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  Elizabeth Ward Small, National Motivational Speaker and Senior Manager with SendOutCards is going to share with you a new and exciting tool based on her MLM blog on Active rain and how you can make money with SOC! This 45 minute webinar that will be your key to learning 1st hand an exciting ne...
I know there is a time and a place for everything! I know that sometimes it is best to keep silent and just watch and listen and then there was this one time four months ago I had to speak up! Let me explain: Just a few days ago, I saw Angela Hunter as I was visiting my children's school. Angela ...
TOP 10 LEAD GENERATION TIPS FOR GREATER RESULTS AND GREATER INCOME! _________________________________________  A WALL OF WORDS BUT WELL WORTH THE READ!   Looking for leads in all the wrong places...Could be a great country and western hit but it sure is not how you wish to spend your day! In an e...
How many boring real estate ads have you read recently? Are you an equal housing or fair housing story by accident? I know that in my 15 years of writing real estate ads I was very guilty of using the infamous thought of "IDEAL FOR" and still today am using MASTER in describing a Master Bedroom o...
EEEEEK! Have just spent that last 30 minutes working on what I thought was a very informative Blog about Fair Housing Ads for my AR family...I was taught early on by the Best Blogger in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD - Not just the AR world but the whole wide world "Brad Anderson" to work on blogs in WORD ...
RELATIONSHIP MARKETING VISIBILITY IS KEY: DOUBLE YOUR $$INCOME$$ Do you want to double your income?   If so, you need to know that it is not always what you know or who you know...but it is always who knows you!  Or, put another way, it's not only who you know, it's who your clients know that's i...
RELATIONSHIP MARKETING                     Capture the FSBO with G.I.V.E    (Guidance in Value Education)         Relationship marketing is the core of success for building any business. The real estate agent that discovers the power of relationship marketing and G.I.V.E. will have a mission stat...
KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: How to Create Your Own Market Study Report  In a changing market there is never a more important time to know your area statistics than RIGHT NOW! By gathering and consolidating data from multiple sources and using it to prepare professional and polished Market Study Reports, ...
I have no doubt the average 3000 bloggers that are ONLINE right now will agree with me that Active rain is now a borderline addiction! The Summer of 2008 has sure had the share of rest and relaxation it deserves! Yet, R & R has an entire new meaning to me now! It is READING ON THE RAIN! One of t...
https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/179380542 The Best High Tech High Touch Relationship Marketing Tool 8/1 Webinar RegistrationElizabeth Ward Small, National Motivational Speaker is going to share with you a new and exciting tool based on recent blogs on Active rain! This 45 minute webinar tha...

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