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A lot of people have misconceptions about reverse mortgages. A reverse mortgage is like a 'regular' mortgage except the borrower does not have to make payments and the borrower cannot rent out the property.  Reverse mortgage borrowers must maintain the home as their primary residence and cannot l...
I am a good loan officer -- that is not saying much because I have been writing loans since 1968 and should have learned something by now.  I am a pretty good magician - again because that is what I have done for 30 years. And I thought I was a pretty good marketer but I really am not and need to...
The difference between not success and GREAT success is sales can be oh so small. For years I have observiced sales people and note that it is the little things that make success--- but it is not one little thing but many little things and they are things that anyone can learn and use immediately...
I read a fascinating book called The Way of the Pilgram .  The Pilgram was on a spiritual journey thru out Russia around the 1860's time frame. His mission was to find God, find enlightenment, find peace and he traveled from Holy Place to Holy Place trying to reach his goal. He came across the pa...
This is an old school sales technique and most Real Estate Sales are still "old School". Real Estate sales is a relationship sales process and this technique is not only a really good sales tip but is a comfortable way to communicate with your cient. 
California is proably the state that is  most unfriendly when it comes to many business transactions. The paper work and rules can be cumbersome and repetitious. In real estate we have disclosures for endangered catepillars, areas where it rains more than 6 inches  year, and we even have a Mirand...
This really happend and every time I think of the event I can see it so clearly -- Her results were always fantastic........This is a great sales lesson for everyone.
Meet your new Sales Trainer.   The question is how much do you really want to succeed? If the answer is " a bunch", "a lot" or "I really want to succeed".....then your new Sales Trainer is right in front of you in the way of a computer screen, tablet, or smart phone. The training and inspiration ...
A lot of young people are really getting shafted with student loans and mortgage rules.  There are a couple of minor exceptions but the main rule is that we have to count 1% of the student loan balance as the monthly payment; no matter what the real payment is.  I have a client who pays $142 a mo...
When financing a home: Don't buy a car. Don't Quit your job and don't move money around.   Over the years buyers have actually lost buying a home because of one of the 'sins' above. We always tell our customers to don't make any financial moves until the transaction is funded unless the financial...

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