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I was actually in the loan business many years ago when Regulation Z,  Truth in Lending became law. That is when we started using the APR. I think I am correct in saying in those days we did not have adjustable rate mortgages. So the Truth in Lending was excellent in comparing fixed rate loans wi...
All open house signs should point in the direction of the house that is being sold. They should be placed so that they are easy to see and easy to follow. The same is true in directing traffic to you on the Internet. I was going to show a fellow I work with a You Tube posting that I had done for ...
I am assisting a client with a short sale and the bank PNC asked if we wanted a short sale package. Of course. That way we can get started on the process quickly. The package comes and there it was; Section B: Short Sale Defieciency Agreement and Authorizations. "I/we agree to remain responsible ...
Maybe I am stretching but both words start with the letter M....In magic there is usually a surprise ending. Now with the new RESPA law and HVCC there can be a surprise ending. With magic sometimes things disappear...with mortgages and again HVCC, the loan can disappear. Good magic can make you h...
As a self employed person your biggest asset is meeting enough people who will use your services and/or refer to you. A really good way to meet people is to take classes. I don't mean classes at the local board. Those are necessary but you only meet other Realtors- not your client base. The best ...
I remember the first time I heard the song Starting Over by John Lennon. I was drving to work in the Willow Glen area of San Jose. John had not released any songs in several years and I remember "Wow, this is a great song." Over the weekend I read a few books and one made a big impression on me; ...
I tried to find myself on Facebook so that I could have others join me there and when I put in my name, Doug Jones, about 44 million names came up! It is no advantage to have a very common name. Because I use the handle Dr Money Magic to open our TV show each week I adopted Dr Money Magic as my F...
Ten Years ago- March 10th 2000- the bank wanted a credit explanation letter. I don't know why but it bugged me that they wanted a letter. The loan to value was only 20% and the income was excellent but there were some dings.....I wrote the letter and sent it to the bank. The bank manager called m...
I am sure many have taken the national and California test for the SAFE Act Registration. I see lot's of advertisments on line...any recommendations?  
I just heard a radio commercial with Anthony Robbins saying that he will send for free a CD that will tell four ways that the self employed person can double his income within a year. I thought "that is nice" and it really is. As I continued to think about it I realized that 90% of the self- empl...

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