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Sacramento real estate and housing market, from Galt to Lincoln. Local observations about Sacramento restaurants, special events, music concerts and the Sacramento lifestyle, including great places to vacation around the world.
My photographer says he loves me. He says I am always on time, and my homes are always ready for a photo shoot. I sort of get the idea he might not like other Sacramento Realtors too much, although knowing him, he would never come right out and admit that. Especially while talking to another memb...
Even though I tell my clients they can always contact me, sometimes they don't want to "be a bother." I'm not sure if they think I am in some other profession, but as their Sacramento Realtor, I am available to them. I'm a full-service agent, which means I can help with just about anything.Can't ...
For a while now, we've noticed a new sign hanging on the old Pho Bac Hoa Viet restaurant on Broadway by 19th Street in Land Park. This is a restaurant we stop at every now then. Usually when we are starving and don't want to drive all the way down Stockton Boulevard to go to a few other of our fa...
For almost my entire adult life, I have always held bank accounts at a credit union. As a kid, when I lived in Minneapolis, I belonged to the University of Minnesota credit union because my mother worked at the University. Back then, you had to maintain a special relationship or some sort of affi...
Four months is too early to call a trend in the housing market in Sacramento, or is it? Could this be a sign of what is approaching? In looking through the history of real estate in Sacramento, we've had other stretches of stability for a while but the only thing that is constant in change.As far...
The way I see it, the only bad real estate lead from the internet is the person who doesn't contact a Sacramento Internet Realtor. Sure, putting yourself out there online means every Tom, Dick and Jane might call with questions about buying real estate, but what the hey. Some of them will buy or ...
We have a lot of buyers in Sacramento right now who are overlooking repairs that need to be done to a home. They still pay over list price even if the walls were clawed to shreds by cats, as evidenced by a recent sale in  Sacramento. Because of buying homes that are in need of repair and not aski...
If you have a white elephant home in Sacramento, come over here and sit down next to me. I can help. It's not an easy job, selling a white elephant, but it's challenging and interesting to me. Plus I'm unlikely to hammer you, begging for a price reduction. Not if I truly believe I can get you the...
Although I might always act like the seller is planning to list her home with me, I never really know for certain. Until they say the magic words or otherwise imply it or I come right out and ask them, it's hard to say. They might be interviewing a bunch of other agents or already hired their bro...
Some agents do not like to accept referrals from other agents but I cannot imagine why. I love to get referrals. It means the agent has personally selected this Sacramento Realtor to live up to expectations of superior service. How I handle the seller and the transaction reflects on the agent who...

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