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We specialize in short sales, foreclosures, bank owned properties, REO solutions. We work with banks. families, investors. We are looking to help one real estate transaction at a time.
You'd be surprised at some of the things you might overlook that can increase your home's value, but beware of putting your money into things that don't.We often talk about a home as not just a place to live in, but also as an investment. As time goes on, there are certain maintenance, repairs, a...
Approximately 12 years ago my family made a decision to move from the San Fernando valley out to Santa Clarita. While exploring where to live we stumbled on the town of Castaic and to this day we have enjoyed it.  Here are a few reasons we moved to and love Castaic:MORE HOME FOR THE MONEY:We were...
PRICES DROPINGWell first all DO NOT PANIC! In areas I work yes I am seeing pricing FLATTEN or coming down some, BUT what do you expect?  We have been on 36 month run upward in areas I service!  I think we are do a break, but the prices I am seeing come down are ACTIVE for sale prices.  I am not s...
So let's see the real estate market is trucking along.  Homes are going up for sale, buyers with great interest rates are purchasing homes, new construction is HOT HOT HOT.  Any of this sound or feel familiar?  It should because in the times I have been selling real estate which is 27+ years I ha...
Steps you can take to insure a smooth listing process while your renter still occupies your investment property.We talk on a regular basis about how real estate is one of the most solid financial investments you can make. If you planned right, your rental should be providing you with positive cas...
Stock Market vs Real Estate market Published August 26, 2015 | By Elgin Walker | Edit     Who woke up and saw how crazy the Stock Market has been?  A few days ago we got a great reminder about complaceny and how quickly things can turn in the stock market AND the perception of the economy.  I wil...
Please take this to heart.  We have an opportunity and in my opinion a responsibility to put our children in a better position AND to help educate our parents and friends on this topic:  In the areas I work A WILL DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY PASS YOUR REAL ESTATE PROPERTIES TO YOUR OFFSPRING.  What do...
Just to beat the horrible LA traffic, you leave 3 hours early to get on the other side of town, and just work from Starbucks so you can be on time!  LOL.... 
Real estate advocates! Are goal it help each  and every homeowner one property at a time! 
There are a lot of misconceptions and mis-information regarding distress properties, short sales and foreclosures.  First problem is all these things get lumped together.  THEY SHOULD NOT BE. Take a listen, you may be distressed but have many opportunities to better your situations. 

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