sacramento real estate: Goofy Diversions for a Sacramento Realtor to Enjoy - 02/07/16 09:25 AM
I sometimes see advice blogs about how to live a balanced life as a top producer Sacramento Realtor and, I hate to say this, but it's not really possible. And why would an agent want to anyway? There is no way to evenly divide up your time. There is simply taking time for yourself and family, while managing a busy career. Everybody does it differently; there is no wrong, no right. Balance is in the eye of the beholder.
What I have found to be very helpful though is diversions. Things that keep my spirits up, my attitude in check and positive, … (11 comments)

sacramento real estate: How Do You Break Bad News to Clients? - 02/05/16 11:31 AM
I've had conversations with other agents who say they prefer to represent buyers over sellers because it's easier to keep buyers happy. Buyers are excited to close and begin a new chapter. Sellers often are just moving on. I think it's easier to keep sellers happy, especially when the big deal is typically a fat check at closing, and managing problems before they occur.
But sometimes you can't manage things beyond your control. We've all been there when the buyer's sewer inspection reveals a need to replace the sewer lines or when the buyer's lender's appraiser turns in a low appraisal, or … (10 comments)

sacramento real estate: Looking for a Sacramento Agent on Zillow? - 02/01/16 09:53 AM
Zillow has implemented a new system last year that I've yet to find the time to opt out of but probably should. It calls agents when an interested buyer or seller sends an email from Zillow to the agent. It's an automated system that calls, and when the agent answers, the system connects the agent with the person who generated the email. It's kind of clumsy but I can see why Zillow wants to do it because so many agents can't or won't pick up the phone and call themselves.
The old system used to call you when a client calls and … (10 comments)

sacramento real estate: So You Think You Have No Patience for Real Estate? - 01/31/16 09:28 AM
OK, maybe it was my short sales from the last 10 years that taught me patience in Sacramento real estate, hard to say. When you've working on a transaction and it takes you 3 years to close it, you learn to roll with the punches. When you're told no time and time again yet you plunge forward, brimming with determination and optimism, that teaches patience. Or maybe it was a culmination of my 40 years in the real estate business?
Of course, maybe patience was there all along. I don't know how you can be an effective listing agent in Sacramento and … (15 comments)

sacramento real estate: Nifty Tip for Negotiating a Home in Sacramento - 01/18/16 11:43 AM
I could talk all day about buyer's agents and their buyers' offers but I won't bore you with all of my ramblings. Just know that sometimes I see buyers sabotage their own purchase contracts, so I have some included advice about that in my personal blog today.
Above all, I would add that buyers should not ask a buyer's agent to  send comparable sales to the listing agent to justify the buyer's offer position. The listing agent already has the comparable sales and has discussed them with the seller. Sending your list is insulting. Even if your numbers DO make some … (8 comments)

sacramento real estate: Choosing a Real Estate Authority in Sacramento is Fairly Easy - 11/12/15 11:48 AM
For a Thursday, today has been very busy and not as quiet as most Thursdays can go for Sacramento real estate. Probably because yesterday was a holiday, so everybody is backlogged with even more work that didn't get finished yesterday or their to-do list just grew longer.
It was a good time yesterday for me to update the myriad of places online where I maintain internet profiles and participate in real estate discussions. As I polished a few profiles, it occurred to me that so many agents right now are fighting for space and positioning online, stuff that I set up … (9 comments)

sacramento real estate: Where Did All the Sacramento Listings Go? - 10/06/15 10:01 AM
The housing market in Sacramento has taken a swing in October that is very unusual for this time of year. Last October, we had 3,397 listings for sale and today it's down to 2,773, but the really unusual numbers are the sold homes to date as compared to this same period last month. There is a 75% difference.
I've never seen anything like it that I can recall offhand, and I've been in the real estate business since 1974, more than 41 years. I recall the super high interest rates of the late 1970s and then the market crash in 2006, but … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate: Contingent Offers Are Tough Enough in Sacramento Without This - 10/05/15 09:49 AM
Sometimes I ask sellers if they would like me to hold on to their accepted offer for a few hours just in case another offer comes in. Because once I send it to the buyer's agent, it is delivered and they are in contract. This can happen on a Sunday, for example, when we receive an offer before the open, because many buyers may come through open houses on that day, and they often tour without their agent in tow. Of course, we ask buyers if they are working with an agent because we're not about to tread on another agent's … (7 comments)

sacramento real estate: Peace and Contentment Trump Happiness - 10/04/15 10:21 AM
I just realized I put the word trump into the heading of my blog, and I can't seem to avoid that ugly word no matter where I go, LOL. I'm writing today about being content, at peace with the world and within yourself, and being able to sleep well at night because your life is basically stress free.
Does this describe many of you? Maybe not. After all, some of us sell Sacramento real estate, and that can be very stressful in itself if we don't have a way to maintain our sanity. I maintain my sanity through humor. That seems … (9 comments)

sacramento real estate: Resolving Negative Reviews for REALTORS on Peeple - 10/03/15 09:22 AM
I have not read anything about how the new website Peeple will impact real estate agents, but I am already easily imagining the horrible fallout from this monstrosity. What budding entrepreneuers will do to make a buck these days does not surprise me. What astonishes me is the number of people who support such actions, and even that probably should not because I am very aware of the Bell Curve. Because I sell real estate in Sacramento, but I digress.
Staying on top of your online reputation is important in the real estate business. There is already a rash of nasty stuff … (16 comments)

