sacramento real estate: Negotiable Items in a California Residental Purchase Agreement - 08/29/15 08:46 AM
We do not exist in a vacuum and the world does not revolve around us, but tell that to some Sacramento Realtors. I may try to explain that we can't arbitrarily change the terms of our California Residential Purchase Agreement, but having a buyer's agent stick her fingers into her ears and hum to herself doesn't mean I didn't say it, that it doesn't matter.
Some agents think it's perfectly OK for a buyer to change lenders 2 weeks into a transaction, and go with some out-of-area, supposedly cheaper-rate mortgage lender who couldn't find a local appraiser with two maps and a … (14 comments)

sacramento real estate: REALTOR Confidence Index Says It's a Good Time to Sell in Sacramento - 08/20/15 10:21 AM
If you want to know which the way real estate market is moving in Sacramento, you can talk to a few REALTORS, read market reports and you still might not know what's going on. Some agents work in very small pockets of a neighborhood or section of the city in Sacramento, and they could not tell you what is happening in Natomas, for example, if they work only in, say, the Laguna West neighborhood of Elk Grove.
You can read more about the REALTOR Confidence Index report and the local real estate market forecast for Sacramento in my personal blog today at … (8 comments)

sacramento real estate: When Your Website Crashes and Sacramento Real Estate Goes On - 07/23/15 07:29 AM
All I can say this morning is thank goodness I had the good fortune to start updating my personal website structure a month ago because who woulda thunk it would crash on WordPress yesterday beyond repair? The culprit, says my website guy, is the way it was designed by the website creator, a woman in southern California, whom I had found a while back on Active Rain. It was fragile, wobbily and not up to internet standards.
The latest WordPress plug-in updates blew up my website. Sure, I have other websites and a strong internet presence, but not having my domain online … (30 comments)

sacramento real estate: Have You Ever Been Stood Up at the Alter? - 07/18/15 09:01 AM
Well, have you? Have you ever been stood up at the alter? For me, alter of marriage, never, although I can count at least 4 times when it might have been prudent. Alter of Sacramento real estate, though, that's another story.
Especially when you're standing on the steps of a home seller's stoop, about to ring the door bell, and there are 2 doorbells, so you don't know which one to ring, therefore you ring them both anyway and yet do not hear either doorbell ringing inside of the home. Instead, what you hear are a mass of barking dogs, and then … (12 comments)

sacramento real estate: Time to Visit my Sister in Minneapolis - 07/11/15 09:19 AM
Over the past few years, I have noticed Sacramento real estate slowing down quite a bit throughout July. Sales don't really start to move much until we get closer to Labor Day, although sellers and buyers still conduct business, just not as much. Which means that it is a good time of year to plan a few vacation trips, even though it means I am still taking my work with me. I don't ever let go of that.
I realize people do take vacations by leaving work behind, but that's just not me. I don't mind the multi-tasking that is required; it … (9 comments)

sacramento real estate: When Stuff in Sacramento Real Estate Breaks - 05/29/15 09:07 AM
Expecting technology or people to always work well together, take your pick, is like beating your head into the floor. Most days you don't beat your head into the floor because it's pointless. But some days, it can seem to pile up. Like yesterday our Realist service by Corelink offered through Metrolist went on the blink. Just offline. Can't pull up the stats on any home. In fact, it's still offline this morning.
A seller for a home in Natomas called to discuss selling her home and buying another, and I couldn't pull up the tax records. But being proactive, there are … (10 comments)

sacramento real estate: Searching for Homes for Sale in Sacramento and Calling From Signs - 05/26/15 08:34 AM
There are a lot of agents in Sacramento who do not use virtual signage tools when advertising homes for sale in Sacramento. I suspect part of their reasoning is because almost every home buyer today starts a home search online and continues to look at homes online. They pull up all of their favorite websites and drool over home listings, clicking on each photo and taking notes.
That's why I'm often amazed when I receive a Sign Call because I fully expect buyers to be looking for homes online. Yet, I'm not ready to give up the virtual agent signs because every … (7 comments)

sacramento real estate: Changing Your Mind After Selling a Home in Sacramento - 05/03/15 09:22 AM
Why do you want to sell and how fast do you need to move are two questions every Sacramento listing agent should ask. But asking those questions and digging deeper are things some Sacramento Realtors don't do. It's not because they don't want to probe; it's because often they're so excited after receiving that call to list a home that they can't think straight. It doesn't always occur to them that a seller might be ready to put a home on the market but not really ready to close escrow. Because after all, the seller said she wants to sell her … (7 comments)

sacramento real estate: A Good Ending to a Long Day in Sacramento Real Estate - 04/30/15 09:22 AM
I am a firm believer that I can weather just about any storm, navigate any horrible situation, as long as I can see a reward on the horizon. It's probably this vision that has served me well through my decades in real estate. I'm not talking about a financial reward, either; it's an internal reward.
Every day is different but some elements are the same. There will always be frustrating situations, people who let you down or disappoint, people who make idiotic decisions and people who wander around in circles, directionless, and expect us to follow. It's not that we don't all … (8 comments)

