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What Does TRID Mean ? On October 3, 2015, the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure, or TRID, went into effect. It is commonly known as the “Know Before You Owe” rule. TRID is designed to make sure all mortgage lenders' disclosures are clear, correct, and easy for buyers to understand. The paragraph a...
I am a magician and a mortgage broker; two completely different businesses but in so many ways they are very similar.  After every magic show I sit and review and ask myself what I could have done differently; How could I have made the show better. I rate myself on a 1-10 scale and get a 10 about...
Right now Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are probably sitting somewhere thinking of all the clients they protected with their mortgage changes; most notably the new TRID laws that took place this month. I can only guess but I am guessing that at this minute there are more than 50,000 customers natio...
There are 58 counties in California and in only two is it 'customary' that the Seller of real estate pay the Escrow Charges, Title Fees - Owners Policy, and the Documentary Transfer Tax: Santa Clara and San Benito Counties.   Santa Clara and San Mateo share a county line so an expensive move is ...
California - If you own a home you need a Trust.  Many think that a trust is for the wealthy or financially sophisticated but not so. The simple truth is if you own a home in California you need a trust. Why? Probate Taxes. If would seem that Probate Taxes would be charged based on  the net worth...
"Some" Realtors are Slimeballs.  It hurts to say this because I am a Realtor.     Last week on two occasions and two separate locations a Realtor holding an open house told our customers "if you go thru me I will make sure you get the house today and at a lower price." Wow --- The Sellers Realto...
In 2014 I had the opportunity to fund 9 loans that started with a bank and became a bank turndown. This year I have not seen that trend but it happened again yesterday. I am convinced that if I put 1,000 mortgage underwriters into a convention hall and presented this loan that 999 would approve i...
Want to really improve your sales ? Learn to speak all languages ! I speak all languages and I learned to speak all languages many years ago. How is that possible ? Because I speak the Universal Language of Laughter; I speak the Universal Language of Touch; and I speak the Universal Language of L...
24/7 No Mas. For so many years I would tell clients they could reach me 24/7 and I actually meant it and people did call me at unorthodox hours. Before cell phones  I traveled to Greece and tried my best to stay in contact. I traveled all over France and parts of Europe with a European cell phon...
The quote below comes from Jamie Hopkins a writer for Forbes. I have heard so many quick negative comments about the Reverse Mortgage but when I question the speaker (gently) I always discover that they do not have accurate facts about the Reverse Mortgage loan. Of course everyone does not need t...

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