sacramento real estate agent: Which Do You Prefer: DocuSign vs Digital Ink? - 04/10/18 09:32 PM
When I asked an agent in my office who had worked for a variety of other companies which digital signature program she used, she said Digital Ink. The reason she likes Digital Ink is because that's the first program she signed up for and she has an account there.
She doesn't want to waste money by signing up for a different digital signature program. Plus, there is always a learning curve with new software, which is why so many offer "classic" versions of software so older people don't have to change or learn something new.
You can read more about this … (8 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Updated One Bedroom Woodside Oaks Condo for Sale - 04/07/18 11:57 AM
Of interesting note, I placed second at Lyon Real Estate (out of about 1,000 agents) for March and I spent a good part of that time in Hawaii. Leaving Sacramento to work from our house in Hawaii is very productive for me. In fact, I am still in Hawaii and just listed two homes yesterday. 
When I think about this in retrospect, I honestly cannot believe that I have figured out a way to be in Hawaii and still carry on my top producing real estate business in Sacramento. To this day, it blows me away, and I feel so incredibly lucky … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: The Cost to Replace Kitchen Appliances When Selling - 02/24/18 08:47 AM
Because I already pulled links on the cost of a new gas range, dishwasher and built-in microwave (over-the-range), in black, no less, from 3 different vendors for my seller yesterday, I thought, hey, this is good information to share with my readers, too. It made me reflect back on the old days, when appliances would last dozens of years before falling apart. Not so anymore. Plus, they are relatively cheap to replace, and they look SO MUCH better than older, beat-up appliances.
Then, my sister emails this morning to ask why didn't I include the cost of a new refrigerator. She's thinking … (18 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: New Listing in Hampton Station Built in 2014 - 02/23/18 09:10 AM
There are not a lot of homes that go on the market in Hampton Station in south Sacramento. Primarily because once people move into this subdivision, they tend to stay. It has everything home buyers could want. Plenty of room for a growing family, featuring four bedrooms and three baths. Cherry wood floors and cabinets. Granite counters, newer appliances and indoor laundry.
The yard is oversized and one of the largest lots in the subdivision. This beautiful home is close to preschool, elementary and intermediate schools, plus a 5-acre park.  You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: … (5 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Your Success Depends on What Makes You Tick - 02/12/18 08:27 AM
One of my regular phrases is: "here is what we're gonna do." Because I always have a plan, often, several. Further, I have no problem telling other people what to do. And you know what? People find that strength and conviction reassuring. Those qualities in Sacramento real estate have helped to make me a success. Because I capitalize on them.
Have you ever stopped to think about what makes you tick? What makes you different, unique from others in your line of business? Because that quality, whatever it is, is what you can rely on when you're building a career. If you are … (14 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Does a Sacramento Listing Agent Need to Love the Home? - 02/10/18 08:56 AM
My answer to that question is yes. Yes, a Sacramento listing agent should love the home she is selling. It makes everything so much easier. I firmly believe how an agent markets the home and the words an agent uses is what can motivate and drive desire.
If an agent can't stand the house and speaks poorly about the place to everybody, you can bet that attitude will come across when she's answering a call from a buyer. Surely, and I mean Shirley, a Sacramento listing agent can find something good to say. You can read more in my personal blog … (11 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Reasons for Sellers To Keep Lips Zipped About Money - 02/07/18 07:25 AM
Short of sticking my fingers into my ears and raising my voice -- lalalalalala, can't hear you -- it can be tough to get sellers to stop sharing. Home sellers often expect to share every personal detail about the transactions with their listing agent.
They trust their listing agent, as they should. So it's understandable that they want the agent to precisely understand their position. The point is does an agent need to know? What are the drawbacks? You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: Should a Listing Agent Know the Seller's Bottom Line?

