sacramento real estate: Hardwood Floors Featured in New Sacramento Listing - 06/21/17 07:42 AM
This was one of those emergency listings in Sacramento. An emergency listing is when a seller calls, generally from out-of-area, and says she needs to put her home on the market right now. Well, she came to the right place; this Sacramento Realtor can accommodate. After all, we can sign all of our documents online today, so no need to meet in person.
I could not get my photographer over there on a 2-hour notice, though. Fortunately, I have a Nikon 7100 digital camera with a wide angle lens. Although, most of my photos were trying to avoid the neighbor's arms who … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate: What is Wrong With Sacramento Real Estate Inventory? - 06/20/17 07:41 AM
When I first spotted this graphic on Nina Hollander's post, I knew I needed to snatch it. (Thank you, Nina.) In part because this chart tells the story so clearly and illustrates what is wrong with real estate inventory, not only in Sacramento right now, but across the country (courtesy of NAR). We are not alone in Sacramento with this huge problem.
Even more interesting is comparing 12 months of inventory in 2005 to our last 12 months of inventory in Sacramento real estate. Sometimes, although I don't go there very often, it's good to look in the rear view mirror to … (13 comments)

sacramento real estate: Sellers Who Let the Listing Agent Choose the Offer - 06/13/17 07:32 AM
As long as the purchase offer exceeds a seller's asking price, which is fairly common in a hot seller's market in Sacramento right now, many sellers tend to look to their agent to choose the purchase offer. I've had sellers come right out and ask me to select. They'll say, Oh, these are all about the same, you pick. Yes, I'm not kidding.
That's because they rely on our experience, gathered from decades of selling real estate. So, what should a Sacramento listing agent do? For starters, I advise sellers to disregard the "personal" letters that the buyer copied off the internet. … (12 comments)

sacramento real estate: Sellers Should Not Be Home for an Open House - 06/12/17 07:17 AM
My husband still recalls the disparaging term he used to describe the sellers of our house, based on the state from which they hailed, primarily because they refused to leave when we first toured our home. If they hadn't been there, he would not have made judgments about them. And judgments can color a buyer's opinion.
We've all met the sellers who think they are "helping." But the stuff they disclose is astonishing.  Like the sellers in Sacramento who told buyers last week all about the troubles they've had keeping the AC running to cool off the house during a recent hot … (14 comments)

sacramento real estate: Selling Sacramento Homes For Incapacitated Sellers - 06/11/17 08:24 AM
Anybody can take title to a home when buying. Rick and Morty could take title to a home. It's the home selling that can get people into hot water. You've got to be a real entity and you've got to have your wits about you to sell a home in Sacramento. Sellers who are incapacitated are not legally able to sign a grant deed. In fact, I was looking at my husband yesterday and thinking, yes, we need to put our homes into a Living Trust, and why haven't we done that?? Heh, heh, JK, about my husband.
It's a good idea … (30 comments)

sacramento real estate: Which is Better: an Overpriced Listing or Crazy Buyer? - 06/08/17 08:03 AM
A few days ago I met with a seller who told me that Sacramento is experiencing both a seller's market and a buyer's market. She also thinks staging is decorating and buyers should always offer less than list price. It's important to know how your clients think because an experienced Sacramento Realtor can help to guide and educate her clients, which in turn tends to create more accurate thoughts.
Some agents would get upset if a client said those things to her. I think of it more as an opportunity to bring clarity and a way to share / showcase my knowledge. … (14 comments)

sacramento real estate: When You're Stuck at the Crossroads in Real Estate - 06/07/17 07:05 AM
Having access to a network of people in real estate is helpful to any agent's career. It's nice to have another ear. Sometimes I lend it and sometimes I bend it. Another person's perspective can be beneficial. Because we often are knee-deep in the thick of things, it can be difficult to see the bigger picture or, in some cases, to break it down into smaller components to contemplate.
That's what happened yesterday when a Sacramento agent and I were discussing a particular dilemma. The agent felt a person was unreasonable, and that person was a bit stubborn. In those particular types … (6 comments)

sacramento real estate: You Only Get One Chance to Splash a Sacramento Listing - 05/27/17 07:41 AM
I happened upon a Q&A discussion yesterday about whether an agent should put a listing on the market right before a major holiday, like Memorial Day. It astonished me to read the responses, although it shouldn't have. Some agents don't think much beyond signing a listing and plopping it into MLS. Sooner you slip that baby into MLS, the sooner it will sell, is their rationale, and that's as far as their thought processes move.
As is my nature, I propose a Realtor can be more strategic than that. You don't spend hours getting dressed up just to answer the door for … (19 comments)

sacramento real estate: Sellers Doesn't Know If He Wants Free Rent Back - 05/24/17 08:00 AM

The way I hear it from my exclusive buyer's agents on the Elizabeth Weintraub Team, they are struggling with buyers when writing offers that contain free seller rent backs. The buyers tend to become a bit agitated and uneasy letting the seller remain in the property after closing. Even though the seller may have lived in the home for 35 years already, the buyers fret over what might happen during the sellers' 3 days of occupancy after closing.
It almost makes me want to ask: Do you know the seller is living in your home right NOW? But then they'd argue they … (11 comments)

sacramento real estate: New Listing in Del Paso Manor With Remodeled Kitchen - 05/19/17 07:42 AM
This is a sweet 3-bedroom 1950 home in Del Paso Manor for sale. The neighborhood boundaries for Del Paso Manor are Marconi on the north to Cottage Way on the south, and from Watt to Eastern. This home is situated almost in the middle, just south of El Camino on Avalon Drive, walking or crawling distance to the doughnut shop.
It's a big unassuming from the exterior and presents itself as a cheerful cottage, mixing lap siding with stucco and brick, accentuated by shutters. It's even prettier inside. And wait until you see the beautiful kitchen remodel in gray and white.
You can … (12 comments)

