sacramento real estate: Home Prices Still Going Up in Sacramento County - 12/15/17 11:00 AM
Our seasonal trends for Sacramento real estate allow for inventory to decline over the winter months of November, December and January. So you will see fewer homes on the market at this time of year. Fewer homes for sale generally results in fewer closed sales. However, it doesn't mean this is a soft market or a buyer's market.
Make no mistake, this is still as seller's market. Prices are still going up. Although the median is unchanged this month, the average per-square-foot costs continue to rise. There is a disturbing trend that I see developing, too. You can read more and see … (3 comments)

sacramento real estate: What is Offer Acceptance in California? - 12/10/17 10:09 AM
Coming to an agreement (a meeting of minds) and being in contract are two different things when buying a home in California. My sellers were pretty excited last week after they signed all of the paperwork. They were hugging each other; we've sold our home. But that was not the case.
Yes, they signed the counter offer, but the buyers countered that counter offer with their own, accepting all terms except for one small item. The sellers signed the California Residential Purchase Agreement, too. I emailed all of the documents to the buyer's agent and asked for confirmation. Now, due to the … (2 comments)

sacramento real estate: The Holidays Seem to Bring Out the Best in People - 12/07/17 09:00 AM
Of course, I'm being facetious. You would like to believe that people are calmer, friendlier around the holidays, right? I know I sure would. But a lot of tempers seem to be flaring up lately over small misunderstandings. Some people just grab and run with it, throwing bombs on the sidelines. But what else is new?
Well, I guess this holiday season also allots time to receive insane offer submissions. It's not just pricing that can mess up an offer. It's all of the other components together. And like I mentioned in my personal blog, it's kinda hard to top the worst … (20 comments)

sacramento real estate: The Myth of Win-Win in Sacramento Real Estate - 12/05/17 10:02 AM
One of the really important things I learned early in my career some 40+ years ago is that buying real estate is all about owning the property. It's not so much about "making the deal." Especially in seller's markets or under conditions of rapidly rising property values.
Years later, people rarely remember how much they paid or whether they squeezed the seller for a credit for this or that. But they do remember the homes they screwed up on and didn't buy because they were so insistent that the transaction be win-win. You can read more in my personal blog today at … (12 comments)

sacramento real estate: Stunning Remodel in Natomas Hamptons Village - 12/01/17 08:13 AM
Hamptons Village in Natomas is a planned unit development that broke ground around the time the market began to collapse in Sacramento. So, in retrospect, it's a fairly newer community as everybody stopped building shortly thereafter. This home is located on a corner lot and at the start of the cul-de-sac, with an east orientation.
There is so much light and space around this home. Most of the windows in Natomas subdivisions are just dual pane sheets. The windows in this Hamptons Village remodeled home are beveled panes. Lots of super cool features you don't ordinarily see elsewhere in Sacramento. Certainly not … (6 comments)

sacramento real estate: Is it Legal to Pay Finder or Referral Fee to Non-Agent - 11/29/17 06:47 PM
I get so many weird phone calls throughout the day that almost match up to some of the weird transactions I've been working on. A guy tells me he wants to list a home. I spend several hours inspecting, discussing, attaching lockbox, scheduling photographer, giving him tips. Then he says his neighbor wants to buy the place, and to put a hold on everything.
Now you can try to discourage this by explaining how market exposure and competition will drive up the price, but you know he's not listening. All he is thinking about is saving the commission and how lucky he … (12 comments)

sacramento real estate: How Often Can Agents Take a Day Off on Sundays? - 11/27/17 07:28 AM
Apparently MetroList expected Sunday to be a slow day in Sacramento because that seems to be the day it elected to take down its website for maintenance or whatever. Sometime in the afternoon yesterday, bam, MetroList dropped server connection. They left up the website the public gets, the website people don't pay for, and the site we do we pay for is offline.
The only thing I can think is they are changing server hosts. But couldn't they do that New Year's Eve? Or, even on Thanksgiving Day? Yeah, turkey day would have been a better day.
I wonder if they realize that … (14 comments)

sacramento real estate: How to Handle a Lowball on Thanksgiving - 11/24/17 08:45 AM
Proof exists I am not the only Realtor available on Thanksgiving. You would think that most agents take the day off, if not everybody. Yet I had a showing for a home in North Highlands. Who does that? I mean, do buyers say, hey, it's my only day off, Man? 
On the other hand, I received a lowball offer on a different listing. Just showed up in my email without warning, don't you love those? You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: How About a Thanksgiving Lowball to Go With Your Butterball?"

sacramento real estate: Sac Seller Says No Sale to Buyer With Relative as Agent - 11/23/17 09:44 AM
One of the things that I find completely endearing about selling Sacramento real estate is I can still be astonished, even given the obscene number of homes I've sold over my lifetime. You never hear it all. There is always some new twist or complication or challenge.
Today's challenge is how to handle it when the seller says he will not sell to a buyer who is represented by a relative. Not even on Thanksgiving will he loosen up. He is adament. And DNA agents are not protected classes in real estate.
On another note, I have a wire for our internet services … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate: How Many Agents Stop Working Thanksgiving Week? - 11/19/17 08:52 AM
Chatted with an agent yesterday via email who is out of town until the 27th. I'm not sure if it's that people have a lot of family who live in other states (which is fairly common for Sacramento), or if they travel elsewhere to all be together for that one week in November. Thanksgiving Week. It's not just a day anymore. It's not just Black Friday.
It's an entire week when many agents just shut down and enjoy the experience of not selling real estate. Not that I would know what that feels like because I don't and do not wish to. … (18 comments)

sacramento real estate: Making THIS Escrow Work vs Another in Sacramento - 11/13/17 07:53 AM