sacramento real estate: If Jon Snow Met John Oliver and Sold Sacramento Real Estate - 04/13/15 09:26 AM
If Jon Snow met John Oliver and sold Sacramento real estate, we'd all be in a big heap o' trouble there, boy. You might wonder what the hell is she talking about? And the answer would be when you're faced with a frustrating situation, you can either turn it around into something amusing and poignant, or you get can ticked off about it and take it out in more distruptive ways. Your choice. You know which position I tend to take, right? You can read more in my personal blog today about this topic in Would Jon Snow Know Anything if He … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate: Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving Are Gifts - 04/05/15 11:33 AM
I think it was Einstein who said to solve a problem you have to think about it differently than the way you did when you created the problem. I hate to use the expression think out of the box because it's so cliché, and who thinks inside a box anyway?
An agent in Sacramento I haven't spoken with for a while called yesterday to talk about the difficulty she was encountering trying to upload a document and asked if I had a solution. After we ran through all of the usual procedures, it became clear to me that it was some … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate: Just When You Think You've Seen It All - 03/24/15 09:14 AM
I often use the phrase, "just when you think you've seen it all," because there are days my mouth hangs open and bugs fly inside. There are also the days I bang my head on my desk and stop because it feels so good to stop. Just when I figure there is nothing else that can astonish or amaze, I'll answer the phone or check my email and prove that theory wrong. There is always some horrible thing going on in Sacramento real estate, some fresh new hell to keep the day interesting.
You can read more in my personal blog … (14 comments)

sacramento real estate: How to Celebrate Spring in Sacramento - 03/23/15 09:01 AM
We can be so busy with our work in Sacramento real estate that we could completely miss the first few days of it being officially spring, a mistake I have made in previous years but elected not to do yesterday. It was a beautiful day in Sacramento, with a high of 71. One more degree and it would have qualified as swimming weather according to my late mother from Minneapolis.
When I was growing up with my brother and sisters, we would glue our eyeballs to the outdoor thermometer. We were not allowed to go to the beach unless it was … (4 comments)

sacramento real estate: Seller Demand to Release Deposit in California - 01/25/15 08:55 AM
For a fact, I know that I am not the only listing agent in Sacramento to expect buyers and their agents to conform to the purchase contract, but the reaction I sometimes receive astounds me. It's as though the agents cannot believe that we would ask the buyer to perform in accordance with the contract, and they don't understand why we don't just "lay off" the requests for documents such as the Contingency Release.
It's not like we enjoy asking for documents. We have a fiduciary relationship to our sellers to do what is best for our sellers, and what is … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate: A Busy Week Ends With Dining in Midtown Sacramento - 01/24/15 09:49 AM
What a long week this has been. It seems like home buyers are out in droves, crawling around our limited inventory of listings in Sacramento and agents are calling to ask about withdrawn listings, if they're coming back to the market. One such listing from last year I get a lot of calls about, and I have been undecided about relisting it. The sellers, while nice enough people, don't appear motivated, and I've talked with their agent who is helping them on the other end, should their home ever sell, and she says there is nothing on the horizon for them, … (4 comments)

sacramento real estate: Just How Cold is It in Racine Wisconsin at the Marriott? - 01/16/15 10:29 AM
All morning I have tried to post a blog and everytime I get started, something pulls my attention away from Active Rain. Part of it is the cats, of course, who meow and yammer for attention since my husband is out of town for a few days. They usually demand attention equally from both of us, but now it all falls into my lap, and let's face it, I've got other things to do than play with the cats all day.
Like sell real estate.
And play Ingress.
And take my car in for an oil change and get the guy … (7 comments)

sacramento real estate: Buyers Who Demand Restitution After Closing - 01/13/15 06:41 PM
There is a big difference after closing a real estate transaction between a buyer's agent who calls to say hey your seller received a package at the house and the buyer put it on the front porch for them and the agent who calls to say her buyer believes the seller lied or twisted some fact and they demand resolution. Yet it happens. It's not unusual for a buyer to feel duped when something goes wrong unexpectedly, as it often does, or a neighbor leads the buyer to believe the seller possibly possessed knowledge about a defect and failed to disclose … (10 comments)

sacramento real estate: Coming Home to Land Park From Vacation - 01/11/15 09:54 AM
Everybody needs a little vacation from a vacation in my world. If not for the time zone change alone when you've traveled a long distance but for the realization that the hamster wheel is spinning and it's time to jump aboard. After I get back to work, I always feel recharged and roaring to go after a vacation, but I do admit that working up to it can be a bit of a challenge.
When I left Molokai, the last leg of my 30-day winter vacation, I mentioned to my cab driver that to stay at that hotel for 30 days … (7 comments)

sacramento real estate: Will Self Service Take Over the Real Estate Industry? - 01/10/15 12:03 PM
When I was in grade school, we were constantly being apprised of the future and what lie in store for us through well meaning predictions, some of which came true, like condos, and some of which did not, like hover cars. Then came the 1970s and the easy-to-get jobs such as those in the assembly-line worker industry began to vanish. Everybody said robots would take over and, 40 years later, they have.
Just go on a tour, for example, of the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield to see how assembly line production is handled.
You can read more about self service, … (13 comments)

sacramento real estate: When You Least Expect a Miracle - 01/08/15 09:29 AM
Without going all woo-woo on you, let me say that sometimes things happen out of the blue at exactly the right time, and you might wonder why. I know I do when it happens. Like money showing up out of nowhere just when you need it. Have you ever had that happen because I surely have. I recall years ago worrying about where I would find a big chunk of change for something unexpected and, lo and behold, a fat check for a class action settlement (of which I was unaware) showed up in my mailbox. These kinds of things happen … (7 comments)

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