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A full service specialty contractor specializing in all things EIFS, Stucco and Waterproofing and now Roofing.
Are you a real estate professional? Are EIFS/stucco homes or buildings in your market? Could you benefit from the services of a full service EIFS/Stucco contracting firm? Would you like to earn 4% commission on EIFS/stucco inspections and repairs? If you answered yes to any of the questions above...
The best protection that a general contractor can give him or herself against construction defects and litigation is to hire quality control consultants that monitor every stage of the installation. Or they can hire stucco contractors with exceptional references and stop being penny counters alwa...
Aesthetic JointTerm phased out and replaced with “Aesthetic Reveal.” Function is cosmetic and/or to provide a starting or stopping point for finish coat application.Back WrappingAlso called Wrap, Detail WrapBase CoatInitial wet set material, either factory or field mixed, used to encapsulate rei...
    EIFS in a nutshell EIFS are built-up exterior finish ?systems? used in residential and commercial construction. There are two types of EIFS: barrier and drainable. Barrier EIFS is no longer used in residential wood-framed construction. In the late 1990s many cities outlawed barrier EIFS due ...
Building Envelope Research/Testing: Government Study: EIFS Is Best Performing Wall System Government Study: EIFS Is “Best Performing Wall System” SUMMARY: Oak Ridge National Labs states that EIFS are “best performing wall systems.” New research comparing both overall insulating ability and moistu...
MWS EIFS Warranty Services Modern Wall Systems On Point Consulting Services Thank you for your interest in MWS EIFS Warranty. As a stucco or EIFS homeowner or as a real estate professional trying to sell that hard to sell EIFS home or building, you have come to the right place to learn how to pr...
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Tell me something...What's to blame for the damage?Anyone? Notice that the stucco foundation is still intact.
This is what certified EDI/AWCI/EIMA contractors can do for you. Garbage. Don't rely on fancy name badges and obsolete credentials, hire a pro with a proven track record to do the work and hire an EIFS expert to inspect. So much for manufacturer approved contractors. Do you still think your cert...
News Flash! EIFS is not all bad! Read all about it!With energy costs the way it is today, the need to save energy and money is very important to most Americans. With the diversity of climates in America it is pretty tough to find a siding that works well in any climate. As you probably know unin...

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