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Sacramento real estate and housing market, from Galt to Lincoln. Local observations about Sacramento restaurants, special events, music concerts and the Sacramento lifestyle, including great places to vacation around the world.
It was a bittersweet day yesterday as we held a marathon open house in Wildhawk West Village, which is in the Elk Grove school district. On the one hand, I am focused on my seller finding the perfect buyer for his home in that desirable school district. On the other, we had to return our adopted ...
There are many ways to sell homes in Sacramento. You can tear down neighborhoods if you so choose; talk about the crime, poverty or dangerous situations that you imagine exist, or you can focus on the positives of affordable housing for deserving families.Every real estate agent has her / his own...
 When reviews first started online, I know a lot of agents had reservations. I did, too. I mean, what if some troll wrote horribly untrue remarks? Well, actually, that has happened but nowadays I shrug it off because everybody can see what idiots they are. Besides, I can't believe a real client w...
 My agent visual inspections are often difficult to prepare. As a Sacramento listing agent, it's because I generally do my AVID when I first meet with the sellers. It's the perfect way to chat about the house while I'm taking notes. I'm putting together documentation that I will use in my listing...
 Circumstances beyond my control have now caused us, very reluctantly, to have to find another place for Horatio to live. We called the shelter in Elk Grove from whence he came but they are booked to the max at the moment, and they say there is no room for him there yet. Our deal with his adoptio...
 Day late and dollar short. That's what happens much of the time with people. It always seems to take them a long time to get around to reacting to the Sacramento real estate market. I have found over my decades in the business that many sellers wait to put their home on the market until after th...
The thing about selling entry-level homes in Rancho Cordova is the fact we get a lot of agents showing these types of homes to their buyers. Our first day on the market resulted in 12 showings, and that was just Friday. By our Sunday open house, we had so many buyers coming through we couldn't co...
 Every so often, I feel the need to write about something other than Sacramento real estate, and today's topic is soap products. Or is it? It's not just the hipster males that need their own soap products nowadays. On top of which, it seems odd when I think about my early experiences with soap.No...
 It's always a bit sad for me when I pick up a lockbox after closing. I generally perform this task myself, although I could hire it to be done like most top agents. I like to collect my thoughts about the transaction as I drive to the house one last time. Reflect. Real estate transactions are ab...
Many sellers of fixer homes in Sacramento share one common trait. They cannot believe the feeding frenzy that happens over fixer homes. It's tough for them to imagine what others see in their home that they do not. They see stains on the carpeting and blood on the walls (Ok, only kidding about th...

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