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Sacramento real estate and housing market, from Galt to Lincoln. Local observations about Sacramento restaurants, special events, music concerts and the Sacramento lifestyle, including great places to vacation around the world.
I've had conversations with other agents who say they prefer to represent buyers over sellers because it's easier to keep buyers happy. Buyers are excited to close and begin a new chapter. Sellers often are just moving on. I think it's easier to keep sellers happy, especially when the big deal is...
You know how it goes . . . you're walking across the freshly mowed yard of a client, getting ready to shoot a listing photo while the sun is positioned just right in the sky to cast the perfect light, and your phone rings. Since you're wearing a bluetooth device that lets you ignore or answer cal...
I honestly don't go around looking for friends anymore because they typically seem to find me, sometimes in the most unexpected ways. On top of that, I'm super crazy busy most of the time with my Sacramento real estate business, which makes it hard to connect with anybody. If you can believe this...
When my husband and I were considering buying a second home along the coast in California a few years back, we toured a home we almost would have bought if it were not for the fact that we talked to the neighbors. Next door to the property was a concrete pad. When we asked what it was, the neighb...
Zillow has implemented a new system last year that I've yet to find the time to opt out of but probably should. It calls agents when an interested buyer or seller sends an email from Zillow to the agent. It's an automated system that calls, and when the agent answers, the system connects the agen...
OK, maybe it was my short sales from the last 10 years that taught me patience in Sacramento real estate, hard to say. When you've working on a transaction and it takes you 3 years to close it, you learn to roll with the punches. When you're told no time and time again yet you plunge forward, bri...
As a buyer's agent, you probably would say no to Coming Soon listings and think why do it because it draws too much attention or not enough attention or makes the home appear dated before it ever makes its debut or the sign is ugly, or I dunno. But I suspect most buyer's agents don't want their b...
Everybody is talking about what a fabulous year 2015 was for real estate in Sacramento -- OK, it was for some of us -- and wondering where we are headed in 2016. It's always in the numbers. Sure, I can lick my finger and hold it up to see which way the wind blows, but it won't tell me as much as ...
Just had another transaction in which orangeburg sewer lines were discovered during a sewer inspection, even though the sellers had received a clean report from their own plumbing company. You can see the orangeburg blistering and bubbling in the lovely sewer inspection video, with tree roots sne...
It's a myth, you know, that ostriches stick their heads in the sand to avoid predators. It's not a myth, however, that my goofy cat Jackson will hide behind the drapes and think we don't spot his big fat butt sticking out. If his eyes are hidden and he can't see us, he thinks we can't see him. He...

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