sacramento real estate: Permitted Addition: Remodeled Home for Sale in 95821 - 10/13/17 08:24 AM
What was once one of the smaller homes in the neighborhood of homes for sale in 95821 is now on par with its neighbors. The previous owners added square footage of almost 600 square feet. The master bedroom is huge, featuring a custom walk-in closet and one of the most beautiful travertine baths I've ever seen.
The front of the house is vaulted, so the kitchen and formal living room appear even larger. That kitchen island, I joked about to the seller, was large enough to cater to a football team. She said she had catered a wedding, and I believe it. … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate: What is Happening in Sacramento Real Estate? - 10/11/17 07:19 AM

My sister mentioned yesterday that she watched some show on TV in Minneapolis (probably cable) in which a local Realtor said the whole country is now in the midst of a buyer's market (which struck me a bit odd since that's not what we see). This prompted me to ask why would she believe one person's opinion from a TV show. But may people do.
So many people don't want to think about the source of their information. That's why you get people clicking on any old link online and not stopping to consider the source. If I want to know news, I go … (7 comments)

sacramento real estate: When Your Homebuying Strategy Backfires in Sacramento - 10/10/17 08:30 AM
It is not that I didn't feel a bit of empathy for this agent when she finally called me because I did. Still, it didn't change the situation. She had been responding immediately to all text messages and emails throughout the day. Attaching little hearts to some text messages, which I found a bit peculiar. Being overly sweet and accommodating. Which, trust me, is not normal buyer's agent behavior around here, LOL.
Then, come to find out, she's been courting another listing agent across town. Lucky her. She got to listen to me explain what I thought about that. You can read … (13 comments)

sacramento real estate: Charming Updated Foothill Farms Home is Affordable - 10/08/17 08:39 AM
Welcome to my new listing, a charming Foothill Farms home that is not only affordable but also updated. It is situated among wonderful neighbors, says the seller, who really hates to move away from them. She can't stop talking about how much she loves her neighbors, which is a good thing. One of them came over as she was preparing the home for sale, in the middle of the night, and helped her to move the refrigerator back into the house from the garage.
The reason the refrigerator was in the garage was because some other agent the seller had interviewed told … (11 comments)

sacramento real estate: Elegantly Updated Campus Commons Condo Sacramento - 10/07/17 10:10 AM
There are some listings a Sacramento Realtor can't help but feel overly connected to and this updated Campus Commons condo is one of those. For one thing, the seller had originally remodeled this home to suit her own tastes, and she has elegant taste. She had planned to retire in the condo.
But then, as things happen in life with the best laid plans, stuff changes. You can read more and see all of the beautiful photographs in my personal blog today at this link: Reasons to Buy a Powell Condo in Campus Commons Nepenthe HOA.

sacramento real estate: The Myth of All Cash Offers in Sacramento - 10/03/17 07:45 AM
For my clients, I always try to go that extra mile. I investigate what I can through the public records and MLS, and deliver that information to my clients. That's because I want them to and they deserve to make an informed decision. They get information that I'm betting clients who work with other agents might not receive. 
Part of my job is to help guide and present logical pros and cons, based on my decades of experience in real estate. There are times a cash offer is very welcome, but usually only if we need a fast closing or if we … (9 comments)

sacramento real estate: Sacramento Insider Tips for Buying a Home Prior to Selling - 09/21/17 08:21 AM
There are many agents in Sacramento who will refuse to show homes to buyers who have a home to sell and have not yet sold it. I can see why they might not want to do it, but on the other hand, that kind of attitude will not strengthen a relationship with a client. It will have the opposite effect.
The way I look at it, their home will eventually sell. And when it does, they will be a prime position to buy, even if they aren't at the moment. Because you never know. Sometimes all of the stars align.
Years ago … (4 comments)

sacramento real estate: If You Have a White Elephant Home in Sacramento . . . - 09/15/17 07:46 AM
If you have a white elephant home in Sacramento, come over here and sit down next to me. I can help. It's not an easy job, selling a white elephant, but it's challenging and interesting to me. Plus I'm unlikely to hammer you, begging for a price reduction. Not if I truly believe I can get you the price we agreed upon.
There are definitely a variety of ways to sell a white elephant. Market conditions have a lot to do it with as well. If you'd like to read more, I've written about this subject in my personal blog today at … (8 comments)

sacramento real estate: Why This Sacramento Seller Hired a Top Listing Agent - 09/14/17 08:14 AM
Although I might always act like the seller is planning to list her home with me, I never really know for certain. Until they say the magic words or otherwise imply it or I come right out and ask them, it's hard to say. They might be interviewing a bunch of other agents or already hired their brother-in-law and just want a second opinion.
Listing presentations are not always a sure thing. Although, at the listing presentation I went to yesterday, we started with the property condition inspection. Which is typically my logical go-to place. First, I need to become familiar … (3 comments)

sacramento real estate: Here is What Not To Do When Showing a House - 08/15/17 07:30 AM

The thing about selling entry-level homes in Rancho Cordova is the fact we get a lot of agents showing these types of homes to their buyers. Our first day on the market resulted in 12 showings, and that was just Friday. By our Sunday open house, we had so many buyers coming through we couldn't count them all.
I had three open houses scheduled for Sunday, and my team members were busy, but none as wildly visited as this house in Rancho Cordova. Josh says he had about 25 groups come through his open house in Curtis Park, but this home above … (31 comments)

sacramento real estate: The New Catch Phrase for Breaking Fiduciary - 08/10/17 07:26 AM

