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Meet your new Sales Trainer.   The question is how much do you really want to succeed? If the answer is " a bunch", "a lot" or "I really want to succeed".....then your new Sales Trainer is right in front of you in the way of a computer screen, tablet, or smart phone. The training and inspiration ...
A lot of young people are really getting shafted with student loans and mortgage rules.  There are a couple of minor exceptions but the main rule is that we have to count 1% of the student loan balance as the monthly payment; no matter what the real payment is.  I have a client who pays $142 a mo...
When financing a home: Don't buy a car. Don't Quit your job and don't move money around.   Over the years buyers have actually lost buying a home because of one of the 'sins' above. We always tell our customers to don't make any financial moves until the transaction is funded unless the financial...
The White House has gone up $100,000,000 since I first wrote about it in 2007. This home was built in 1792 and has 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms and sits on 18 acres. Zillow values the home today at $382,317,693 which I feel is too much. The home is overbuilt for the area when surrounding homes price o...
 This is from a study at UCLA. This simple principle has saved deals for me and earned me more income. To me, the study is fascinating and so simple. It is simply a matter of attitude. 
This program is going away at the end of the month. It has worked for me beautifully. If you are over 66 talk to a financial planner or social security expert to see if this can benefit you. If you are not over 66 pass this along to those who are. They will be grateful if they do not know about t...
This video explains how the debt ratio for a mortgage loan is computed. A problem not talked about is that all income does not count and some expenses even with no payments required are counted against the buyer or person doing a refinance. This is a very simple video just covering the very basic...
A few years ago a gentleman and his wife were sitting in my office inquiring about a Reverse Mortgage. Any loan agent can pre-qualify a Reverse Mortgage client in 2 minutes. All information needed is the value of the home, mortgage balance if any, birth date of the youngest borrower, and the zip ...
I have written before that the auto loan is the biggest obstacle for the first time home buyer. So many people are in love with cars and have big car payments. My advice - fall in love with the car after the home purchase. Buying a home will build wealth; buying a car is nice and feels good but i...
This video is a major key to great sales --- most sales people talk too much and do not listen. We sell people what they want and so many times they do not know what they want and good questions will help the buyer as well as the sales person.  

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