sacramento real estate: How Many Sacramento Home Buyers Cannot Buy? - 03/24/17 08:07 AM
Once a person knows you are in real estate, they can't help but ask you about the real estate market. Some share all sorts of unexpected personal information. I had the pleasure of talking with a guy last week who mentioned casually that his FICO score was over 700. I wondered why is he telling me this? Especially since I was talking to him for a different reason completely unrelated to Sacramento real estate.
Then he showed me a mobile app that not only gives you a FICO score but shows your net worth, number of months you've been paying on … (6 comments)

sacramento real estate: How to Handle a Successor Trustee in Sacramento Real Estate - 03/22/17 08:08 AM
After spending much of yesterday on the phone with the Apple repair shop in Sacamento, trying to find out when my desktop computer will be fixed, I looked up from my laptop and realized, holy crap, it's almost 6 PM and I have not set up my blog to publish. Between that and training a young cat not to suddenly leap into our plants or spring to the top of our television, plus chatting with sellers about potential listings and working out potential challenges in existing escrows, my day just slipped away. Bam, 12 hours, gone.
However, once I started to type, … (10 comments)

sacramento real estate: Sacramento Duplex Closed Escrow at Amazing Price - 03/21/17 08:50 AM
Many agents in Sacramento struggle with sellers who want more than the agent is sometimes prepared to list at. I often have the opposite problem. Especially if sellers have been talking to other listing agents who quote them much lower prices than I do. My prices are often much higher.
That's because I tend to look at how much a buyer will pay. I see patterns in the market because I sell a lot of homes every year, and I know how buyers think. I can look at a home and pretty much know how much a buyer will pay. It's not … (6 comments)

sacramento real estate: The 3 Things Guaranteed to Pull You Away From Real Estate - 03/20/17 08:18 AM
One of the three things that can cause a distraction and make you reschedule your entire day, the day that you hoped to devote to Sacramento real estate, is staring at you above. His name is Horatio. We haven't quite decided if we will change it. My sister says you should not call an adopted cat from a rescue the same name because it makes him think about from whence he came and not where he is now. Plus, as she pointed out, what will we call him for short?
My husband is of the opinion we should change his name, too. … (23 comments)

sacramento real estate: The Problem With Listing Homes in Sacramento - 03/17/17 12:56 PM
No matter how much I encourage sellers to hurry up and get their homes on the market, sellers aren't feeling the urgency. Even when I put things into perspective and explain we have 1,347 single family homes for sale in all of Sacramento County, and in 2005 at the top of the market we had an inventory of around 10,000. Or, that our pending sales at the moment are 1,451, which means leaves us with less than one month of inventory.
A halfway normal market would be 3 to 4 months of inventory. A buyer's market would be 6 months of inventory … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate: FHA Is Picky About the Location of a Sacramento House - 03/16/17 08:28 AM
When I asked the seller how she came to buy a home that was situated near a high voltage power line with the light rail running right over her back wall and whether that bothered her, she just laughed. Maybe it was because she was a foreigner, raised with different types of expectations under very different circumstances, I dunno.
The seller said it was the amenities in the house, the fact it was brand new, and she loved the neighborhood. It wasn't until she climbed upstairs and looked out her bedroom window that she noticed the train tracks. Oh, well, she … (4 comments)

sacramento real estate: Listings Agents Have a Valid Reason to Ignore Cellphone - 03/12/17 09:05 AM
For me, there is no excuse not to answer my phone. Sometimes, I will put callers on hold while I pop on the other line to let a new caller know I will call them back -- because sending pre-written text messages doesn't always work. Not everybody reads a text message when they're on a mission for information. Further, there are times I just drop the call if the second call is important and the first call is not. Hey, Sacramento cell towers go in and out. People don't think twice about dropped calls.
I feel like I should have a cradle for … (11 comments)

sacramento real estate: Ensuring Zero Disruption If Home Buyers Cancel Escrow - 03/11/17 07:51 AM
When you're in the real estate business since the 1970s, like me, you either are in love with the business or you're a crazy person. I prefer to think of myself as a Realtor who is passionate about her work. A person who puts her client's needs first and tries her damnedest to keep the peace in a transaction on top of providing superior service.
My plan is to blow them away by exceeding expectations, but the expectations in the first place need to be reasonable though. That can be difficult when as a Sacramento listing agent I cannot control the other … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate: Whose Fault Is It When a Buyer Cancels the Escrow? - 03/09/17 08:43 AM
I tell my buyer's agents that people management is our number #1 priority in Sacramento real estate. Managing expectations, keeping everybody happy is the name of the game. When they write a couple of offers for buyers and buyers lowball or otherwise impede their chances of offer acceptance, my team members have to be prepared to shoulder the blame because buyers will rarely look at their own actions. Offer rejection is generally their agent's fault, in their minds.
The same thing can happen with sellers in our Sacramento market. If buyers cancel their escrows over and over, it is never their … (4 comments)

sacramento real estate: How Do Agents Keep a Sacramento Home Buyer in Escrow? - 03/07/17 09:00 AM
It seems to be becoming more rare these days to sell a house once and close it in Sacramento. This has always been a nagging problem in Sacramento real estate, but in times of tight inventory when buyers are writing offers on every house on the market -- which is considered against the law but apparently buyers don't care, even though their agents should know better -- just getting a buyer into escrow is a major feat.
Keeping them in escrow is another story. The problem is listing agents can't talk to the buyers. We have to discuss issues with their agents, … (10 comments)

