a great product offering 100% financing on properties in certain census tracts. There are income limits and the property cannot be lavish. All household income is counted ...

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