The nightly news is depressing to watch these days. With any more bad economic news one would feel like jumping a boat to Bora Bora. It's clear we'll need some time to recover, but the more important question everyone wants to know is where are we headed next? We probably won't get a true economi...
Quite a few folks responded to my column entitled "The Credit Collapse Blame Game." And that's a good thing. It's always nice to know someone's listening, whether you agree with me or not. In response to your comments, I have a couple follow-up notes of my own. First, a number of readers told me ...
These past few weeks we've witnessed a collapse of credit in this country like most of us have never seen. Former Federal Reserve Chief Alan Greenspan in a recent interview called it a "once-in-50-years event." Greenspan failed to mention that he's partially responsible. But you know what? We all...
From this title, you may already suspect that I'm going to suggest updating your bathrooms and kitchen. And you're right. If you plan to sell your home in the near future for top dollar, updating these spaces is a given. But what else can you do to boost your home's value? We'll get to that in a ...

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