sacramento real estate: Would You Paint the House for Buyers After Closing Escrow? - 03/05/17 08:52 AM
My clients, I really do adore them, but sometimes they can go overboard with kindness toward buyers. I met with new sellers a few weeks ago, and they are busy getting the house ready. Even though we have covered the subject, and they seemed to have understood, they still want to do things that are a) unnecessary to sell and / or b) can cost them more money in the long run. Because they want to "do the right thing." I get it.
But criminy. These are the kind of people who would come over to the house a year after closing … (15 comments)

sacramento real estate: My Thoughts About How to Choose Real Estate Clients - 03/04/17 08:23 AM
You hear so much in the news about how to choose a real estate agent, but you rarely read much about how real estate agents should choose their clients. There are few "how to interview your client" content pieces by Realtors because most agents I work with in Sacramento are just happy that a prospective client called, I suppose.
I don't really even like the term "client" because it doesn't apply to the public individuals whom, out of the blue, call a real estate agent. At that point, the caller is a prospect, not a client. I'm not even sure I … (14 comments)

sacramento real estate: Do Realtors Know if an Offer is Likely to Close Escrow? - 03/01/17 07:28 AM
I imagine some of you will take exception with my blog this morning, and that's OK. I don't mind a little disagreement when I know I am right, LOL. It's such a tight market in Sacramento right now that I have to slip listings into MLS on a staggered basis to keep my sanity. Plus, with Z&T removing the ability to post listings manually from agents and brokers, it's made me change where I put my name on the listing, and now I'm getting all the phone calls from agents.
Most of them are combing my pending inventory or finding it on … (9 comments)

sacramento real estate: Hot New Listing Will Grab Attention in Sacramento - 02/27/17 07:45 AM
When the seller told me he had his own home stager in the family, many red flags went up in my mind, and I pretty much tortured him over it, which I now regret. I've just seen too many people think they can stage a home who cannot. So many believe it's just "decorating," and they do not understand how intricately involved and nuanced home staging can be.
While it is not the home staging that will necessarily sell this home in Sacramento, the staging is bound to help create excitement over what is already a pretty exciting listing! It's affordable, has … (7 comments)

sacramento real estate: The Story Behind a New Elk Grove Listing by Sheldon - 02/24/17 09:01 AM
I thought I would mix up some of the blogs today about my new listings this month. It can be less interesting sometimes to read solely about square footage or numbers of bedrooms and baths, when there is also a good story behind-the-scenes that goes along with it. I know people like to read about what goes on in Sacramento real estate and how agents work. It's like getting a glimpse of an agent's day, the struggles, thoughts and workload we face day in and day out.
It's also a bit complicated to protect privacy and not blab about things that have … (6 comments)

sacramento real estate: Where Have all The Sacramento Houses Gone? - 02/18/17 08:20 AM
While it's easy to say our Sacramento housing market trends are seasonal, you really can't ignore the dramatics and numbers in Sacramento real estate today, nor completely explain the swing by seasons. Our January started off with a big bang this year in terms of buyer activity, but seller activity is fairly low and resistant.
I knew this before I saw the numbers on the reports because my buyer's agents were busy like no tomorrow, while most of my newer clients are carefully planning and positioning. They are not jumping on the market like one would expect. But they're in my … (15 comments)

sacramento real estate: Why So Many People Prefer the Missionary Position - 02/14/17 06:14 PM
So far this year, time has been flying by. I can't believe it is in the middle of February already. Yesterday, being Valentine's Day, was a holiday that crept outta of nowhere. When my husband mentioned we had both forgotten about the day, we quickly made dinner reservations at an Ethiopian place on Broadway in Sacramento, because that's about all that was left nearby and available, and I truly do love Ethiopian food anyway.
I finished up new listing paperwork yesterday afternoon and then zipped off to Target, because it is the closest store to my house in Land Park. My husband … (16 comments)

sacramento real estate: Home in Wilhaggin Closed and Monarch Butterflies Trip - 02/02/17 09:14 AM
It is possible I might not have time to post blogs for about a week or so, after this blog, that is. It all sorta depends on how things go in Mexico and how much time I have because my clients come first. The rest of you can all yammer about how your family comes first, but my family comes first by putting my clients first. Why do I feel like I'm moving into Portlandia territory,  Women and Women First, ha, ha. I finally saw the episode of how that phrase supposedly originated.
The point is WiFi is a precious commodity when … (7 comments)

sacramento real estate: What Happens if the Seller Credit Exceeds Buyer's Closing Costs? - 01/31/17 09:29 AM
I called a mortgage loan officer yesterday to try to assist in a referral situation because the MLO was not returning the agent's calls. The agent allegedly tried to call the MLO all morning and no response, no return voice mail calls.
I called at 1:15 PM and the MLO immediately picked up the call, even though the MLO was in the middle of a settlement closing, or so the MLO said. I think the MLO saw a phone number on the phone that wasn't the buyer's agent or any other person the MLO knew and figured it might be a … (6 comments)

sacramento real estate: Sacramento Housing Market Square Foot Price Averages - 01/30/17 08:21 AM
While one really cannot assign value to a property through its square-foot value alone, the price per square foot in the Sacramento Housing Market is valuable information. It shows trends and market movement in a very clear manner. Our square foot price for January 2017, btw, is higher than the last 3 months and not reflected on this chart.
Here is an interesting story: we are in the midst of contesting an appraisal at the moment for a home in Elk Grove, in which the appraiser used a comp from August, most likely because it was about the same square footage, when … (6 comments)

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