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10 Year Top Producer; 2008 & 2014 President West Metro Board of Realtors; market conditions in Carrollton, Georgia; Carroll County Georgia Real Estate, Student of market trends and conditions; Broker in Carrollton, GA; Worship Pastor (part-time) at Southern Hills Christian Church; Realtor of the Year 2005 & 2010 West Metro Board of Realtors; Student Minister for 20 years prior to Real Estate Career; Christ Follower, Husband, Dad, REALTOR (in that order!)



I was reminded today about the many good good people in such dire circumstances due to current market conditions.  I was reminded of how many of these people who are in foreclosure are honorable, upright, just plain good people.  I understand that many made bad choices that led them to where they...
I've been using my DROID for about 8 months and I was reminded today of many of the reasons I love the Droid. I recently destroyed my old phone and had to order a replacement - insurance is a good thing most of the time. My new DROID came via UPS late this afternoon. After powering it up and ente...
I love Sundays!  Its a great day to reflect back and dream forward. I love worshipping with my church family. God is alive and moving in the lives of those who seek Him. I also love Sunday dinners with my wife's parents. They can cook very well and there is always plenty to go around. I love a go...
If you have a question - I have an answer/opinion about just about everything. I'm just saying, if you're reading this and you have a question about real estate in Georgia, feel free to comment or pop me an email. I specialize in the West Georgia Real Estate market and if I can't answer your ques...
I'm enjoying a rare Saturday off and planning to work around the house. My wife and son love sleeping in. I must say that I do enjoy that extra hour or so of sleep and rest. My rest is short-lived after speaking with my wife and discovering my "list" for the day.  There are things around the hous...
We are always working on deals, transactions, listings and closings. We are working today on things that will happen in the days or weeks to come. There is your sphere of influence list, your sellers of active listings, your buyers and of course, marketing campaigns.  The day that these events ta...
In my reading this morning, I came across a statement that is being played out before our eyes.  The statement is this: Prosperity is as short-lived as a wildflower, so don't ever count on it. You know that as soon as the sun rises, pouring down its scorching heat, the flower withers. Its petals ...
I am a list person. I always make lists of things to do, so that I can thoroughly and methodically check things off one at a time.  So I thought I'd make a list of things do before listing your home for sale.  Believe it or not, people are still buying and selling homes in this market. 1. Begin t...
I love playing pool with my 12 year old. He and I play a good bit and he's getting pretty good. We played this earlier this morning and he had "run the table" and I had 6 balls on the table plus the 8 ball. I went on a little run of my own and ended up winning the game. I know some may think that...
I love the two minute warning in the NFL. It tells both teams that the half or game is about to be over. It seems that they step it up and pull out tons of ideas to try to win the game. There are quarterback trick plays, back field antics that make the game fun and exciting. I guess I've always w...

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