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We specialize in short sales, foreclosures, bank owned properties, REO solutions. We work with banks. families, investors. We are looking to help one real estate transaction at a time.
What I would look for if I were hiring a Realtor In every business Real Estate included there are many ways to do business and build a business.  In my field, if I were a seller what would I look for in an agent?  Well first off I would look for value in what the agent is offering.  Value not mea...
One thing about business we often speak about GOALS, MINDSETS, NUMBERS, TIME BLOCKING ETC…..In the real estate sales business we are operating on 60 to 90 day cycles normally due to the nature of our business.  In most cases if you are not getting the success you want, you can immediately go back...
Are you thinking of purchasing real estate right now and little bit nervous? Wondering if this is a good time?  Will prices come down? You don’t want to purchase at the top of the market right?  All these questions and what is a person to do?  I tell you no one has crystal ball and there is no ab...
Regardless of who you voted for, when there is an administration change there are always changes in policies and philosipiess.  There certain laws expiring this year that may make a big difference in your ability and/or desire to sell your home, do a loan modfication if needed. Here are a couple ...
It has been crazy so far in 2016!  We started this year off with news FEDERAL RESERVE RAISES INTEREST RATES!  This move was expected for awhile and the consensus was the interest rates to the consumer for housing loans would begin to rise.  Fewer people would be able to afford homes.  This probab...
It is easy to get caught up in your job, your business and you don't live you just exsist.  What about when you are in a rut, the sales are off, the market is tough, the day gets long, you feel bad.  What do you focus on? I focus on my Dash.  What is the dash?  The dash is that little thing betwe...
I often speak on how real estate data is often looked at 90 days or so in the arrears.  Reason is most of off of "closed" data.  There is nothing wrong that, but if you are in the middle of the market as a "foot soldier" you see things change or shifting before data comes out.  In areas I service...
Today is the day many have predicted and most of this year I have tried to inform consumers of.  The Federal reserve raised interest rates.  What does that REALLY MEAN AND HOW DOES IT AFFECT YOU THE CONSUMER?Lets really take a look at what it means when the feds raise the rates.  This NORMALLY do...
I get clients, potential customers and hit up all the time with questions on what actually is escrow and what is its function in a real estate transaction.  Lets see if we quickly give you a better understanding.WHAT IS ESCROW?Here in California (and it is different state to state)when property i...
You'd be surprised at some of the things you might overlook that can increase your home's value, but beware of putting your money into things that don't.We often talk about a home as not just a place to live in, but also as an investment. As time goes on, there are certain maintenance, repairs, a...

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