You know, I'm gonna miss this seller's market when it levels out and becomes a normal real estate market in Sacramento. Some day, that will happen. Maybe sooner than later, with the way things are going. I would not even mind a buyer's market, now that I think about it.
It's been a seller's market for so long. But even when it's not a seller's market, those super cute and desirable homes will always be in demand. You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: There is Always Another Buyer for That Sacramento Home.

sacramento real estate: What Not to Say With a Request for Repair - 11/12/17 08:50 AM
Telling a Sacramento seller all of the wonderful things a buyer intends to do to "improve" the house is one of the stupidest things agents can do. They just don't think. You've got to love the guys who send over a request for repair, and then follow it up with a detailed explanation about why all of these future home improvement projects are so danged important to their buyer.
Can't you understand how ceramic counters make a buyer physically ill? She can't stand to look at them. And that brand new carpeting? Ack, ick, spittoey. Why aren't the walls oyster gray?
Hello? … (10 comments)

sacramento real estate: A Sacramento Seller's Counter Offer Needs Fast Response - 11/11/17 12:04 PM
What a week this has been. I've been working all week on putting 3 listings into escrow, and every day there's some new awful twist happening. Finally, yesterday, I managed to slip all 3 into escrow, and then, before I could breathe a sigh of relief, one wiggled back out, like a stinkin' gecko stuck in a door jam. Darned buyers can't sit in escrow for all of five minutes without freaking out.
A buyer's agent called me yesterday to say his buyers really loved one of my listings. Only problem was we had a counter offer out. I told him his … (13 comments)

sacramento real estate: How Many Different Types of Realtors are in Sacramento? - 11/02/17 09:30 AM
The question from about half of the sellers I work with is how much is the real estate commission in Sacramento. That depends, I tell them. Do you want your home to sell? How quickly? For how much? Do you want to hire a Realtor who is brand new or a person with decades of experience? What do you expect from your Realtor?
Do you expect immediate attention and constant communication? Or do you just want a warm body to stick a for sale sign in the yard? Do you care if your agent shoots vertical photos with a cellphone or … (9 comments)

sacramento real estate: When You Meet a Real Pioneer in Sacramento Real Estate - 10/30/17 08:26 AM
A favorite expression of one of my ex-husbands (who is dead now, I should add) is "pioneers get arrows in their backs." He wasn't necessarily a pioneer, although he liked to think of himself that way. He was a guy who smoked too much pot and was crazier if he stopped taking his meds. He was half crazy anyway. But that's what seminar speakers basically are. Flim-flam men. Barkers.
I have met a true pioneer. That person died earlier this month in Sacramento. In fact, when I first met her, she gave me the best piece of advice I've probably ever received. … (6 comments)

sacramento real estate: Sacramento Relocation is Very Different From 1976 - 10/27/17 08:20 AM
The first time I legally moved to California, I drove my Datsun B210 up a ramp and into a Ryder truck, which I had also filled with all of my wordly possessions. This was 1976. Then I drove said Ryder truck to southern California, alternately taking turns driving with my girlfriend. Well, until she smashed off the top of a gas station overhang, riproaring out of the gas station without stopping.
When we got to Newport Beach, we parked the truck on Balboa Boulevard until we found a rental apartment. Back in those days, people would rent to you as long as you … (7 comments)

sacramento real estate: A Silver Lining to Winter Home Selling Market - 10/26/17 10:30 AM
There are some sellers I have been working with since last spring to get their homes ready for the market, and next month we are moving into our winter market. I define our winter home selling market in Sacramento as November through January. These are the months, btw, that will become the comps for February, which is generally when the market starts to heat up again in Sacramento.
Which means there is a silver lining. The comps for November, for example, will be July to September, which saw rising prices and limited inventory. Hopefully we will have an easier time with appraisals … (6 comments)

sacramento real estate: Your Clients Will Tell You How Happy You Make Them - 10/25/17 07:28 AM
When I get potential clients on the phone, I tend to ask a lot of questions and I relay a bunch of information. My purpose is to find out more about their situation, what they hope to accomplish through their own objectives and goals, the timeframe. Then I can deliver information best suited to their needs.
I just keep talking and interacting until they tell me they are hiring me, pretty much. But along the way, an agent has to build a trust factor. The client needs to know a Sacramento Realtor will put their needs first. You can read more in my personal … (4 comments)

sacramento real estate: Permitted Addition: Remodeled Home for Sale in 95821 - 10/13/17 08:24 AM
What was once one of the smaller homes in the neighborhood of homes for sale in 95821 is now on par with its neighbors. The previous owners added square footage of almost 600 square feet. The master bedroom is huge, featuring a custom walk-in closet and one of the most beautiful travertine baths I've ever seen.
The front of the house is vaulted, so the kitchen and formal living room appear even larger. That kitchen island, I joked about to the seller, was large enough to cater to a football team. She said she had catered a wedding, and I believe it. … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate: What is Happening in Sacramento Real Estate? - 10/11/17 07:19 AM

My sister mentioned yesterday that she watched some show on TV in Minneapolis (probably cable) in which a local Realtor said the whole country is now in the midst of a buyer's market (which struck me a bit odd since that's not what we see). This prompted me to ask why would she believe one person's opinion from a TV show. But may people do.
So many people don't want to think about the source of their information. That's why you get people clicking on any old link online and not stopping to consider the source. If I want to know news, I go … (7 comments)

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