moses lake home inspector: BNI, Home Inspection Presentation, Our Work Is Important - 08/25/10 05:56 AM
Eastern WA Home Inspections is active in BNI (Business Network International), with meetings every week. Each Tuesday morning at 7:00 AM one of our inspectors, myself or Cody are at a meeting with other small business owners and professionals in Spokane.
Our group called the Northside Networkers has breakfast together while we discuss our businesses and find ways to help each other through referrals. Yesterday Eastern WA Home Inspections gave a ten minute presentation on Home Inspection and what we can do for our clients.
The presentation introduced the group to our family then proceeded to the business end and what … (2 comments)

moses lake home inspector: EWAHI Home Inspectors get to the Hard to Reach Spots - 08/04/10 06:06 AM
    Problems are not always in the easy to find areas of a home. Eastern WA Home Inspections looks in the hard to get to areas for potential problems and concerns. Pictured is an attic that has not seen mankind in years, possibly since the building was constructed. Notice the area to the rear, it opened up to another area that is not pictured. It is important to go where no man has gone before, at least not in a long while.  
  Our Inspector traversed this attic in its entirety looking for issues that could effect the home and … (3 comments)

moses lake home inspector: America and Individuals - 07/07/10 07:31 AM
We live in a great country, it spans from sea to sea, something many of us take for granted but it is really special. All you have to do is look at a map and see all the countries that do not even have a port let alone ports on two different oceans. The vast lands and natural resources we have in our borders has allowed us to prosper over the years. Couple that with the individualism, drive, and freedom we Americans possess and you get an economic power house.
Our economy is in a down turn and it may be … (5 comments)

moses lake home inspector: Who Does Your Handy Man Work? - 06/24/10 12:19 PM
Everyday as a Spokane Home Inspector we get to see the hidden parts of a home. These areas are prime places to find defects that would not be found where it could be easily seen.

  Sometimes as an Home Inspector we just have to scratch our heads and ask what were they thinking. As we can see the flashing on the photo to the left is not installed correctly. Just in case some are not sure how it should look, the photo below is a decent flashing installation.                     

moses lake home inspector: Moses Lake Inspector Abandoned Water Wells - 06/23/10 04:42 AM
Grant County Home Inspector finds an open well during an inspection.
  On rural properties the home is often serviced with private wells. These wells can very in size and depth, I personally have owned a home with a well that was 850 feet deep. Common widths are usually 4 to 12 inches but they can be larger than that as was the case with this 14 inch well.
Many factors can effect a well that can force a property owner to drill a new one or re-drill the old one. Water tables can drop, nitrates or other pollutants can find … (4 comments)

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