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I CAN'T IMAGINE DOING IT WITHOUT YOU. That is what I heard from a buyer I recently helped with a mortgage loan for his first time home purchase. All transactions make us feel really good when they are finished and our client is happy. We always get a thank you, a hug, a happy smile. I closed a mo...
DOES YOUR HOME QUALIFY FOR AN APPRAISAL WAIVER?  What is an appraisal waiver?? An appraisal waiver is when the lender is not requiring an appraisal be done on your property before making a mortgage loan to you.Benefits of an appraisal waiver: Clearly a big one is you get to save the money for the...
HARP LOANS STILL AVAILABLEHARP (Home Affordable Refinance Program) refinance home loans are still available and can be a great option for home buyers who have not refinanced their home mortgage and that loan was originated before June 1, 2009. After the housing collapse several years ago many fol...
 Turmoil in Washington Could Be Good For Rates Long term interest rates can hit some pretty rough patches. There is always something going on that drives them up or down. This week we've seen some changes because of the turmoil in Washington. The changes have been to the good because the news is ...
HOW CAN A LENDER OFFER LOW OR NO CLOSING COSTS? Home buyers in the market to save money on closing costs often are pulled to the ads or marquees of lenders who offer Low Or No Closing Costs.  We have several banks in our area that put out the signs and it draws people in who are looking for a dea...
ALL LENDERS ARE NOT CREATED EQUALLY I recently experienced a situation where the title of this blog "all lenders are not created equally" proved costly to the home buyer.A past client called me about her son who was trying to purchase a second home. At this stage he had found the home and written...
Searching for a Northern Kentucky Mortgage Broker When searching Google for a Northern Kentucky Mortgage Broker I've noticed several names come up in this category who are not really "brokers".Mortgage brokers have several different lenders to choose from and a variety of products. As a mortgage ...
Income evaluation and home buying I've had a couple of experiences recently that have created situations that could easily be avoided. I, like most loan originators and real estate agents, love smooth transactions. We want everyone to walk away happy after closing.A few months ago I was working w...
DOCUMENTING GIFT FUNDS FOR HOME PURCHASE Many folks use gift funds to buy a home these days. Sometimes a gift is absolutely necessary due to available assets and sometimes a family  member just wants to be generous. ALL the time it is necessary to document those funds if they are included in the ...
IS A HOME PURCHASE ON YOUR 2017 DO TO LIST?If a home purchase is on your 2017 TO DO list then now is the time to begin to prepare if you have not already done so.  Step One to purchase home in 2017  contact a lender to get some basics as to what you will need in order to make a home purchase a re...

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