sacramento real estate: How This Seller Chose Among Citrus Heights Realtors - 10/18/16 06:24 PM
When I first spotted this home in Citrus Heights, I knew it had curb appeal. You can just tell which homes will make hearts go all aflutter and which will not. Having curb appeal is a big part of attracting buyers. Plus, once they drive by the home and see it is situated up a slight hill with a view below of woodsy area, a nature preserve, it will solidify the lust.
But first I had to persuade the seller to choose me as his Citrus Heights Realtor above the others he interviewed. You can read more in my personal blog today at … (2 comments)

sacramento real estate: The Real Estate Profession and Honesty - 10/01/16 09:47 AM
Just when you think you can never go wrong being honest in the real estate business in Sacramento, an agent may disagree or draw upon a different experience. Listening to those comments a few days ago was interesting for me because I never stop to consider the effect that raising awareness of honesty and ethics can bring.
I stick to the premise that most agents I know practice Sacramento real estate in an honest fashion. You can read more about this in my personal blog today at this link: Is the Sacramento Real Estate Profession Countercultural?

sacramento real estate: Will Buyers Just Make an Offer if a Home is Overpriced? - 09/21/16 05:38 PM
There are times that it's not worth it to fight with Sacramento home sellers who want to argue. I know it's hard to believe that a home seller might think he or she has more experience and knows the industry better than a professional who's out in the trenches day in and day out, but it happens.
I am on the seller's side. Even if they mistrust all Realtors and think we're all money-grubbing idiots who don't give a crap about them, I am still on the seller's side. Plus, I have more patience than they do. I will wait it out. … (0 comments)

sacramento real estate: What Turns a Buyer Into a Real Estate Client? - 09/20/16 05:49 PM
I advise my team members who work with buyers to establish relationships with these people. Don't just run out with your lockbox key in hand to show a home in Sacramento without engaging in a conversation, preferably person-to-person in the office. This is a potential buyer with whom you'll be in constant contact for 45 to 60 days, and you can't call that person a client until they become a client.
Invite them to the office. Discuss the market. Talk about the specific home buying process. Give them the purchase contract to read. Show them the information you can retrive from … (6 comments)

sacramento real estate: How to Deal With Crazy Real Estate Clients - 08/11/16 07:55 AM
Now, I am not talking about your regular, run-of-the-mill screwballs who often pop up in Sacramento real estate transactions; oh, no, I am talking about the viscious and subdued furious, the hateful people you can't easily recognize. It's one thing if a guy comes to you and admits: look, I've got PSTD and I'm very unstable, and yet you choose to work with the guy anyway, and it's another thing if a lunatic appears perfectly sane and normal until it's too late for you.
You can read more in my personal blog today about these peculiar situations -- which often exist behind closed … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate: Selling in Sacramento and Buying in Another State - 08/09/16 06:11 PM
This seller I met with yesterday has lived in the same home for the past 25 years. It was immaculate. I looked at his stove and asked why he doesn't cook. He says he cooks all the time. There was nothing that needed work in this house. No chips in the ceramic tile, no scratches on the walls, no spots on the carpeting, no dings in the sinks.
Did he have children? Nope. Pets? Nope. I can't say I've seen many homes in this great of shape. Granted, many times I'm traipsing over toys scattered about, bumping into drawers that are overspilling, wondering … (3 comments)

sacramento real estate: Unusual Finds During a Sacramento Pest Inspection - 08/09/16 09:40 AM
Probably the worst pest inspection I've ever attended in Sacramento was about 10 years ago when the inspector opened the attic door and rat droppings fell on the heads below. Note to self: do not look up when you watch a pest inspector open the attic. You never know what might fall out.
The inspector found several buckets of dead rats, the insulation was soaked with urine and, surprisingly, rat poison tossed about, which meant the seller knew of the activity and did not disclose. The listing agent in this transaction suggested we "shake out" the insulation. Such an idiot. You can … (6 comments)

sacramento real estate: Does the Refrigerator Stay in that Sacramento Home? - 08/04/16 09:42 AM
Is your refrigerator running? As a kid, I used to love to make prank phone calls and ask random people that question, just so I could say: well, you better go catch it, hang up and erupt into fits of laughter. How long ago was that? OK, I did that again just last week. Maybe not. Maybe I thought about it.
Because that question of whether the refrigerators stay with the home continues to pop up in Sacramento real estate. Sometimes agents routinely include that item in the purchase contract when the seller has no intention of leaving certain kitchen appliances, and … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate: What's Happening in Sacramento Real Estate? - 08/02/16 06:38 PM
I've been super busy lining up new listings for our fall Sacramento real estate market. Plus I'm preparing for an upcoming vacation in the Mediterranean. We're spending a few days in Lisbon, cruising to Morocco (hello Casablanca), on to the Rock of Gibraltor, then party-time at Ibiza, relaxing on Mallorca, ending with 5 days in Barcelona.
My laptop is my buddy, and WiFi is abundant for Facetime and email. I always stay in touch. I can't help myself. Doesn't matter how much fun I'm having on vacation, I still can't stop working.
But before I go, let's take a look at the … (6 comments)

sacramento real estate: Buying a Home in Sacramento Means Negotiating Your Offer - 07/31/16 10:09 AM
With some homes in Sacramento, it's very easy to manipulate the situation in order to sell a home for more than list price. Of course, an obvious way to do that is to price the home low, below market value, and try to stir up a feeding frenzy, but that kind of strategy can also backfire. Many homes sell with some sort of negotiation.
I might advise buyers if they definitely want the home, to offer list price, providing it's a fair price. There is nothing wrong with offering a fair price. If it's an 80% desire, maybe offer 5% less. If … (4 comments)

