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A lady called me and said she and her husband are moving to a near by town and want to purchase a home. I talked to her and explained the steps to pre-approval and she said she would gather documents and get them to me. Days went by I contacted her by email; no response. I called and left a voice...
Before the financial crash we had our own TV show for 5 years. I opened the shows with a magic trick; because mortgage    magic  .  The show was fun, current and actualy introduced us to many new clients. I am flipping coins with myself but thinking about bringing back the show.I think a big part...
"Where there is no vision the people perish" (Bible:Proverbs 28:18)"Where there is no visionary marketing, the salesperson perish" -Doug Jones July 14, 2017I am a good marketer and I am a good marketer with little or no budget. I am transparent and offer my ideas to everyone around me. I think th...
Zig Ziglar was the Tony Robbins of his day. Zig was famous for his motivational talks and for teaching sales people. His most famous phrase probably was "You are where you are and you are what you are because of  what has gone into your mind. You can change where you are and what you are by chang...
A Title Officer used to visit my office once a week but I never gave him any business. He came in for a few minutes, would drop flyers on different desks, chit chat for a while and leave. After almost a year of coming in my office he asked me this question. "Why don't I get any business from you?...
I wrote a blog on Friday about EFT and showed a video of me tapping for commissioned sales. I did not write enough about EFT or explain it well enough. I have used EFT; I am not an EFT teacher or facilitator. I have used it especially in times of great stress. I was a skeptic and one morning I wo...
We know there are cycles and when we get really good the cycle continues up and up and up. Right now I am on a roll; everything I touch is gold; everything I think, produces good results; and it seems people go out of their way to just be nice to me and help me any way they can.I know this is may...
Somebody posted on Facebook Yesterday that the day after the Independance Day Holiday was the Mondayest Wednesday ever. Oh, I knew what the person meant; I was so sluggess and just overcome with the 'lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer." Today is starting to get a bit better and the motivation is st...
Yesterday I had an eye exam at Kaiser and this morning the first email I opened was from the OD who did the exam. Of course the letter was boiler plate but it was written in a way that it still made me feel good and it was not just a line but a full page. The letter started off with the 'glad to ...
This is an email I sent to some in our office today: To create more business there are two thingsThinking and Action Every day you need to take steps and record your steps for both. Thinking - there are no neutral thoughts. All thoughts create. Whether the thought is true or false does not matter...

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