oragneville real estate: Do you know the 10 Most Expensive Mistakes People Make When They Buy Or Sell A Home? - 04/12/09 10:22 AM
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Find out about the best little-known … (1 comments)

oragneville real estate: Home sellers face $300 'green' audit - 03/07/09 11:13 AM
Ontatio's clean-energy bill would raise hydro rates and promote alternative power Ontario residents won't be able to sell their houses or condos without first getting a home energy audit – which now costs about $300 – under the proposed new Green Energy Act. That's one of several measures in the legislation unveiled by Energy Minister George Smitherman to boost incentives for electricity conservation and encourage renewable sources of energy.
Critics fear the energy audits and Smitherman's estimated 1 per cent rise in household electricity bills as a result of the law will pinch pocketbooks as the recession deepens. "It'll be used … (0 comments)

oragneville real estate: The Benefits of Building Green - 03/06/09 01:21 PM
As consumers continue to learn more and more about green building, architects, designers and builders are starting to incorporate more green features into their new homes. As technology and products continue to emerge, consumers can build their dream home without sacrificing aesthetics.
Even though everyone in the home building industry is buzzing about the term 'green' building, many consumers are still confused as to exactly what it means to build a green home. building a green home is good for your family's health, your budget and the environment. Here are some of the benefits to building green -- a healthier home, … (0 comments)

oragneville real estate: Changing Times..... Benefit Home Ownership... - 03/06/09 01:13 PM
Here is a re-cap of 3 Government actions to stimulate the housing industry in Canada...
1. The 2009 budget proposes to introduce a new non-refundable tax credit based on an amount of $5,000 for first-time home buyers who acquire a qualifying home after January 27, 2009. You are considered a first time home buyer if neither you nor you spouse or common law partner owned and lived in another home in the calendar year of the home purchase or in any of the four preceding calendar years.
2. The Home Renovation Tax Credit - the budget proposes to implement a temporary 15% … (0 comments)

oragneville real estate: Who pays a buyers agent? - 03/03/09 09:43 AM
This is a much debated question among real estate professionals. The import of the question has to do with common sense perceptions and common law conventions that "he who pays the piper calls the tune". Buyer agents take the position that the commission fee comes from "the proceeds of the transaction". Sure the seller pays his agent and the buyer doesn't but all the money actually comes from the buyer. If the buyer didn't pay there would be no transaction.
But in the most basis terms — no matter how payment is set up, the buyer walks away with the house … (0 comments)

oragneville real estate: Multiple Representation Or Dual Agency by another name - 03/02/09 02:46 PM
Whether you are a home buyer or seller, it is important for you to understand the legal nature of the agency relationship you have with your agent. Your agent must act in your best interest while representing you in a real estate transaction. This gets complicated if you find yourself in a “multiple representation” situation.
What is dual agency? Basically, it means that a real estate agent is representing both the buyer and seller in a real estate transaction, which is legal in Ontario but … A real estate agent who is working as a dual agent could easily find herself … (0 comments)

oragneville real estate: What's IN for Orangeville Real Estate in 2009? - 03/01/09 07:06 PM
 Here's the list you've been waiting for!
Sidelined home buyers. Family or lifestyle additions or changes made in buyers households in the last three years are forcing those waiting out the market transition to finally get off the fence and say, it's time for our family to buy the new home that suits our new needs. Home uplifts. Not a big renovation, but some new finishes that can visually holdover stay-put home sellers. Not a gut rehab to the studs new kitchen, but new flooring, countertops and appliances. Collaborative home pricing. The old days of home sellers configuring a homes … (0 comments)

oragneville real estate: Five Investment Mistakes You Don't Want to Make... - 03/01/09 07:03 PM
These are scary times for people trying to build or preserve their retirement accounts.
The daily swings in the stock market are large enough to churn anyone's stomach!
The current landscape makes it easy to commit big mistakes with your investment portfolio. Here are some of the worst errors I've seen people make, in no particular order of danger.
All are of equal hazard. Though there are no guarantees when investing, avoiding these five slip-ups can better your chances of success.
Panic: This crops up during bear markets or recessionary times like we see today. As you watch stock prices fall, you … (0 comments)

oragneville real estate: Boring Old Canada... With The World's Best Banking System :) - 03/01/09 06:52 PM
From my friend Maria Philpott... Original source:  Fareed Zakaria - NEWSWEEKFrom the magazine issue dated Feb 16, 2009The legendary editor of The New Republic, Michael Kinsley, once held a "Boring Headline Contest" and decided that the winner was "Worthwhile Canadian Initiative." Twenty-two years later, the magazine was rescued from its economic troubles by a Canadian media company, which should have taught us Americans to be a bit more humble.Now there is even more striking evidence of Canada 's virtues.Guess which country, alone in the industrialized world, has not faced a single bank failure, calls for bailouts or government intervention in the … (0 comments)

oragneville real estate: Here's How To Get Your Free 2009 Guide To Orangeville Area Real Estate Prices.. - 02/28/09 01:37 PM
Here's How To Get Your Free 2009Guide To Orangeville Area Real Estate Prices...