sacramento real estate: Where are the Sacramento Sunday Open Houses? - 07/17/16 09:24 AM
In some parts of Sacramento, it's not a good idea to hold open houses on Sunday because there is no traffic nor excessive interest in certain neighborhoods. However, the Capitol Corridor area always pulls in visitors, and we see good results from our Sunday open houses.
It doesn't necessarily mean that a buyer will sit down at the kitchen table to sign an offer, but it does happen. It generally means a Sunday open house is the buyer's first exposure to the property or perhaps a second visit, and that's enough to bring an offer the following week.
You can read more … (6 comments)

sacramento real estate: Buyers and Agents Benefit From House Hunting Tips - 07/16/16 10:54 AM
Many buyers today pick out their own homes to view, but it still doesn't mean that an agent should not exercise due diligence and make sure those homes fit the buyer's parameters. On top of that, many buyer's agents have the ability to expand the criteria and search for homes in such a way the buyer cannot.
Real estate agents possess the power to tweak criteria to match a profile using resources available only to real estate agents, not the public, among other amazing powers. The public thinks they have the resources but they do not. You can read more about this … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate: Buying a House in Sacramento Sight Unseen - 07/15/16 09:03 AM
Buying a house in Sacramento sight unseen is not only a common occurence for the investors of roboagents, but also some home buyers want to try it so they can submit more than one offer on a variety of houses, which could be prosecutable if the sellers cared to pursue it. It's unethical for the agents whose buyers can't afford to buy more than one home, at the very least, yet it goes on because there's a buck to be made.
The roboagents who represent large investors churn out purchase offers like clockwork on a regular basis, and they could give a hoot … (10 comments)

sacramento real estate: Agents Who Insist on Making Decisions for Clients - 07/14/16 09:13 AM
Not that long ago, a buyer's agent in Sacramento asked if my seller would be willing to let the buyers store stuff prior to closing in the seller's garage. Even though the seller had moved out and the place was vacant, I advised the seller not to do it. It makes me very uneasy when buyers ask for early possession of any sort because of all the things that can go wrong, and there is a long list of stuff that can happen.
I advised my sellers to refuse. The buyers would still close on time. There was no other problem. I … (10 comments)

sacramento real estate: The Trouble With Sacramento Home Contractors - 07/01/16 08:46 AM
As real estate agents, we often give contractor referrals to our clients, but it's our client's responsbility to hire the contractor and make her own decisions. Further, as a solid business practice, I never let contractors put my name on inspection reports and I also ask my clients to order their own inspections. It's their home.
The problem that arises, though, is when you ask a contractor to inspect an item to render an opinion, and the guy (I say guy because it usually is a guy but it could be a woman) instead issues an estimate to replace said item, … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate: Wonderful New Listing in Tahoe Park Sacramento - 06/28/16 06:43 PM
Whenever I take a new listing, I walk through the home to imagine how a buyer will feel, and then I try to convey that feeling to people who read my words. It's a knack some Sacramento Realtors possess. When you're in the business as long as me, which is over 40 years of real estate, you get to immediately recognize the stuff buyers will love when you spot the features.
This is such a home in Tahoe Park. It's stunning, and the fact that an artist lives in the home is readily apparent in every room. You can see all the … (7 comments)

sacramento real estate: Mastering the Art of Communication Can Mean Silence - 06/14/16 04:01 PM
Have you ever noticed people who talk themselves into more trouble than they probably deserve just by not knowing when to shut up? They talk and talk and dig themselves a deeper and deeper hole.
Sometimes it comes off the top of their heads, OK, maybe most of the time. They just don't think before speaking. Like that poor fool in Sacramento who came up with the slogan of taking the short bus to beer at Special Ed's. You don't have to ask what are people thinking because it's obvious they are not.
You can read more about this in my personal … (7 comments)

sacramento real estate: Is the Customer or Client Always Right? - 06/13/16 09:04 AM
An agent near and dear to me was mourning a loss yesterday because her buyers suddenly decided that they should work only with the listing agents on properties. Those buyers ran into what they felt was a possible unethical situation in which the listing agent had his own buyer, so their offer with a different agent was not accepted.
They completely overlooked the fact that the buyer the listing agent was working with lived next door to the sellers in Sacramento, and the sellers knew the buyer, which is why the sellers accepted that offer. It had nothing to do with the … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate: Concurrent Closings in Sacramento are Very Doable - 06/07/16 08:20 AM
Sometimes I run into resistance regarding concurrent closings in Sacramento from other agents. You know, say my seller wants to sell and buy a home, and close both transactions at the same time. When we present the offer to the listing agent of the home my client wants to buy, those agents sometimes balk at closing both on the same day. They think it can't happen.
Not only can it happen, it does happen. Over and over. You just need to handle it correctly. Much of that means staying on top of the agent on the other side, and making sure the … (4 comments)

sacramento real estate: What is Your Greatest Fear as a Buyer Agent? - 05/30/16 09:33 AM
Have you ever had an agent call you all upset over something and was unable to clearly enunciate the problem? I'm sure you have. Not only do we deal with our client's emotions in the Sacramento real estate business, but we also need to manage the emotional rollercoasters some buyer agents present.
Not every agent can remain calm under pressure. Once anxiety hits, it actually disables some agents and can cause miscommunication because they are facing their biggest fear. What is your greatest fear as a buyer agent? Apart from the homeless bag lady stuff . . .
You can read more … (5 comments)

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