condominium: The Status Certificate you ordered onLine is not Valid - - 11/10/12 11:39 PM
You can Order your Condominium Buildings Status Document Bundle online.  A number of condominium corporations have made electronic ordering of your Status Certificate Online available and receiving all the documents online by email. This saves the condo corporation the expense and time in preparing Packages for Purchasers. These packages include the Building Declarations, By Laws, Audited Financial Statements and a Status Certificate.
CONDUIT - The standard in online Status Certificates Since 2008 D-Tech Consulting has changed the way status certificates are ordered and delivered. Condominium corporations coverage across the GTA and Ontario provide access to order status certificates from most … (0 comments)

condominium: Rental Property Documentation - 09/02/12 09:50 PM
Did you make a real lease or just use the offer to lease from TREB? Offer to Lease       Rental Application You have a condo and you want to rent it out.OF COURSE, you would want a tenant that will respect your property, look after the place, be courteous to the neighbors and generally obey all the terms of the lease. You want to avoid a tenant who will rip you off.  Someone who will pay the rent on time.You posted your rental online and asked for; Confirmation of employment Copy of a Credit Bureau   1st and Last … (0 comments)

condominium: Can Condo Owners seek Arbitration and Mediation? - 06/12/12 10:47 AM
The Ontario Government has taken heed to a private members bill to reform the Condominium Act (1998) given that it is somewhat dated and creates a process that does not give owners the right to grieve or challenge decisions made by a Board of Directors. Condominium Act Review and Public Consultation  BARBARA HOLMES Heenan Blaikie The Ontario government recently announced that it would be undertaking a review of the Condominium Act and public consultation with condominium community stakeholders, including owners, residents, developers and property managers.  A number of issues of concern were identified: Consumer protection for condominium buyers Condominium finances and reserve fund management Condominium board governance Accreditation of condominium managers … (0 comments)

condominium: Can you hang a Mezuzah on your Condo Door Frame? - 05/03/12 12:17 AM
There is a debate about whether you can install a Mezuzah on your door frame in a Condominium Building where you reside.  Does the same apply in Toronto as we become the condo capital of North America?  A debate has erupted lately in Stratford, ON, about a tenant claiming religious persecution over their right to install a religious icon on their door frame. This video from the local News station is furthering the debate. The door frame is clearly a Common Element of the building and NOT YOUR PROPERTY as described by the Condominium Act.   You own the INSIDE of … (4 comments)

condominium: Did you claim an HST rebate on your Condo Purchase? - 04/28/12 08:22 AM
Yes,  the real estate condo market is HOT! Yes, You can flip your unit for immediate profit! Yes, You can rent your unit! Yes, Revenue Canada;  affectionately referred to as CRA  is made aware of the transaction. HOW you ask?   You pay Land Transfer Tax on your purchase; Tarion Warranties apply.  Even in a Flip there are disclosures. You can sell your unit and claim the [HST] tax on closing or if you rent your unit and provide a copy of the lease; preferably you will pay the tax and request a rebate a year later.  Personally, people try to slip … (1 comments)

condominium: Mere Listings Toronto MLS - 04/06/12 10:52 PM
How would you answer this question? 
Subject: MERE FSBO listing 
I have a commercial/retail/industrial property that I would like listed on the MLS and was wondering how much you charge to do that?
I said ---Depending on location, sale ability and pricing  I would be pleased to list the unit for you. Commissions are negotiable and competitive at 1.5 % to list, Commission to Selling broker is at 2.5% as a norm.
Today this response:
I am not looking for an agent to represent my property.  I am looking for a broker that will give me a MERE FSBO … (2 comments)

condominium: New and Improved Toronto Islands - Sunnyside at Humber Bay - 04/04/12 12:40 AM
What a fabulous addition to the Toronto Humber Bay Shoreline! All the condos along Lake Shore Blvd ( Marine Parade ) will now have additional man made islands at the mouth of the Humber River Bridge towards Sunnyside! * View Larger Map The string of islands would go in at the mouth of the Humber River and extend about one kilometre from shore. The plan would take clean fill from construction jobs to build a solid earth barrier underwater that would deflect polluted Humber River water out into the lake and away from Sunnyside Beach.Above the water, the feature would look … (0 comments)

condominium: HST rebates on New condo Purchase for Investors - 01/17/12 04:14 AM
David Pylyp: I'm with Shadi Nasseri; A Condominium Law Specialist in Down Town Toronto. Tell me about HST (Harmonized Sales Tax Rebates) Can I get a rebate on the purchase? Shadi Nasseri: When you purchase a new condo in Ontario you have to pay HST on the purchase price. There are however some exceptions to that rule. You can get a rebate of your HST payments, of a certain portion of your HST, if you qualify based on two factors, one, is if you live in the condo yourself, so there's a rebate that applies that you occupy the unit yourself, … (0 comments)

condominium: Toronto's Explosive Condo Growth - 10/05/11 05:22 AM
Toronto is indeed the condo building capital of North America!
There are currently 132 highrise buildings under construction in Toronto, according to the figures. Mexico City ranks a distant second with 88 and New York City is in third with 86. The field drops off dramatically after that: fourth-ranking Chicago is building 17 highrises, while Miami rounds out the top five with 16.
Emporis defines a highrise building as between 35 and 100 metres high, or 12 to 40 floors. Buildings taller than that are considered skyscrapers.
Toronto already has the second-highest number of completed highrises and skyscrapers in North America, with 1,875 … (1 comments)

condominium: Will you Buy or Continue to rent? - 01/24/11 01:57 AM
Will you rent or will you buy? Interest rates on savings at your Bank? 1 - 1.5% annually Average rental on a two bedroom with den Two full bath? $1,800 With the interest rates hovering around 3.89 - 4.09 % five year fixed; yes we would all like to have the variable at 2.35% .
Expected rate of annual value increase? I would use 4%
Try it and tell me. How did your model work?
Lets get you started. … (0 comments)

condominium: Are you ready for Toronto's tallest most opulent condo? - 12/11/10 01:55 AM
Toronto is a world class city! The proliferation of condo's and especially upscale multilevel penthouse apartments cater to a select crowd of successful but discreet clientelle. We are after all humble Canadians. We know you have made it but you don't want to show it. Hazelton Lanes and Yorkville, continue to be the place to been seen, from business Shakers and Movers to tres Celeb's just in for the Tiff. But would you like the best condo in the city of Toronto? 11,000 square feet of opulance; designed and appointed exactly as you see fit, Your designer providing the final touches or … (3 comments)

condominium: Is there a Housing Bubble for Toronto? - 12/10/10 04:31 AM
Yes, coming to a City Near you! The overheated housing market is causing a housing bubble and the impending fall of real estate values because of housing affordability. No matter how many times this headline is repeated it does not become the truth. No matter the sources that post on this topic the inherent facts within the Toronto real estate market continue to defy the media pundits calling for it's demise. I have three simple answers; inflation, immigration and consumer confidence. Here are my sources of rebuttal; Canada’s residential housing sector is landing safely after a wild ride over the past … (0 comments)

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