foreclosures: Is it a good time to sell my home? - 04/27/14 10:22 AM

The market has taken on some serious moment in areas I service the last 12 to 18 months but the last few months we have noticed another shift of sorts.  This leads to the question I get from sellers, and potential sellers:  Is it still a good time to sell my home?
Well there is no one uniformed answer for that.  It depends on circumstances with your family.  I will say this. Anytime you have the type of run up we have had which has been from 20% to 30% in a short period of time, you can only expect … (3 comments)

foreclosures: I was on local TV discussing some local California real estate - 03/27/14 01:43 AM
Lately I have been a guest on the local Santa Clarita Real Estate beat show.  Here is a recent segment!


foreclosures: What is your home really worth TODAY? - 01/18/14 04:11 AM

Did you realize in areas I service property value is up 20% + over the last 12 to 18 months?  We have clients that couldnt sell because they were under water or were in distress and thought they were loosing their property to being able to sell AND make a profit.
In this day and time do you know it costs NO MORE MONEY to hire a leading authority on real estate matters as it does someone that is not?  Why not then hire The Elgin and Pilar Walker Team?

foreclosures: Someone you know NEEDS HELP! Please pass this along! - 02/19/13 10:06 AM
So here is the truth. People need help. YOU MAY NOT, but someone YOU know is hurting, and they are scared, they do not know were to turn and they do not want their family or friends to know what the deal is. My PASSION is to help people that feel there is no hope. People that are silently silently sinking. Falling into a trap. Looking for information, looking for answers. The inner voice telling you one thing, the outer world telling something else. It is easy to only look at your own views and worry about your own success, but … (5 comments)

foreclosures: The loan modification GAME...yes I said GAME! - 01/10/13 06:44 AM
Do you realize the games being played with loan modifications? First and foremost I AM NOT TELLING YOU NOT TO DO A LOAN MODIFICATION. I personally did one, but why do you think the banks ask you for so much information? It is not because they are trying to help you. Remember in most cases the bank you are with IS NOT the original bank you did your loan with. Why is this important? They do not have financial information on you! Who is the bank really looking out for? They are protecting their own interest and the stockholders or investors … (0 comments)

foreclosures: Escrow and the short sale process! - 10/27/12 08:24 AM


foreclosures: Free guide to Loan Modification and Free guide to short sale workings - 10/10/12 03:35 PM
Get a free loan modification and/or a free guide on the workings of short sales. This will be emailed to you. email me at or go to our website … (0 comments)

foreclosures: multiple offers - 09/12/12 03:57 AM

foreclosures: Lets talk real estate advocacy - 07/24/12 04:52 AM

foreclosures: elgin walker talking real estate advocacy in castaic - 05/29/12 01:10 PM

foreclosures: "Elgin Walker" discuss equity or not why this is a good time to sell - 05/29/12 04:09 AM

foreclosures: "elgin walker" talking avoiding foreclosure the series! - 05/13/12 06:22 AM

foreclosures: short sales in santa clarita valley today! you need an advocate! - 04/05/12 03:55 AM
Not only are we in the field out helping families, we are also connected and “in tune” with many of the banks, and get a good pulse of things going on.  I have a couple of things to discuss.  The first being the homeowner that is 61 days late on the mortgage.
Need less to say this becomes a stressful time.  This is the time the banks tend to start calling, sending letters etc….REMEMBER the bank is nothing but a DEBIT COLLECTOR and their only purposes is to SETTLE DEBIT with you and MINIMZE loss to them and their investors.  You … (0 comments)

foreclosures: Elgin Walker real estate advocate Live and Lazy Dog in Valencia - 04/05/12 03:48 AM

foreclosures: You need a real estate advocate! Somebody on your side - 03/27/12 04:25 PM
Don't you feel like you are getting hit from all areas? There seems to be so much information on loan modifications, short sales, foreclosures, etc....How do you find out REAL information for you and your family. YOU NEED AN ADVOCATE! Somebody on your side to provide good information! … (0 comments)

foreclosures: I will be at Lazy Dogg in Valencia answering real estate questions for FREE - 03/27/12 04:19 PM
Come by and visit me tomorrow at Lazy Dogg! I will answer your real estate questions if possible or at least have stop by and say hello! … (2 comments)

foreclosures: Short sale experts in santa clarita - 02/28/12 03:35 PM

foreclosures: elgin and pilar eat and treat at lazy dogg in valencia - 01/13/12 01:46 PM
come join us for lunch and ask your real estate questions. … (0 comments)

foreclosures: priced like a foreclosure but NOT - 01/08/12 03:31 PM
fantastaic property priced like a distressed sale but not. … (3 comments)

foreclosures: What is the big deal? Why should I do a short sale? Why not just walk away? - 01/06/12 05:11 AM
This is an attitude that I run into more than I wish.  I understand were people are coming from too.  I am speaking about the person that would prefer to stay in their home.  The person that has tried to refinance, tried to do a loan modification, and for whatever reason it was not successful.  This person has been beaten down by the process, beaten down by things in "life" and just wants it to end and start from scratch.  Here is the reason YOU DONT WALK AWAY.
First I want to say sometimes there ARE reasons you should walk away … (0 comments)

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