It used to be that agents would come right out and ask listing agents to provide all of the details about their sellers. They'd say things like: why is the seller selling? You might laugh, but that was all the rage for decades, to try to determine the seller's motivation. Because if you could establish the seller was desperate and absolutely needed to sell, why, you could better negotiate.
Motivation was a huge question. Like, if the seller was transferred out of town, that particular seller might accept any ol' offer just to split. Nowadays, and especially in this strong seller's market … (14 comments)

sacramento real estate: How Old Listings Get 2 Offers on the Same Day - 08/07/17 08:18 AM

Everybody in our Sacramento real estate market is pretty much used to the notion of multiple offers. That's because we have such a scarcity of homes for sales and too many buyers who want to buy a home. It's that sort of recipe that can drive multiple offers in just about any real estate market. We find this scenario playing out across the United States right now.
But what about that lonely house that has been sitting quietly all by itself. Month after month. Languishing. Looking sad. Maybe you should buy that, right? You can read more about that in my personal … (6 comments)

sacramento real estate: When Should Sacramento Listing Agents Present Offers? - 08/02/17 08:19 AM
OK, I realize that my obsession with my job can be over-the-top fanatical at times. It's because I have no other life, basically. Some people actually feel sorrow for me. They think I should be more like them. While I don't go around thinking other people should be like me, because let's face it, there's only one YOU, and I kinda like it that way, I don't take offense at their well-meaningness. Is that word?
I love selling real estate, interacting with people, solving complicated problems. It's fascinating and fun. But presenting an offer should not be a problem I need to resolve. … (13 comments)

sacramento real estate: Sacramento June Housing Report Astounds Experts - 07/14/17 09:25 AM
June has been a wild month in Sacramento real estate. For starters, my team and I finished in the top 3 agents at Lyon Real Estate, and I was so busy I didn't even realize how many sales had closed. I'm not one of those agents who counts how many listings she has or how many sales have closed, I just diligently work my inventory by focusing on my clients. So that news was a surprise to me.
But more astounding for many real estate experts in Sacramento is the movement of that median price point in Sacramento. We are almost back to … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate: When Neighbors Come to Open Houses and Buy - 07/12/17 09:04 AM
Open houses in Sacramento are not always a way to find new buyers for the open house agent. It's very common today for home buyers who attend an open house to either come to the open with a real estate agent or to announce that they already have representation in place. They think they are talking to the listing agent, but most of the time it is a buyer's agent who holds open the home.
Sometimes, too, you'll hear open house agents gripe that only neighbors are coming through. Hey, neighbors list their homes and might be looking for an agent. Neighbors also … (12 comments)

sacramento real estate: Einstein Rejected Quantum Entanglement as Impossible - 06/26/17 07:27 AM
Quite a few of my discussions with buyer's agents in Sacramento follow the same type of protocol. They talk, I speak, and then they go off on some tangent that shows they did not hear a word I said. Like the guy who called to pitch a lowball offer. The message I received was his buyer wanted to pay a certain price. Then, when I spoke to him, he had an even lower price range he was considering / exploring.
If he had pulled up the stats on the property to see the approximate unpaid balance of the mortgage, that would have … (8 comments)

sacramento real estate: Hardwood Floors Featured in New Sacramento Listing - 06/21/17 07:42 AM
This was one of those emergency listings in Sacramento. An emergency listing is when a seller calls, generally from out-of-area, and says she needs to put her home on the market right now. Well, she came to the right place; this Sacramento Realtor can accommodate. After all, we can sign all of our documents online today, so no need to meet in person.
I could not get my photographer over there on a 2-hour notice, though. Fortunately, I have a Nikon 7100 digital camera with a wide angle lens. Although, most of my photos were trying to avoid the neighbor's arms who … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate: What is Wrong With Sacramento Real Estate Inventory? - 06/20/17 07:41 AM
When I first spotted this graphic on Nina Hollander's post, I knew I needed to snatch it. (Thank you, Nina.) In part because this chart tells the story so clearly and illustrates what is wrong with real estate inventory, not only in Sacramento right now, but across the country (courtesy of NAR). We are not alone in Sacramento with this huge problem.
Even more interesting is comparing 12 months of inventory in 2005 to our last 12 months of inventory in Sacramento real estate. Sometimes, although I don't go there very often, it's good to look in the rear view mirror to … (14 comments)

sacramento real estate: Sellers Who Let the Listing Agent Choose the Offer - 06/13/17 07:32 AM
As long as the purchase offer exceeds a seller's asking price, which is fairly common in a hot seller's market in Sacramento right now, many sellers tend to look to their agent to choose the purchase offer. I've had sellers come right out and ask me to select. They'll say, Oh, these are all about the same, you pick. Yes, I'm not kidding.
That's because they rely on our experience, gathered from decades of selling real estate. So, what should a Sacramento listing agent do? For starters, I advise sellers to disregard the "personal" letters that the buyer copied off the internet. … (12 comments)

sacramento real estate: Sellers Should Not Be Home for an Open House - 06/12/17 07:17 AM
My husband still recalls the disparaging term he used to describe the sellers of our house, based on the state from which they hailed, primarily because they refused to leave when we first toured our home. If they hadn't been there, he would not have made judgments about them. And judgments can color a buyer's opinion.
We've all met the sellers who think they are "helping." But the stuff they disclose is astonishing.  Like the sellers in Sacramento who told buyers last week all about the troubles they've had keeping the AC running to cool off the house during a recent hot … (14 comments)

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