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A sign winter has left is the arrival of geese and ducks.  Everyone knows that geese and ducks migrate south in the fall, and fly north in the spring.  Of course, when you LIVE in the north, seeing, and hearing, the migration can be pretty dramatic! I saw a flock of geese in mid-town last week.  ...
Economic Forecast for Anchorage 2010! It seems like every time I read the newspaper I read something disparaging about the economy. I think because of the "gloom and doomers", I try to keep an eye out for other points of view, especially positive points of view! I came across a good article writt...
Update your Anchorage home cheaply - all by yourself!  Part II!  In a previous blog post, I wrote how you can easily change your old brass door knobs and hinges out for newer stylish models yourself for a big visual punch! Many times builders use the least expensive light fixtures they can get aw...
Remodel or update your Alaskan home yourself-Cheaply!  Homes get dated don't they?  There are little things you can do yourself to spruce your house or condominium so it looks sharp and shows better.  If you are like me, you'll gain a whole new appreciation of your home once you do a few simple t...
In Anchorage, Alaska is any real estate "grandfathered in?" In real estate sales, most sales have a property inspection. Many times inspections reveal aspects of the property that the owners have lived with, and may have not known about or didn't consider them to be a problem.  Sometimes it is a ...

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