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It is not unusal to see some our beach bird friends looking for a free lunch on the shores.Today I had duty at our sales desk in the afternoon.it was a pretty good day.  I got an offer that was accepted on one of my listings.  It was for lots more than the owner expected so he was overwhelmed.  H...
Tuesday we had our regular bi-weekly caravan.  We saw a lot of homes.  There were homes of all sizes and shapes.We even saw a home which had the bed frames made out of brick.  When you are touring fourteen or fifteen homes in just a few hours, lots of the features run together.Some things like br...
The beach season is winding down.  We have another month or so of casual visitors.  Then we will only see the serious beach lovers for a while.Right now the waters are still warm with just a hint of chill when they first hit your feet.As you can see there are no crowds.The summer heat and humidit...
Many folks want ocean front.  It is often a surprise at how close that ocean can be when currents change.Last winter when I visited the Point at Emerald Isle, where this picture was taken you could easily drive a four wheel drive east down the beach.This year 800 ft of that beach is closed and lo...
This weekend we were in the mega-growth area of Huntersville, Cornelius, and Mooresville which is just north of Charlotte, NC.We were visiting our youngest daughter who is graduating from UNC-Charlotte this winter.The Lake Norman area was the one of the places that got us to thinking about moving...
Our Saturday a long time friend told me that he was closing his hardware store in Roanoke, Virginia after twenty-seven years of operation.I actually felt a profound sense of loss for myself and for the neighborhood.  It will take another ten to fifteen minutes to get to another hardware store. Wh...
I recently had the opportunity to meet with a couple that had found one of my websites not long ago.They had decided to visit our area, the Southern Outer Banks, and compare it to some other places before they picked a spot to retire close to their two kids, one of whom lives in Alexandria, VA an...
I could take this photo which I snapped yesterday at around 3 pm at Emerald Isle's eastern regional access and try to convince you that we had a terrible storm.Perhaps you could read the local Jacksonville paper which said that we only got light winds and very little rain.Somewhere along the way ...
The Labor Day weekend passed relatively quickly, and we got our next wave of tourists, the parents whose children are too young for school.This week has been a gorgeous week at the beach. It has almost been the icing on the cake of a very nice summer.  The weather, other than three weeks of low n...
Customers are in short supply these days.  When we get a chance, we often try very hard even when our better judgment tells us the odds of success are very slim.I recently was contacted by a potential customer who ran across my Coastal NC websites.He was an avid reader and even visited my Reston,...

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