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There is a saying "Give a person a hammer and everything looks like a nail". Recently as a Realtor I sold a home that shows this statement can be so true. I listed a property and ordered a Property Inspection and Termite inspection right away because we like to disclose this information up front....
Yesterday was really a good day.....not because I got a new real estate or loan client and not because I collected a big commission. It was really a good day because I got calls from 5 previous clients about various loan or real estate situations. Of the 5 client; one has been a client for 24 yea...
Chester L. Karrass writes in his book The Negotiating Game about an experiment in goal setting and achievement. From Chapter Four: "Recently two professors tried an experiment. They built a barricade between bargainers so that neither could see or hear the other. Demands and offers were passed un...
When I taught sales there was a major side benefit for every class that I would teach; my sales would improve !  I guess it really is true that you learn what you teach. Same thing with sales blogs. The sales blogs are written to myself to remind me to do something I know or to do something new. ...
Received this email first thing this morning. Nice way to start the day.  Mortgage Magic Congratulations! You are now listed as one of the Top 3 Mortgage companies in San Jose, CA. We would like to Thank You for providing consistent high quality in your area of business. Our review team either a...
I am a magician and a sales person. For my entire sales life my sales have had to do with finances, sales training, and real estate but I have learned that magic, sales, finances, and real estate can all be reduced to one thing that will guarantee success;   Visualization. Recently for magic I le...
Our life is never outside us; it is always inside and the outside is determined by our thoughts, attitudes and feelings. Here are 'thoughts for the day'. I do not have the source for most of these tid bits but I am not the originator of any of them.Success is a matter of Luck. Ask any failure.Men...
Obviously this transaction is before the Dodd Frank Legislation. A Realtor brought me a 2 paragraph real estate transaction and the one page is the only page he gave me. I told him that the bank would not accept the one page contract but he was adamant and declared it would be accepted. He was 92...
I am happy about this video. It was for a TV Commercial and then we used it as the opening of our TV Show for years. It is now posted on our website - It is several years old and a mistake I made was cancelling the 800 number because that is no longer our number and the vid...
This information came to me from an email from Finance of America.So many times borrowers want to "clean house" to prepare for the appraisal visit. That is always a good thing but not required. Below is a list of things that are actually required.Borrowers/sellers, brokers, and realtors may all b...

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