oragneville real estate: Eight Questions For Your Agent - 02/28/09 01:30 PM
Eight Questions For Your Agent Here is a list of questions to ask any agent you are considering for the job. More importantly, I have some tips on how to assess the answers you get. 1. Once I am ready to start looking at homes - what should I do?
Tip: You are looking for an agent who insists on sitting down for a buyer consultation with you. The purpose of a buyer consultation is to help your agent understand what is most important to you. For most people, this goes beyond how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want in a … (0 comments)

oragneville real estate: Free Orangeville HomeSearch Service - 02/28/09 01:26 PM
Free HomeSearch Service HelpsOrangeville & Area Homebuyers Buy Lovely HomesFrom $250,000 To $500,000 For Zero Down Dear Friend, I'm David Waters, Sales Representative with RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc. I started this service because many consumers think they need tens of thousands of dollars to buy a $250,000 to $500,000 home these days. You may have talked with Realtors or Lenders who have told you that you need $20,000, $40,000 or even $60,000 to buy a home in Orangeville. Five years ago that may have been the case, but it is no longer true. As a matter of fact, right now … (0 comments)

oragneville real estate: Home Buying Class Helps Hundreds of First-Time Orangeville Home Buyers Find Their Dream Home - 02/28/09 01:15 PM
Home Buying Class Helps Hundreds of First-Time Orangeville Home Buyers Find Their Dream Home Orangeville Couple Buys Their Dream Home Using Strategies and Tools Taught at a FREE, ALL NEW HOME BUYER CLASS Orangeville, Ontario - Buying a home is a complex process. Title Insurance - inspections - negotiations - mortgages. To help ensure that your home purchase is profitable and problem free, six area companies have teamed up to sponsor a home buyer's class to teach you the secrets of successful home buying. The class is presented in an information packed 2-hour format and held at 115 First Street in … (0 comments)

oragneville real estate: STATE OF THE MARKET January 2009 What is Happening in the ORANGEVILLE Real Estate Market? - 02/28/09 12:34 PM
The Average Selling Price in Orangeville increased from $246,143 in 2005 to $285,809 in December 2008 (see below chart), this is a 3.8% increase per year over the 4-year period.
Since and during the stock markets and world economy shakedown in November and December 2008, we are experiencing fewer sales and declining prices. As of January 31st, 2009 we have experienced 30% fewer sales than January 2008. There were 87 listings in Orangeville during January 2008 and as of January 31st there were 186. This is a 113% increase. Right now Buyers are very cautious and the properties that are … (0 comments)

oragneville real estate: New Listing In Shelburne - Great 3 Bedroom Bungalow With Finished Basement - 02/26/09 06:03 PM
YOU MUST see this house. Home if purchased at $219,999 for 5% down - $10,950 95% mtg carries for $958 per month 35 yr am 4.10% 5 yr fixed rate.. This is cheaper than paying rent! This home is now at 2006 market prices and must sell.  If you know of anyone looking for something like this please pass this along!!!! http://www.531parkave.com or Search For Homes On http://www.searchorangevillehomes.com/index.php?r=910 <!-- google_ad_section_end -->

oragneville real estate: Amazing New Web Site Just Launched. FREE! Search over 500 homes for sale in Orangeville - 02/21/09 11:49 PM
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FREE! Search over 500 homes for sale in Orangeville, PLUS: Find out how to buy a home with Zero Down SearchOrangevilleHomes.com


oragneville real estate: CENTURY HOME ON 1.65 ACRES NEAR SHELBURNE - 07/22/08 12:48 PM

oragneville real estate: Commuters Welcome. 1.68 Acres With 3 Bdrd Bungalow Only 4 minutes to Orangeville - 07/22/08 12:44 PM

oragneville real estate: Orangeville Summer Events - 07/08/08 03:20 AM
Well here it is again, what better time to take a stroll along Broadway (main street in Orangeville) than the weekend of Friday, July 11th and Saturday, July 12th as downtown Orangeville celebrates its heritage at the 39th Annual Founders' Fair celebrations. This annual summer celebration takes its direction from the original Fair celebrated in 1970 and offers free fun, entertainment, demonstrations & events throughout the weekend. Shopkeepers have stocked their shelves with delightful summer treats, downtown restaurants are highlighting the abundance of summer produce on their menus and cafes and coffee shops offer cool summer treats to satisfy your summer … (0 comments)


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