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Sacramento real estate and housing market, from Galt to Lincoln. Local observations about Sacramento restaurants, special events, music concerts and the Sacramento lifestyle, including great places to vacation around the world.
Once a person knows you are in real estate, they can't help but ask you about the real estate market. Some share all sorts of unexpected personal information. I had the pleasure of talking with a guy last week who mentioned casually that his FICO score was over 700. I wondered why is he telling m...
When you've used a Mac computer like I have since the 1980s, you realize that as the years go by, the product becomes more complicated. And when products become more complicated by design, there are a lot more things that can go wrong. I specifically recall knowing exactly what to do if I ever re...
After spending much of yesterday on the phone with the Apple repair shop in Sacamento, trying to find out when my desktop computer will be fixed, I looked up from my laptop and realized, holy crap, it's almost 6 PM and I have not set up my blog to publish. Between that and training a young cat no...
Many agents in Sacramento struggle with sellers who want more than the agent is sometimes prepared to list at. I often have the opposite problem. Especially if sellers have been talking to other listing agents who quote them much lower prices than I do. My prices are often much higher.That's beca...
One of the three things that can cause a distraction and make you reschedule your entire day, the day that you hoped to devote to Sacramento real estate, is staring at you above. His name is Horatio. We haven't quite decided if we will change it. My sister says you should not call an adopted cat ...
Oh, sure, people think when they hear the number one rule for Realtor success that it's easy to say this in principle but it's hard to do in real life. People tell me it's not reality in Sacramento, too pollyanish, yet, I can guarantee, unequivocally, that this principle is 100% true. It's fear t...
I thought to myself as I started to write my personal blog this morning, you know, where do I get off? Surely there are other agents who are better, and then after pondering the evidence decided I don't think so. Some equally as good, maybe, in similar areas, but certainly NOT in all areas. And s...
No matter how much I encourage sellers to hurry up and get their homes on the market, sellers aren't feeling the urgency. Even when I put things into perspective and explain we have 1,347 single family homes for sale in all of Sacramento County, and in 2005 at the top of the market we had an inve...
When I asked the seller how she came to buy a home that was situated near a high voltage power line with the light rail running right over her back wall and whether that bothered her, she just laughed. Maybe it was because she was a foreigner, raised with different types of expectations under ver...
As a Sacramento Realtor who still sells a few short sales now and then, I can tell you there are benefits on the agent side of things. Now, I know most agents would not touch a short sale with a 10-foot pole, but that always left more short sales for me to sell. People seem surprised when I tell ...

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