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Yesterday was my first day back to the duty desk after a weekend trip to the wedding of a daughter of some life long friends.I can always find something to do so a slow afternoon at the duty desk is never a problem.Yesterday I got a treat and someone walked into our office. I got to spend a coupl...
First off getting good web traffic is a lot of work if you do it yourself and can be expensive if you have others do it.Very little of your web traffic will translate into real estate prospects, but with buyers still uncertain, I believe it pays to cast a wide net. Still a huge amount of web traf...
Where we live has always been important to me.  We have always made that decision carefully whether it was our first farm on the shores of the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia, Columbia, MD, Roanoke, VA or Cape Carteret, NC where we have our home now. When we end up in a place, I inevitably end up as ...
A picture of a round hay baler might seem like a funny picture to start a real estate blog.  It is very relevant in an unusual sort of way.One of my three careers was running a purebred cattle operation, Tay Ridge Angus, in Canada, north of Fredericton, NB.  We did that for eleven years, before I...
I promised myself that I would not let my career as a Realtor® consume me as much as my life in high technology at Apple did.  There I was often away from home for days, and a workday could easily be sixteen hours since I was managing people on both coasts.Since finding buyers is so difficult the...
Since I took a trip to Alaska in my college years, I have felt that photos cannot do justice to some places.  With my Alaska shots, since many were slides back in 1970, I tried showing them on a big screen.  They still did not convey what I wanted.Yesterday I was out shooting photos of a wonderfu...
I talked to a buyer yesterday who is planning on coming down to the beach next weekend.  She was looking for property with a few acres where she could keep a horse and her dogs and still not spend a fortune.Fortunately we had something that might fit the bill. This buyer came to us from as a refe...
It does not take long for the question of "Where are the buyers?" to come up when Realtors® gather.I think buyers now feel so empowered by the Internet that a real estate agent is an afterthought.As agents I think we have done a really poor job of selling what we do.  Good real estate agents make...
Getting the attention of readers is one thing that all online writers face.  Keeping readers engaged is an even bigger challenge.I have been writing online since the fall of 2004.  I have a number of blogs which have between 1,500 and 2,000 subscribers. Most of by subscribers are not in the mark...
Not long ago I was spending a lot of time responding to information requests on City-Data.com forum for North Carolina.  I was taking great care to not violate the terms and conditions of the forum by advertising my real estate services, but I felt uncomfortable hiding the fact that I was a Realt...

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