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First email I read this morning for one of our banks:FHA just announced they lowered their monthly MIP effective on closing/disbursement dates on or after January 27, 2017. The FHA MIP dropped 25bps in most cases and even more in some other situations. This is a huge improvement!How much improvem...
Ouch. It hurts to say this but recently I have discovered that I have on several occssions become a Professional Visitor and not a Professional Sales Person.Even if we are working with family and close friends when we are presenting our product or business we must put on the Professional Sales Pe...
For some reason I woke up this morning thinking about this story. It is a story of wisdom that has been around perhaps hundreds of years but someone out there has not heard it and needs the reminder. A man goes to his Rabbi and complains about his house. "Rabbi”, he says, “my house is way too sma...
A person called me today concerned that the Fed Discount, Prime Rate, etc will be rising and is considering a refinance. I computed for him the cost of ALL money that he has borrowed and this is the formula to compute blended rates. Note. Interest rates that are averaged will not work because the...
I posted this on the Internet several years ago and I was surprised at the success. From this short You Tube Video I attracted more than 50 loans over the next year. What made it different? The showmanship.And it was really only a very little bit of showmanship. Looking back it was not even all t...
I have not taught my Sales Magic Classes for almost 10 years and I first did Pep Talks more than 30 years ago. They always work to some degree. A Course in Miracles says every thought has an effect. Therefor a positive enthusiastic thought has a positive enthusiastic effect. Looking for things on...
Every year my guess is that there are thousands of real estate agents and loan agents who pay their local board dues, the state licensing dues, MLS dues, and the nmls training costs and dues to renew their license and They do no business during the year ! How do I know this or suppose this? Becau...
Once I was to be a speaker to a group of about 200 people. I had talked to this group before and they knew me and what I talk about. So I asked the group what was going on in their lives - I kept hearing the word stress. So I asked the question, "How many of you feel too stressful ?" Almost every...
I hope one of your sales resolutions for 2017 is to have a lot of fun and laugh. Go to Google and do some research you will find that humor and laughter go a long way to improving sales. Here is something I just picked up from Google - funny about the frog. I may acutally offer a frog next year t...
This next year I am going to practice what I know to work. This is so basic but it is valuable in all human relations especially in sales. This is from Psychology Today "As a number of findings show, those who are good at complimenting others gain many advantages. Most obviously, when you become ...

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