sacramento real estate agent: All But One Listing is Under Contract or Pending - 02/01/18 09:47 AM
Beautifully remodeled homes with all of the bell and whistles tend to fly into escrow almost immediately. But there is no discrimination going on in this Sacramento real estate market. It's not just the drop-dead gorgeous homes that sell fast. Even homes that have not been remodeled can sell in January.
I have pretty much sold all of my listings now except for one active listing, which I'll probably re-list after the Super Bowl. This coming Sunday will be fairly dead, I imagine. But wow, what a month -- January! Now that I look at the stats for me, it's kinda crazy.
So … (2 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Why Home Inspectors in Sacramento Are So Picky - 01/29/18 09:55 AM
Sacramento home inspections are 1) only as good as the inspector preparing it, and 2) typically thorough. How those inspections end up being interpreted by the parties involved is what can cause a bone of contention in any transaction. This is why agents need to be proactive, thinking ahead about how the individual we represent will react.
It is not always just the buyers who freak out. It can be the sellers, too. I've had more than my share of sellers call to complain about things the home inspector reported that were completely wrong and misleading. They wonder why is the guy … (8 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Do You Ignore Clients Who Hold Unreasonable Views? - 01/28/18 09:21 AM
There are some agents in Sacramento who flat out do not work with clients they deem to be too much work. By that I mean buyers and sellers who hold unreasonable views. You know, everybody and their uncle has ideas about how an agent should sell a house or the procedure they should use to buy a home. Often, these potential clients are unreasonable about some aspect.
Sure, it can be tempting to say no thanks when a seller wants to list a property at a ridiculous price. It's even easier to walk away from a buyer whose plan is to lowball … (9 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Working with Real Estate Clients from the Internet - 01/25/18 09:48 AM
An extremely large portion of my Sacramento real estate business arrives via the internet. It's been this way for about 12 years. One day, the business just shifted, so I shifted with it. In fact, I can rememer having a chat button on my website so visitors could instant chat with me. This is when I used to stay connected online until bedtime.
Today, it's not quite so frantic, and I keep more normal hours, like 7 AM to 7 PM. But still, most of my business is either internet-based or repeat / referral. You can read more tips about this in … (4 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Why the Transfer Disclosure Statement is Often Wrong - 01/23/18 07:20 PM
People have all sorts of crazy ideas about what a Sacramento real estate agent should do for them. I'm not sure where they get those odd assumptions. For example, a buyer told me yesterday that she felt her Realtor should identify mold. She was shocked to learn agent's are not allowed to identify mold unless they they are also a home inspector, and even then, no reputable inspector would identify mold without testing it. Most would refer the buyer to a mold specialist.
Some people also think their listing agent should complete the transfer disclosure statement for them because it is too … (10 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: How Many Times Have You Sold the Same House? - 01/23/18 09:57 AM
Because I've moved so much in my life, never staying in the same place for much longer than a few years, I have not been an agent who grew up selling the same houses in the same town. Besides, it would not be good if the same house turned over every year. You might start to wonder if the place is jinxed.
I mean, why would somebody sell a home after living there only a year? The taxes itself would be a reason to wait at least two years. However, when you throw into the mix a history of distressed sales, … (6 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: The Only Woodside Oaks Condo for Sale Could be Yours - 01/13/18 09:46 AM
In our low inventory and high buyer demand housing market in Sacramento this spring, there is no better place to be as a seller than to own the only Woodside Oaks condo for sale. Especially an affordably priced condo. Especially a one-story unit in fabulous condition, turnkey, ready to move into.
This two bedroom, two bath unit features an updated kitchen with granite counters and glass inserts in the upper cabinet doors, plus stainless steel counters. You can read more about this condo in my personal blog today at this link: This Woodside Oaks Condo is Like Living at a Resort.

sacramento real estate agent: Types of Common Home Inspection Repairs in Escrow - 01/11/18 09:41 AM
Cutting to the chase, in a seller's market in Sacramento, the types of common home inspection repairs are pretty much nil. Meaning they don't really exist. Sellers are not required to do any home inspection repairs in escrow. Not even lender-required repairs. Because you know whose fault that is for the lender-required repairs? It's the buyer's fault for obtaining a loan. Not the seller's problem the buyer can't pay cash.
Our California purchase contracts used to require the seller to do lender-required repairs, but not anymore. It is all negotiable. And we generally demand the buyer fix whatever the buyer's appraiser noted. … (10 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Sacramento Market Update for December 2017 - 01/10/18 10:30 AM
Even with declining inventory and slower sales last month, our median price in the Sacramento market remains at $350,000. I've talked with sellers who told me other agents gave them reports that the market is softening and they should list at a lower price.
I don't know what to say except not every agent reads Trendgraphix or has access to the full version like Lyon agents. And not every agent has her finger on the pulse of the market. I urge my sellers to list at top of market and I get it for them. You can read more in my … (2 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: You Always Remember the Last Sale of the Year - 12/30/17 09:23 AM
I might not always recall the first sale of the year but I always remember the last one. Especially when it closes just under the wire on the last day of the year. In the olden days, like 2010, often that last sale was a short sale that I battled for 4 to 6 months. It was often bitter sweet. Now, those kind of transactions are few and far between.
But this particular last sale involved a seller who prepared for almost 6 months to be ready to sell. When he was ready, he was ready now! The lucky buyer was a first-time … (17 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Tie Breaker Criteria for Picking the Best Offer - 12/28/17 09:46 AM
Many agents, if you ask them, do not like being involved in multiple offer situations. It can stress out some agents. They probably tend to prefer dealing with one buyer at a time, not juggling things, and not trying to maximize seller profit potential. Just slide the transaction into escrow.
On the other hand, I am pretty much the opposite of that sort of attitude. I love the challenges inherent in multiple offers. It's a way to analyze and strategize for the sellers. But sometimes it just comes down to the final straw, especially when two offers can be almost identical to … (11 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: Does the GOP Tax Bill Affect Selling Your Home? - 12/16/17 09:27 AM
Having faith that your government will not screw you over is a practice that has become somewhat foreign to me over the later decades of my life. It used to be that life was easier. You could avoid rhetoric and ignore the noise, muttering to yourself, oh, they would never do THAT. Until one day you wake up and realize an unqualified person you never expected to win an election is now in power.
I lived in Minnesota when I woke up to find Jesse Ventura as governor. Arnold Schwarzenegger became governor shortly after I moved to Sacramento. Then we had our … (6 comments)

sacramento real estate agent: How Can a Purchase Offer Be a Time Waster? - 12/08/17 09:27 AM
Well, now that I typed that title to my blog, I can actually think of one way a purchase offer can be a time waster. Those are the offers that stand no chance in hell of acceptance. Usually from the so-called wanna-be cash investors. When they submit an extremely low offer, especially when we have a bunch of other offers over list price, it is a PITA.
It means I have to catalog the offer, and process it, fully realizing it is a piece of garbage. And that, yes, is a waste of my time. However, that is the only exception I … (5 comments)

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