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DOCUMENTING GIFT FUNDS FOR HOME PURCHASE Many folks use gift funds to buy a home these days. Sometimes a gift is absolutely necessary due to available assets and sometimes a family  member just wants to be generous. ALL the time it is necessary to document those funds if they are included in the ...
IS A HOME PURCHASE ON YOUR 2017 DO TO LIST?If a home purchase is on your 2017 TO DO list then now is the time to begin to prepare if you have not already done so.  Step One to purchase home in 2017  contact a lender to get some basics as to what you will need in order to make a home purchase a re...
LOW DOWN PAYMENT HOME LOANS ARE BACK For home buyers looking to purchase a home with little or no down payment low down payment programs are available. Before the housing collapse I did many loans where no down payment was required. After the collapse these went away except for the government pro...
DON'T QUIT YOUR JOB!!! One of the last things a mortgage lender will do is verify if the parties to the mortgage loan are still employed. This takes place at the end of the loan approval and before closing takes place. So, don't quit your job if you want to close on your home purchase or refinanc...
WHY DOES UNDERWRITING NEED THAT? For those of us who have been in the business for a long time we've run into this question "why does underwriting need that?" many times. When someone is pursuing a mortgage loan the lender will provide the documents in the file to an underwriter for approval. Und...
APPRAISER SHORTAGE If there was any doubt about an appraiser shortage it was dispelled with an email from Coester appraisal management company last week. The email states there has been a 23% reduction in active appraisers since 2007. I've written about a potential shortage in the past. It is sim...
APPRAISAL MANAGEMENT COMPANIES - Dumbing down of customer serviceAnyone who is in the real estate business as an agent or as a loan officer is familiar with appraisal management companies. AMC's as they are known came about when Andrew Cuomo of New York fame cut a deal to not prosecute for known ...
 LARGE DEPOSITS WHEN BUYING A HOMEOne of the most common "issues" when buying a home is properly documenting large deposits. The first question is "what is considered a large deposit"?. Lenders have guidelines that determine when they will ask about a large deposit.Before we get to the large depo...
"AS IS" HOME FOR SALEMy daughter has been looking for a home and she saw one she loved. It is a really tight market in our neck of the woods, homes are selling within hours of coming on the market. The home she found as it turns out is listed "as is". When we went to view the home it was about 89...
SHOULD I DO A WHOLE HOUSE INSPECTION?  I often get asked by a potential buyer if they should do a whole house inspection. My daughter is currently looking for a home and one she was interested in was listed "as is". Her question was whether she would get a whole house inspection if she were to wr...

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