sacramento real estate: Why Aren't You Doing This-That-The Other Thing to Sell My Home? - 10/02/15 09:26 AM
Buyer's agents lament to me all the time about how many home buyers get the wrong impressions from television shows about real estate, and how they often end up having to combat, er, educate their clients. For example, some buyers think it's easy to buy a fixer and flip it for an enormous profit. Or to write a lowball offer and get it accepted. Or, look at only 3 homes before buying a home. Thank HGTV for that.
Sacramento home sellers, too, are not immune. They watch the reality TV shows and come up with their own ideas about how a listing … (10 comments)

sacramento real estate: Relieving Stress Without Joining the Realtors Who Drink Group - 09/19/15 11:22 AM
I'm doing everything else this morning BUT writing my blog here because I am continually distracted. First, it was by some guy who just won't shut up until I finally asked him to. Then it was by my website missing crucial plug-ins that seemed to have vanished overnight into thin air, and no word out of my web guy as to why. I forgot to give my cat Pica his B12 shot, and then there are blood curves for his glucose readings today.
Not to mention my sister in Minneapolis wants to refinance her home and was thinking about going to the … (17 comments)

sacramento real estate: Negotiable Items in a California Residental Purchase Agreement - 08/29/15 08:46 AM
We do not exist in a vacuum and the world does not revolve around us, but tell that to some Sacramento Realtors. I may try to explain that we can't arbitrarily change the terms of our California Residential Purchase Agreement, but having a buyer's agent stick her fingers into her ears and hum to herself doesn't mean I didn't say it, that it doesn't matter.
Some agents think it's perfectly OK for a buyer to change lenders 2 weeks into a transaction, and go with some out-of-area, supposedly cheaper-rate mortgage lender who couldn't find a local appraiser with two maps and a … (14 comments)

sacramento real estate: REALTOR Confidence Index Says It's a Good Time to Sell in Sacramento - 08/20/15 10:21 AM
If you want to know which the way real estate market is moving in Sacramento, you can talk to a few REALTORS, read market reports and you still might not know what's going on. Some agents work in very small pockets of a neighborhood or section of the city in Sacramento, and they could not tell you what is happening in Natomas, for example, if they work only in, say, the Laguna West neighborhood of Elk Grove.
You can read more about the REALTOR Confidence Index report and the local real estate market forecast for Sacramento in my personal blog today at … (8 comments)

sacramento real estate: When Your Website Crashes and Sacramento Real Estate Goes On - 07/23/15 07:29 AM
All I can say this morning is thank goodness I had the good fortune to start updating my personal website structure a month ago because who woulda thunk it would crash on WordPress yesterday beyond repair? The culprit, says my website guy, is the way it was designed by the website creator, a woman in southern California, whom I had found a while back on Active Rain. It was fragile, wobbily and not up to internet standards.
The latest WordPress plug-in updates blew up my website. Sure, I have other websites and a strong internet presence, but not having my domain online … (30 comments)

sacramento real estate: Have You Ever Been Stood Up at the Alter? - 07/18/15 09:01 AM
Well, have you? Have you ever been stood up at the alter? For me, alter of marriage, never, although I can count at least 4 times when it might have been prudent. Alter of Sacramento real estate, though, that's another story.
Especially when you're standing on the steps of a home seller's stoop, about to ring the door bell, and there are 2 doorbells, so you don't know which one to ring, therefore you ring them both anyway and yet do not hear either doorbell ringing inside of the home. Instead, what you hear are a mass of barking dogs, and then … (12 comments)

sacramento real estate: Time to Visit my Sister in Minneapolis - 07/11/15 09:19 AM
Over the past few years, I have noticed Sacramento real estate slowing down quite a bit throughout July. Sales don't really start to move much until we get closer to Labor Day, although sellers and buyers still conduct business, just not as much. Which means that it is a good time of year to plan a few vacation trips, even though it means I am still taking my work with me. I don't ever let go of that.
I realize people do take vacations by leaving work behind, but that's just not me. I don't mind the multi-tasking that is required; it … (9 comments)

sacramento real estate: When Stuff in Sacramento Real Estate Breaks - 05/29/15 09:07 AM
Expecting technology or people to always work well together, take your pick, is like beating your head into the floor. Most days you don't beat your head into the floor because it's pointless. But some days, it can seem to pile up. Like yesterday our Realist service by Corelink offered through Metrolist went on the blink. Just offline. Can't pull up the stats on any home. In fact, it's still offline this morning.
A seller for a home in Natomas called to discuss selling her home and buying another, and I couldn't pull up the tax records. But being proactive, there are … (10 comments)

sacramento real estate: Searching for Homes for Sale in Sacramento and Calling From Signs - 05/26/15 08:34 AM
There are a lot of agents in Sacramento who do not use virtual signage tools when advertising homes for sale in Sacramento. I suspect part of their reasoning is because almost every home buyer today starts a home search online and continues to look at homes online. They pull up all of their favorite websites and drool over home listings, clicking on each photo and taking notes.
That's why I'm often amazed when I receive a Sign Call because I fully expect buyers to be looking for homes online. Yet, I'm not ready to give up the virtual agent signs because every … (7 comments)

sacramento real estate: Changing Your Mind After Selling a Home in Sacramento - 05/03/15 09:22 AM
Why do you want to sell and how fast do you need to move are two questions every Sacramento listing agent should ask. But asking those questions and digging deeper are things some Sacramento Realtors don't do. It's not because they don't want to probe; it's because often they're so excited after receiving that call to list a home that they can't think straight. It doesn't always occur to them that a seller might be ready to put a home on the market but not really ready to close escrow. Because after all, the seller said she wants to sell her … (7 comments)

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