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I spoke to a good friend of mine the other day.  Mike and I each started in the business more than two decades ago.  Mike pursued a career as a loan originator while I always preferred the research oriented work found within title companies.  Mike has an extraordinary knowledge of lending guideli...
The housing crises, as many of you know, has been the topic of recent interest on Active Rain.  I've weighed in with a couple of posts knowing full well that my opinions are far different than most who gravitate to this site.  My perspective is unpopular here.  Still, 2007 was a year of extensive...
There's a story that I've wanted to tell for some time.   I've avoided it only because family members are involved.  The recent commentary thread to Lenn's post California Subprime Borrowers May Get Relief? - More Questions Than Answers  convinced me that it was time to share and delve even deepe...
Earlier today, Lenn Harley posted California Subprime Borrowers May Get Relief? - More Questions Than Answers.   It's Lenn's insightful commentary to posts written by Bryant Tutas and Gena Riede concerning the frightful number of looming foreclosures in certain markets.  Specifically, Gena emphas...
Silent seconds (mortgages) are seemingly gaining popularity to accommodate an exaggerated need to make "deals work."  I wrote a post last week, The Cult of the Morally Deficient, in response to a loan originator's comment that he had recently confronted silent seconds in a number of proposed tran...
There seems to be something of a "collective subconscious" among those who would perpetrate mortgage fraud.  The notorious schemes of the past that resulted in "highly-publicized" criminal convictions have a strange and bothersome tendency to resurface.  Most interesting is the innate quality of ...

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