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Buying a Flipped Property, Be Prepared  In the first few days of May a prequalified buyer, firmly grounded in what he was looking for and what works for him wrote a contract to purchase a home. Since he is working with a seasoned mortgage broker and a seasoned real estate agent we discussed what ...
TRID DELAY? After many months of saying the implementation of TRID - the cfpb's Know Before You Owe rule, would NOT be delayed, the cfpb is issuing a proposal to delay implementation until October 01, 2015. Here is the statement that was issued by Richard Cordray late yesterday.  "We made this de...
DOES YOUR STATE HAVE A SALES TAX HOLIDAY?Some states have a sales tax  holiday. As near as I can discern Kentucky is not one of them. From my research it appears at least a dozen states have a sales tax holiday, including our neighboring state of Ohio.The sales tax holiday is a weekend where purc...
TRID - WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT? TRID that seems to be the buzz word or acronym these days. Each day I see another source offering training, some free, some not. Each day we see professional groups asking for a delay or at least a delay in enforcement.TRID is like every other change that has been impl...
IS VOICE MAIL ON THE WAY OUT?I just saw a post that says voice mail is old news! Corporations are phasing voice mail out and some are giving employees a choice to opt out of voice mail.I know the world constantly changes and I communicate with my clients via email, text and facebook, but really i...
HOME BUYING AND TAX RETURNSSomewhere along the way when buying a home buyers are asked for their tax returns. Before the housing collapse there was this little used 4506T form. In my career I ALWAYS had the form executed as part of my application. However back then lenders did not use the form. A...
WHAT IS A REALTOR PROCESSING FEE?   What is a Realtor processing fee, and why is it on my settlement sheet? Occasionally I get a settlement sheet to review before closing and I see a Realtor processing fee as a line item charge to the buyer or the seller. As a mortgage broker, my concern is for t...
WHAT IS APR? What is APR and why should your care? When shopping for a home mortgage you SHOULD see not only an interest rate but an APR rate. The APR has historically been confusing, often because even the person trying to tell  you what it is doesn't know. One of my co workers a few years ago s...
MORTGAGE BROKERS MAKING A COMEBACK   Mortgage brokers are well aware we are making a comeback. I recently listened in on a webinar by Matt Ishbia of United Wholesale where he said: “Brokers have the option to go to whatever wholesale lender has got the best opportunity, the best turn times, the b...
  IS YOUR REAL ESTATE AGENT WORKING FOR YOU? Is  your real estate agent working FOR you? And then, Is  your real estate agent working for YOU?   No matter where you put the emphasis it is important to know if the real estate agent you are working with is working for you, the seller, themselves, o...

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