sacramento real estate: 3 Tips to Prepare for a Home Inspection - 05/18/17 08:46 AM
Home owners often want to hang around when the home inspector is coming by to do her or his job. They feel like they need to explain all of their improvements, and little quirks of the house, because every home has small quirks. Like this door sticks so we lift up on the handle, or this is where we insert the key to turn on the fireplace.
But home inspectors should know how to figure out this stuff without outside influence. Plus, they prefer to work alone. They surely do not like it when buyers follow them around, which is what I … (11 comments)

sacramento real estate: Photos of First Bloom From My Land Park Gardens - 05/10/17 07:31 AM
I have been hanging on to my First Bloom photos for a while now, trying to find a break in my Sacramento real estate scribblings to include these pictures in a blog. Plus, it gives me an opportunity to identify the plants and flowers in my yard. It's not like I spend much time working in my gardens. Heck, I don't spend any time because I don't have any extra time to spend. My days are filled from 7 AM to 7 PM with real estate.
Besides, that's why we have gardeners. Except now I have concluded what we really need is … (15 comments)

sacramento real estate: Customizing Listings to Target Specific Sacamento Buyers - 05/08/17 07:46 AM
Here is a good question for you. If you don't know who your buyer is, how will you recognize her when she knocks on your the door? I'd say that after 43 years in the business, I have established a pretty good idea of exactly who our buyer will be for most of my listings. The buyers are different for each because I sell a wide variety of properties in Sacramento in a large number of neighborhoods.
I imagine that buyer -- create the person out of a composite of the type of people the sellers are (birds of a feather and … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate: What's the Deal With Sacramento Coming Soon Listings? - 05/07/17 08:40 AM
A potential client asked me the other day how could I possibly take care of his listing when I am so busy. My jaw dropped. People who are not in the business have no idea how Sacramento real estate is performed. This guy is in a business like, oh, let's say bail bonds. Telling me he has the largest bail bond business in the United States. I wanted to say, oh, yeah, so why do you live in this shithole? But if I did, then I wouldn't get that listing.
The fact is at the height of the market crash, I was … (10 comments)

sacramento real estate: Take a Peek at this Astoria Condo in Natomas - 05/05/17 07:18 AM
This photo is from the west side of the Astoria condo in Natomas. The right side of the picture is actually the front of the condo, facing south, and it has a glorious view of the greenbelt. Plus, being a corner unit, the professional landscaping, park-like atmosphere, separates the next group of condos from this one. It's an ideal location for a condo, very private.
Further, by studying this photo, one would assume there are 3 levels to this condo, as you can see the very top level, which is the master suite, but there are actually 4 levels in this home. … (6 comments)

sacramento real estate: How to Spot Fake Proof of Funds - 04/25/17 06:38 PM
Seller laugh when I tell them this, but it's true that when I receive a purchase offer the first thing that pops into my head is generally not: oh, goodie, we've got an offer, it's: what is this buyer trying to pull. It's my nature to be cynical. It's not that buyers are purposely trying to cover up something -- it's often sheer ignorance coupled with buyer's agents who are too trusting.
Plus, my years of selling short sales have trained me to eye every aspect of the contract because the negotiators sure did. Especially the proof of funds. I know exactly … (16 comments)

sacramento real estate: What Should a Buyer's Agent Do When the Buyer Cancels? - 04/22/17 09:02 AM
My basic plan is never deliver bad news without a solution that offers good news as an alternative. That principle has served me well over the years. It's reduced the emotions that can arise when an agent is placed in the position of delivering bad news. And emotions can run the gamut from anger and hostility, to downright depression and sobbing, to complete confusion. It's all over the map, depending on the recipient.
Everybody knows you can't control what buyers do except for sellers. Sellers have a hard time with that concept. They seem to believe that we listings agents should sneak … (14 comments)

sacramento real estate: Looking for a House in Sacramento to Flip? - 04/20/17 07:52 AM
Don't pay any attention to the weeds growing out of the gutters. Those are fairly new gutters, I suspect. The roof appears to be relatively new as well. And don't let the flowers planted in the front yard down by the street fool you or the nicely set table in the dining room. This house suffers from a lot of deferred maintenance and neglect.
This is also another successor trustee sale. I seem to be handling more and more of these types of real estate transactions lately, too. At least these people are selling houses. Many other people are not as … (3 comments)

sacramento real estate: Empathy Means More in Sacramento Real Estate Than Sympathy - 04/19/17 07:29 AM
Helping sellers cope with emotional issues is one of the services many real estate agents offer. It just sort of comes with the territory. I'd like to think that some of us are better at expressing empathy than others. Empathy, as you may know, is different from sympathy. Anybody can say they are sorry and show sympathy, but empathy is a whole other thing.
Empathy is relating to and sharing the experience. It's putting yourself into your seller's shoes and being supportive, a guiding light, lending a hand,  and, sometimes, a shoulder. I think this ability comes more easily to women than … (15 comments)

sacramento real estate: Pricing Sacramento Real Estate is Like the Everglades - 04/16/17 08:45 AM
The saying goes you can't swing a dead cat (that's a terrible saying) without hitting a real estate agent in Sacramento. That's because about 1 in every 35 people in California holds a real estate license. It might be buried at the bottom of a drawer somewhere, but they have it. And as such, they're always talking about real estate even if they aren't really active in the business.
Normal people, you know, those guys who don't have a real estate license, why, they talk about real estate, too. We can't help ourselves in California. It's like a disease. Which means I … (3 comments)

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