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Top Producer; 20008 President Board of Realtors; market conditions in Carrollton, Georgia; Carroll County Georgia Real Estate, Student of market trends and conditions; Broker in Carrollton, GA; Worship Pastor (part-time) at Southern Hills Christian Church; Realtor of the Year 2005 West Metro Board of Realtors; Student Minister for 20 years prior to Real Estate Career;
I love being part of people who are starting new chapters in their lives.  I have recently been part of several transactions where the buyers are completely new to our beautiful West Georgia area.  I get excited to see “salt of the earth” type of people moving in and becoming neighbors. Some are...
I have let some time past since first hearing the news that one of my short sales died yesterday. At first I was hunting a bottle of spirits! J I was thinking of randomly hitting my head against the wall. As I reflected on the situation, I realize it died because of Sun Trust Short Sale Departmen...
This time of year as we enter into the Christmas season, I always like to take time to evaluate my business and the systems of my business. I usually “gift” myself a new tool that will improve my business. In the past I’ve purchased a MacBook Pro (a big game changer) then an iPad and an iPhone. T...
  When is the right thing the wrong thing? The answer is more often than I’d like to think.   There are times when I’m right and the way I handle being right is really wrong. I really come off as a “know it all” and an arrogant person.  If I carry this attitude that I’m smarter and better than y...
Metro West Realty was formed in June 2010 when two independent real estate companies in West Georgia merged. Real Estate West, the oldest real estate company in West Georgia joined forces with West Georgia Realty & Development to become the strongest independent real estate company in the West Ge...
  I don’t always like what I see in the mirror. Sometimes, my hair is out of place or when I was younger, I might have a pimple in a prominent place. I also sometimes judge my weight gain/loss by what I see in the mirror.  Some mirrors make me look fat and others tell the truth! J  I think lookin...
Last week I had the opportunity to participate in Georgia Association of REALTORS first ever Legislative Conference at the state capitol in Atlanta. It was a very well-organized event and we as REALTORS wanted our legislators to now how important home ownership is to our neighborhood, our state a...
I realize that my English teacher would “have a duck” if she saw the title of this blog. I’m really speaking of “decision maker” when I use the term “decider”.  In Real Estate world the past few years has brought a term to our vocabulary that hasn’t been used so much before this. The term is call...
I live in the country and still have to throw my trash on the back of my truck to carry it to the local convenience center. It’s Saturday morning and I’m actually off work today trying to catch up on my “honey do” list.  I’m on my way to the convenience center to carry off the trash when suddenly...
I think it would be a good idea to pretend you’re putting your home on the market in the next two weeks.  This will be a big undertaking. Just ask any seller who has properly staged their house for resale.  Here are some suggestions:    1. Empty clutter from each room and consider removing some f...

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